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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1601: Longing Bahasa Indonesia

“So, you two are going this time?” Maya asked while standing in front of the plane.

“Yeah. Only me and Rea go this time.” Theo nodded.

“If that’s the case, I’ll leave everyone to you. You already know how it works anyway. How is the airport over there?”

“The Sword Saint can’t wait to see his daughter anymore, so he ends up cleaning everything there. Agata took a picture of him wielding a broom instead of a sword.” Theo chuckled while Rea looked away, embarrassed.

Maya laughed and pointed at the plane. “In any case, the airplane is yours, the schedule will be up to you. Just don’t forget to remind me before you come back since we have to make sure the airport is clean.”

“Got it.” Theo nodded. “Thank you, Maya.”

“What thank you? After this flight, my company is expected to become number two in the world. And it won’t be long before I create the most successful business in the world, so I’m taking advantage of you, actually. Anyway, enough talking. You should go immediately.”

Theo smiled and patted her shoulder, whispering something to her.

Maya was startled at first before she frowned. The smile on her face faded away as she nodded with a serious expression. “Alright, I understand.”

“Thanks.” Theo nodded and finally walked to the plane.

Rea was confused about the secret message, but since he only said it to Maya, it was only meant for her. She shouldn’t ask Maya about the content of the message.

“Maya. I’ll leave our base’s development to you. Please take care of it.” Rea politely bowed to her, thanking her for her hard work and for creating this airplane.

“It’s fine.” Maya smiled. “Make sure you get a good reunion with your family.”

“Mhm.” Rea nodded before following Theo to the plane.

It didn’t take too long for the plane to take off. This was the second journey of this plane and its success would surely bring more trust in commercial flight. Although it would be extremely expensive due to the huge cost of each trip, many people would surely try it.

Theo and Rea sat next to each other.

“By the way, has your father prepared those things?”

“Yep. Agata has taken care of it as well, so there won’t be any problems if you want to do it.”

“That’s good then.” Theo nodded. “As for our stay…”

Theo contemplated for a moment and said, “A week should be enough, right?”

“It’s more than enough.” Rea nodded. “There are bound to be more airplanes in the future, so it’s not that hard to meet them anymore. So, one week is enough to satisfy the longing.”

“Alright. That’s great.” Theo smiled and informed the stewardess. “Tell the others that we’re going to stay for a week in that place.”

“Understood. Thank you for the information.” She bowed politely and walked back to inform the other employees.

Unbeknownst to them, the Sword Saint was actually looking through the window while sipping his warm tea.

His body was trembling in excitement. Many things had happened after the apocalypse, so he couldn’t contain himself. Unfortunately, the flight would take a bit longer. Even though sleeping was an option to skip the waiting time, he was fully awake.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman entered the room, seeing her husband standing in front of the window. She approached him with a gentle smile. “What’s wrong, honey?”

“It’s nothing. I can’t sleep today…”

“I know that you’re excited since she is finally coming home. But you shouldn’t push yourself too much. Are you going to be like Sojuro too? He’s still swinging his sword, you know.”

“He is the next leader of the Nagasawa Family. He just doesn’t want to lose to his sister. She has always been running behind him, but without him realizing, she actually has surpassed him and started moving further and further away.”

“So, are you regretting sending Rea away?”

“Nope. Not at all. If Sojuro doesn’t have the desire to improve and take the challenge, I’ll be disappointed. But I’m sure he will be able to succeed. They have taken different paths, so there’s no need to compare them. All I wish is for the best for both of them.”

“Then, I’ll accompany you here. How long will the airplane arrive?”

“Nine hours from now.”

“I see.” She gently hugged his arm and rested her head on his shoulder, accompanying him to watch the night sky as if hoping to see the airplane as soon as possible.

The one who got excited about their arrival wasn’t only the Nagasawa Family. Agata also couldn’t contain her excitement since she could finally reunite with the man she loved.

Agata was sitting with Ergene and Ryo.

“It seems that he’s truly coming to us now,” said Ergene with a smile. They had been looking out of place this whole time, considering the only reason why no one had made a move against them was due to Theo’s reputation.

Agata would be a tool of politics in this new environment since she had the talent, experience, and beauty for it.

Luckily, the Heavenly Sovereign and the Sword Saint took care of anyone who dared to plot against her. And of course, Agata was the one controlling the situation from the shadows.

Still, a part of them wanted to meet up with the others… to a place where they belonged.

“Yeah. So many things have happened, but I’m glad that none of us have died from it.” Agata nodded, gratified.

“That’s Theo’s ability. He knew who to choose… Although it’s a shame that Phyrill and Ellen leave the group, we have gotten another reliable teammate, Eleanor.”

“Indeed.” Agata agreed. Although it was hard to know that one of their members had to leave the group, they couldn’t do anything about it. She was worried that Theo might be hurt again as if the separation reminded him of his past, but she was glad he was alright.

“Anyway, there are only a few hours before he reaches this place. We’ll be able to go home soon.” Agata smiled while closing her eyes.


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