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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1643: Fighting to the Death Bahasa Indonesia

Rea had regrouped with the rest. The information from the headquarters hadn’t been transmitted to her yet.

“What’s going on?” Felix asked, noticing something bad in Rea’s expression.

“A World Class Monster will attack us.” Rea sighed, not knowing how to handle this problem. This news would surely hit their morale deeply.

“Hoh?” Agata narrowed her eyes, amused. “A World Class Monster, huh…”

“What’s wrong? Do you know something?” Ruth had a feeling that Agata already knew about Theo’s intention.

Agata shook her head and sighed. “It seems that he’s gonna surpass our imagination again. Even I don’t know what he is planning to do… But if I’m not wrong, you have opened the third letter, right?”


“Then, the content is about calling the Time God?”

“Yes. How do you know?”

Agata pinched the bridge of her eyebrows and asked, “Felix. What is your chance against their King Class Monsters? And how are they compared to World Class Monsters?”

“Ruth and I should be able to buy some time from the Starfish. However, there seems to be another King Class Monster. So, I have to split up with Ruth and have Rea help Ruth during this fight. Even with this lineup, I’m afraid we’re going to be destroyed in just ten to twenty minutes. As for the World Class Monster… I don’t think anyone can stop it.”

Agata sighed as if thinking this situation had become pointless. “I don’t think the World Class Monster will come directly at us. Even though they’ve managed to gain some advantage by attacking first, they must still be wary of Theo’s plan. So, there should be some hesitations from the monsters, especially the World Class Monster.

“So, I need to ask you to handle the starfish alone. Ruth and Rea will be fighting the other King Class Monster, and I will help our command center. We’re going to buy you more time by utilizing all our air support. But even with this, I don’t think we can stop them for one hour, right?”

“Yes. I’m afraid that’s the case. Even a single attack from a World Class Monster is enough to crush us. I’m sure you’ve seen the video where Theo fights against the mutated monsters. That attack is still less powerful than an attack from the real World Class Monster.” Felix sighed, not having any words to explain the power of a World Class Monster.

Agata thought for a moment and said, “If I tell you to fight until the end, what will you do?”

Felix smiled and placed his hand on his sword’s handle. “The answer will remain the same. It’s my pleasure.”

Agata nodded with a serious expression. “Then, Felix. I want you to use all your strength to stop the starfish. If possible kill it!”


The harsh order was given. Even Agata felt bad because it was the same as sending Felix to his death. She couldn’t help but ask again, “Still, are you sure about this?”

“I am his first subordinate. I have accompanied him on the battlefield longer than anyone else. That’s why I have seen all the miracles he has made on the battlefield. All I can say is that… The more we’re at the brink of our destruction, the higher the chance Theo will flip the situation around.

“And I don’t have a single doubt that he will once again show how he turns the table. That’s why I’m going to fight to the death, knowing Theo will appear.” Felix smirked.

“What about you, Ruth?”

“I’m ready to fight.” Ruth nodded. “I don’t know much about Theo since I’m among the last people to get invited here. But I know that Felix isn’t the type who says meaningless things. If he says he will appear, then I will believe so. So, I will stop the King Class Monster no matter what.”

“I will too! Although I haven’t finished assimilating with my Magic Power yet, I still have the chance to go against them. Besides, I should be capable of stopping the enemy for a while with Ruth helping me from a distance.” Rea raised her hand, not wanting to lose to them.

“Alright. For now, don’t say anything about our current situation to not drop our morale. I’ll contact Logan about our movement and ask him to cooperate.” Agata nodded with a serious expression.

After they reached an agreement, they immediately headed to their posts.

Agata went straight to the military to help them construct the command. Of course, Logan was happier to work with Agata than Rea, considering Agata was the former special adviser to the combined army from United Asia. Her deeds were famous among the military personnel.

Meanwhile, Ruth and Felix stood side by side while looking at the plain where they planned to take the enemies.

With a calm expression, Felix said, “After this war is over, do you want to live with me?”

“Mhm?” Ruth was not expecting Felix to say it, but she didn’t look that shocked either. She just thought this would be the case with how Millie acted to her. “You are older than me, so you must not know about this. Saying it at a time like this is what you call a death flag, you know.”

“There is no word like that in my dictionary.” He shook his head.

“Well…” Ruth raised her hand and formed a bow and arrow before shooting the air above Felix’s head.


Felix could hear the wind blowing very clearly. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows, asking, “What are you doing?”

“I can shoot everything, whether they’re a ghost, poison, or the imaginary death flag.” Ruth made a smug smile.

“Heh…” Felix smiled back as he started walking away. “Don’t die.”

“You too.” Ruth nodded with a serious expression. She walked to Rea, preparing her bow to handle a King Class Monster.

Although they didn’t look nervous, their hearts were beating rapidly, knowing this battle might be bigger than any battles they had experienced. Even Theo might not be able to predict everything.

Still, they had to preserve.


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