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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1666: Reason Bahasa Indonesia

“It seems that we’ve managed to win this battle because of Theodore Griffith again,” Flora muttered with a serious expression, looking at the eel who was leading the enemies back. Although she had made the soldiers chase after them, she didn’t want them to go too far.

After they returned to the sea, Flora called Leonardo to ask about his situation. “Leonardo. How is the situation on your side?”

“It’s not that bad. We’ve managed to repel the King Class Monsters. One of them is dead, and we’ve killed around thirty thousand monsters. We’re cleaning up right now. Since you have the time to contact me, has the World Class Monster run away?”

“Yes. As you predicted, the World Class Monster knew that their plan had been ruined and it wouldn’t be too wise to attack us for too long.

“That’s good then.” Leonardo paused for a moment and said, “In that case, we have to clean up the battlefield first.”

“Before that, I want to ask you something. Why did you suggest changing our spot like this? Was it because of Theodore Griffith?”

“Do you remember what happened to the Safulli Group in the past?”

“Yes.” Of course, she remembered. It was an incident that made Theo super famous. However, she couldn’t find a connection between this plan and Theo.

Leonardo hesitated for a moment before explaining it. “Nagasawa Rea is the Pata Corporation and the Safulli Group is the sea monsters. He knew there was a spy that would inform them about our plan, but he didn’t know who the spy was.

“Hence, he let the spy handle Rea, who was clearly inferior to him in terms of planning. Even without using all his brain power, he could easily make a plan to turn around the situation.”

“But how in the world did you connect this battle to that incident?”

“Theo isn’t someone who will do something meaningless. And putting Rea in charge was something meaningless at first glance, but if you looked into his history, it would be easy to find the spy. And that spy became the base of this conclusion.”

“Mhm… I see.” Flora closed her eyes for a moment and said, “Was that the reason why he contacted only you and why you later contacted us personally?”


“Alright. That’s enough. It’s clear that the base is safe because of him again… Give him my thanks.”

Leonardo fell silent before hanging up the call.

The same as Flora, Zhao Jia was experiencing a series of shocks because her master managed to severely injure a World Class Monster. He couldn’t cut him down, but with that kind of injury, no one knew what would happen to him.

Before wrapping up the battle, Zhao Jia came to him and asked, “It seems that you were already aware of the spy.”

“By the way, I heard that you changed your mind after listening to Leonardo’s words. What did he tell you?” Instead of answering her, he asked her back.

“…” Zhao Jia hesitated because it would make her look bad. But since the other party was her master, she opened her mouth, “My hesitation seems to be the reason why I haven’t surpassed you yet.”

The Heavenly Sovereign smiled and said, “As expected of the War Saint, his eyes are extraordinary. Do you know what that means?”

“I’m not very sure. From what I can see, it seems that you’re taking Theo’s background into account… No, instead of the background, it’s more like history.”

“You’re half correct. What I see from people are their personalities, history, character, and talent. I’m trying to calculate their next move like a game of chess.” The Heavenly Sovereign pointed at her and smiled. “What you’ve been doing is only considering their history and background. You have tried to read what they’re planning to do, but you’re not putting enough into consideration.”

“I still don’t understand. It’s true that I am lacking in that area, but why is the result that much different? They’re not that important, right?”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Each of them is equally important and Theo is taking one more consideration to his plan…” The Heavenly Sovereign smirked. “Not only did he consider all the above, but he also thought about what we were going to do with that information. In other words, he was predicting the prediction, allowing him to go one step further. That’s why I’m his ally right now.”

Zhao Jia looked down, contemplating for a moment. “So, Theo had expected you to know about his plan and made a plan on top of that?”

“Basically, yes.”

“Then, the reason for the drinking party…”

“Yep. I couldn’t really talk too much because I didn’t know where the spy was. However, it was clear that there was a spy, so I just let you do your job and settled the rest sneakily.

“This would make them lower their guard, giving us an opportunity to turn the situation around. That’s basically the essence of the plan.”

“…” Zhao Jia was speechless. She remembered how the Heavenly Sovereign contacted him at the last minute and asked her to go with him to the Daemon’s place, only to find out they were exchanging their places. Of course, the Daemon had also changed his place with the Sword Saint, so it would confuse their enemies.

It seemed that her teacher had set up a few layers of traps to fight this monster.

She thought for a moment and asked, “Do you mind if I ask you about a few things regarding Theo and you.”

The Heavenly Sovereign smirked and immediately acted coyly, “Oh! My cute disciple is now interested in me? Hahaha, this is the time for celebration. Let’s go to the Sword Saint’s house to have a party!”

If Zhao Jia hadn’t experienced this battle, she would have stopped him and rejected this idea. But surprisingly, she knew that her master seemed to be planning something at this party, so she nodded. “I understand. Please let me clear the battlefield first and change my clothes.”

“…” The Heavenly Sovereign dropped his jaw to the ground as if he didn’t believe Zhao Jia would actually follow him.

“Why are you surprised…” Zhao Jia’s eyebrows were twitching, but she ultimately ignored him and took care of the battlefield.


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