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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1687: Rumors Bahasa Indonesia

“What’s wrong with you, Maya? This is the first time you’ve called me with that look on your face.” Theo narrowed his eyes. He just wanted to have some time alone while building up his strength, but it seemed that he couldn’t do it when Maya called him with a troubled expression.

Maya wasn’t someone who easily asked for help, but if she truly came to him, it meant the trouble was beyond her ability.

Maya scratched the back of her head and said, “To be honest, I don’t know whether this rumor is correct or not. But I believe I should share this with you.”

“Rumor?” Theo muttered in a low voice, amused that Maya was troubled by a rumor.

“Yes. There are a few rumors around my Star Group. The first one talks about the existence of the spy on the base. He was the reason why the sea creatures attacked us.”

“That’s not a rumor. In fact, thanks to that spy, I could ambush them.” Theo shook his head calmly. “I think I’ve told you about this.”

“Yes. But this one is a different spy.” She shook her head. “When you’re going around the base, you will hear people spreading this rumor deliberately.”

“Spreading the rumor?!” Theo raised his eyebrows. The rumor alone wasn’t a problem, but if there was someone spreading the rumor, it certainly piqued his interest. After all, unless they had an ulterior motive, they wouldn’t go all the way to spread this rumor.

“So, what do you think about this?”

“A personal attack. They’re targeting you, Theo.” Maya sighed. “After all, among those rumors, there is a rumor about you being the spy.”

“Hoh?” Theo became more and more interested since there was actually someone daring to create this kind of rumor about him.

“The rumor said that you used your illusion to create that World Class Monster and defeat it so that you could gain glory.”

“That’s ridiculous. Haven’t they seen the number of the enemies and the King Class Monsters? Do you think they would follow me just like that?”

“That’s where the problem comes in. The opinion splits into two. They’re either supporting you or doubting you.”

“Then, I can simply leave this country and go to United Asia. Of course, if this is the work of someone from the base instead of the spy, I’m going to make sure they are paying a heavy price.” Theo narrowed his eyes, falling into deep thought.

“They’re still drunk in their victory as well as the Time God along with the Mafia Queen. Even if you leave, they still have Time God and the Mafia Queen protecting this place. That’s certainly better than the union’s condition right now. Hence, this might be the perfect time for them to release this rumor, considering you’ve become too strong.”

“Too strong, huh.” Theo looked up while clicking his tongue. “As expected, humanity is a piece of shit.”

“I can absolutely agree with that. When I become this rich, they won’t be satisfied if I don’t donate all of my fortunes away. Even if I donate only five percent of my net worth, it surpasses what one hundred million people can give. Yet, that’s not enough.

“They want me to donate all my money so that I can become poor again. And they’ll feel good about it because they now have the same lifestyle as the richest person in the world… Well, not anymore. They’ll look at me with contempt.

“When you’re still poor and become successful, people will look up to you and treat you as their idol. When they’ve gotten used to seeing you successful, they’ll become jealous and hope you go down.” Maya clicked her tongue while staring at Theo. “That’s the same as you right now, Theo.

“When you were starting back in the day, they admired you and cheered for you. They loved to see the rise of the hero. Sadly, the other way around is also something they’d like to see.

“When you become too strong, they’ll start to fear you, not knowing what you will do with that kind of strength unless they possess you themselves. They want to think that there is Theodore Griffith, so hurry up and go, Theodore Griffith. Protect us or something like that.

“They have control of you or they’ll just condemn you as a bad guy. This is truly ridiculous. They want more blood to be spilled, but if we shove a baby’s hand into their parents’ mouth for torture, they’ll think it’s too much. Basically, humanity is a hypocrite. Me too, by the way.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know about all those facts already.” Theo sighed. “So, why do you call me? You should know I don’t really care about the rumors, right? If they think I’m the bad guy, then I can become a bad guy.”

“…” Maya paused for a moment, agreeing with Theo’s words. If Theo wanted it, he might be able to bring humanity to extinction. Of course, Theo didn’t want it since he wanted to build a family. So, Maya said, “OK. Here’s the deal. Do you have some time right now? I’d like to invite you as a special instructor of my Star Group.”

“Me? A special instructor? I don’t mean to boast, but I don’t think I’d like to offer that kind of service to anyone.”

“No, no. You misunderstand me. I want you to become an instructor because of the event the government is hosting right now.”

“A special event?” Theo frowned.

“Yes. It’s said that these are joint efforts between those combat departments like the Department of Defense, National Intelligence, and so on.

“To train a new generation of soldiers because too many people have fallen during the war, they hold a gathering for all influences in the base to train people. The result of this event will be put forward as the base of their education system after the apocalypse.”

“It’s an interesting event. But why should I join this event?”

“It’s because the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President seem to be the ones to spread those rumors about you for whatever reason. Don’t you want to check them yourself?”



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