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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1672: Improvement Bahasa Indonesia

Theo took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to rank up the Irregular Guardian. In the meantime, he was using his Mirage World to recreate a few abilities to fend off the monsters’ attacks.

‘Irregular Guardian is an ability that can create weapons for my personal use. It’s like my current weapon, but it can be formed by Magic Power. Although it has a variety of weapons, it’s not as strong as my artifact.

‘If that’s the case, what should I do to upgrade this ability? First of all, is it necessary for the Irregular Guardian to be only a weapon or a shield? Should I expand it to other tools like hammers, screws, or even threads? I can consider them as a weapon too…

‘But if I change it this way, I have to reform the foundation of this skill. If I don’t change it this way, how should I strengthen the strength of the Irregular Guardian?’

Theo contemplated while fending off the enemy’s attacks. He had become passive when he began thinking, but even the scorpion couldn’t harm Theo easily while he was on the defensive.

‘Now that I think about it, can’t I use my Authority to replicate something with Irregular Guardian? What if I try to replicate the Sword Saint’s sword with my Authority? I can even imbue any element that I want… No, the skill will become too complicated and the chance of it breaking apart is higher.

‘Then, should I just replicate the element and along with the weapons? No, it’s not versatile enough. What if I use elements and tools as well? In other words, the Irregular Guardian won’t be limited to weapons but also have numerous elements.’

Theo felt like he had received an answer.

He tried to form a sword with his Irregular Guardian and imbued the Light Element. The moment he waved it, the light flew forth while being hidden by the illusion.

“!!!” The scorpion felt this attack and hurriedly changed its way before a fierce sword strike hit the ground, cutting the soil and the building on its path.

“Hmm? This is interesting.” Theo smiled. He replicated the Sword Saint’s sword strike by using Felix’s ability and illusion. The light element and the Irregular Guardian helped him program this ability, making it easier for him to use it.

He then covered his sword with his flame and slashed downwards, letting this flame burn everything in its path.

The scorpion looked at it for a moment before crushing the flame with a single wave of its stinger.

“Tsk.” Theo clicked. The flame was crushed in an instant. Even though he hadn’t completed this ability, it shouldn’t be that easy to crush his attack since it contained his Authority. It meant the attack this time lacked basic power and compatibility.

‘Trials and errors… I have enough Magic Power and Energy to test this new ability. Besides, I have a lot of opponents to hit with this new attack,’ Theo muttered inwardly before leaping back, finding a portal with a punch that came along with it.

Theo raised his hand and used his Irregular Guardian to form a scythe. He ripped the air apart after imbuing his scythe with the Space Element, opening the void.

“Oh? It works.” Theo was amused since he had limited knowledge of Space Element. Still, he couldn’t see anything in this dark void because he wasn’t a Space Element user. However, it was enough as a bluff, considering the ape retracted his fist, not wanting to get split by Theo in the void.

“It seems that you have the nerve to try things when fighting against me!” The scorpion was enraged as it charged forward, slapping the void with its stinger. Surprisingly, the slammed crushed the void itself, causing the air to fix itself.

“Interesting.” Theo smiled while changing his Irregular Guardian into a gauntlet and covered it with Metal Element before punching the stinger, trying to see how strong the monster was. He even used his Alter Ego to increase his strength.

The scorpion took pride in its stinger as well, so it immediately slapped Theo with this stinger.


The punch and the slap collided with each other, causing a powerful shock wave. The King Class Monsters jumped back, never expecting this kind of power in their clash.

Still, Theo was a Saint, so it might be possible with all his energy. They were observing Theo’s movement, planning to make another move when the opportunity arrived.

The clash lasted for a second before Theo and the scorpion decided to back off as if they realized their strength was equal.

‘Seriously. This guy is no joke. I have used my Alter Ego earlier to increase my strength, but it seems that the enemy still has the power to stop me.’ Theo thought while observing the World Class Monster.

He didn’t know the World Class Monster had a similar thought. He was surprised by the power Theo exerted earlier. ‘What’s that strength? I can see that he is using a lot of energy for an instant, but that kind of power… My stinger feels numb after taking that hit and I have even reinforced it with my silver. Not only that, but my stinger is naturally hard, so I have to avoid that punch. If that hits any other parts of my body, it’ll be dangerous.’

The World Class Monster regained a bit of its rationality after knowing how strong Theo was. He truly couldn’t underestimate this human.

Theo frowned before forming a huge hammer in his hand. ‘Maybe I should pair a weapon with a certain element to copy a particular ability. This way, it retains a bit of its versatility, and its power will increase greatly.

‘The Sword with Light to copy the Sword Saint’s sword strike. The scythe is paired with Space Element to open the void. And this hammer…’

Theo gathered wind around his body before he struck the ground with the hammer, launching the wind into the air. Due to the force of the hammer amplifying the wind, the accumulated wind became even fiercer in the air.

Theo smirked. “That’s right. It’s time to use the Ascension Step.”


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