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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1682: Killing the Scorpion Bahasa Indonesia


Theo punched the scorpion’s body as the energy blast cracked the hard carapace. Blood began to flow out through the crack.

“Gah!” The scorpion screamed in pain. He was tricked again. It turned out the echoes Theo created before attacking him were an illusion that allowed him to exchange his body with his clone, allowing him to think the one he injured earlier was the real Theo.

“…” The scorpion’s body became heavier due to the wounds. He had a hard time keeping up with Theo’s movement anymore. The only thing he could rely on was his silver sand manipulation, but Theo had been throwing the silver sand far away from him so that he couldn’t control them anymore.

And with his current energy, it would be impossible to convert more sand to silver sand.

He was truly at his limit. If not for his unwillingness to die without dragging Theo with him, he would have succumbed to his injuries.

“This is not the end yet!” The scorpion shouted as he released all his remaining energy, planning to end this battle in a single attack.

Theo and his clone clapped their hands again, releasing the same echo that tricked the scorpion.

“Do you think I don’t know you have changed your place with your clone?” The scorpion pointed his stinger toward the Clone Theo this time, but before he shot him down, a smile appeared on both Theos’ faces. “!!!”

‘Wait a minute. Did he trick me again this time? Did they actually switch? Or did they remain the same, and those claps just tried to make me think they’ve exchanged positions?’ The scorpion realized that Theo might be tricking him into thinking he had changed. But he couldn’t be sure Theo hadn’t changed place either.

After fighting Theo for so long, he didn’t realize his common sense was altered, his mind was confused, and his power had been twisted.

“No! I’ll just destroy both of them!” The scorpion shouted. His pedipalps joined together and formed a silver light in the gap between them. “Silver Annihilation!”

The light shot forth a silver beam into the sky, engulfing both Theo.

As expected, Theo didn’t even bother to avoid this attack. He simply stood there with his clone blocking this attack for him.

The clone exhausted a lot of Magic Power just to block it, but this wouldn’t be a problem since Theo planned to resummon his clone again.

This time, the scorpion didn’t let Theo do it. He gathered the remaining silver sand on the ground and turned it into a platform to carry him into the sky. The platform was so thin that it looked like a carpet instead.

But this carpet was enough to allow him to fly in the sky.

Before Theo could retract his clone, the scorpion had moved toward him. If Theo retracted his clone, it was the same as allowing the scorpion to attack him.

“Tsk.” Theo gritted his teeth as he didn’t retract his clone. Instead, his clone stepped forward and gathered his Magic Power into both fists, planning to stop the next attack.

The scorpion used his flying silver carpet to move toward the real Theo. When the clone was about to strike him, the scorpion leaped with its giant body. This was the first time the scorpion made this kind of move. Even Theo was startled because he didn’t expect the scorpion would be able to jump that high with his humongous body.

“NO!” Theo shouted while gathering his Magic Power into his hands. With a single wave of his hand, trigrams appeared. His other hand formed the Irregular Guardian in shield form, planning to block it.

The mountain and the stone wall emerged on top of him, blocking the scorpion. However…

“It’s too late, Theodore Griffith. You must be shocked that I could jump this high!” The scorpion laughed as he smashed both the mountain and the stone wall with his pedipalps.

“!!!” Theo gritted his teeth and raised both arms, holding this shield desperately.

“Haaa!” The scorpion roared while slamming the shield with all his strength.


“!!!” A crack appeared on Theo’s shield. Theo gritted his teeth because his shield began to crumble after that. Theo’s Irregular Guardian instantly changed into gloves. The infused metal element strengthened the glove, allowing Theo to block this attack.


Theo crashed into the ground. The bone in his right arm was destroyed and his left arm bent in a weird way.

“Kh.” Theo gritted his teeth. This was the first time the scorpion managed to outsmart him and the damage to his body was simply too much.

The scorpion fell on top of Theo. The giant body made the ground shake for a split second and kicked up the dust, making people unable to see what was happening inside.

“This is the end, Theodore Griffith.” The scorpion smirked. He knew he would be killed by the second saint, but it was enough because he could kill Theo before he died.

But Theo actually smiled when he saw his death coming. “Yeah. This is indeed the end.”

The scorpion was confused for a moment before he felt a chill down his spine. The chill didn’t come from ice but the death itself.

He realized that the dust wasn’t the only thing that made up this cloud. There was also mist in it, and due to this mist, he couldn’t use his Awareness to locate anyone near him. This was Death Avatar Third Authority, Death Domain.

“This is the end, indeed.” Theo smirked.

“You…” The scorpion realized what was happening when Theo’s body began to become translucent. Lightning flashed within the mist.

Theo always used his clone to block the attack, which gave him the advantage. But in the end, Theo relied on his body to exchange roles with his clone. By blocking the attack, he made him think it was his clone.

Everything had been set up perfectly to the point he didn’t doubt for a second that he was aiming for the right one.

And by the time everything was revealed, it was already too late.

The scorpion tried to turn around, but Theo had thrown his lightning spear as hard as he could toward the crack he had made in his body.

The piercing power that the lightning gave into his spear instantly shattered the carapace and pierced through the body. The lightning then burst out, destroying all the organs inside the scorpion’s body.

“This is the end…” Theo muttered with a solemn tone, giving the last respect to the saint he had just killed.


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