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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1599: Rebuilding the Base Bahasa Indonesia

Theo gradually opened his eyes as a smile appeared on his face. “With this, I can get far stronger than my current self. I am level 871 right now, so I still have 129 levels to catch up, meaning I have close to two thousand attribute points I can use to increase my strength.

“Although it won’t be as good as the God of Mischief, the gap won’t be too much.” Theo was satisfied with the result of the conversation.

“Well, I should get going. I have to level up as much as possible… At the very least, I should reach level 900 before the next battle comes.”

Theo immediately stood up and started working. He killed one monster after another, making sure that he got all the EXP.

On the other hand, he also saw Mythical Rank Monsters from time to time, waiting for them to drop A Rank Skill Cards.

Maya had gathered a bunch of them right now, but it wasn’t the time to use them yet. He was afraid the battle that was bound to happen soon would be bigger than he thought, so he planned to hold back from using all his cards, knowing he could take advantage of those to gain allies to handle the problem.

No one knew about it yet, but Theo had considered all the possibilities of what would happen next, knowing the next threat would attack humans again.

As for the location, he didn’t know about it yet, but he was sure the union wasn’t the target. It would be either in this base or in United Asia.

The only thing he could do right now was to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Rea had also led the army to their location, only to find out that Theo wasn’t there. She ended up calling him and heard about the next instruction.

Although she wanted to accompany him or send Felix or Ruth to help him, Theo had asked her to take care of the development of the military base because he was going to clear the area for their base by himself.

As for Ruth and Felix, they were tasked to either protect the military base’s development or clear up the path.

It would be hard to clear the entire state by themselves, so Theo also planned to have Rea lead the military for their expansion, promising them that they would be able to turn Kentucky into a living state again within a year. If Rea couldn’t accomplish it, he would take care of it.

After getting that assurance from Theo, the military agreed to cooperate with Rea.

It was impossible to trust Rea completely, but the military promised if Agata’s plan was reasonable, they would follow it.

Just like Agata, Rea had also become an adviser.

Theo, on the other hand, kept hunting the monsters for a few days, making one wonder how big of an area he planned to clear.

They didn’t know that Theo had cleared the entire space long ago. He kept killing the monsters because he wanted to level up. It was pretty hard to increase his level even with these monsters swarming the area after all.

Theo only came back to the group after ten days and asked Maya to come to their place since they were going to rebuild their base.

They arrived at a place near the river where Theo claimed the land. He had placed his Covenant Seal and finally said, “Alright. With this, everything is set. What do you want to build? I’ll make it for you. This time, there is no limitation to your imagination… Just don’t make it difficult for me.”

The people’s eyes flashed as if they could finally get what they truly wanted.

“I’ll go last this time, so just tell me what you want. Who should go first…” Theo looked at his people and pointed at Rea. “I guess you’re the first. If I don’t prioritize you, who should I prioritize?”

“Ah!” Rea realized that she had this chance because she had become Theo’s disciple. She felt happy and embarrassed at the same time since she had taken others’ positions away.

However, Theo had given her the position, so she had to give the answer. She raised one finger and said, “I want a floating dojo. It doesn’t need to be that high, but it’s high enough to train with the stairs.”

“Hmm. Alright.” Theo nodded and snapped his finger. The stairs to the air began to appear. After the two hundredth stair, the dojo was formed on a floating platform. “Well, I don’t know much about a dojo, but I have made one with Ryo’s dojo as the reference.”

“That’s enough. I’ll take care of the details later.” Rea politely bowed to him, thanking him.

“What the actual fuck?” Maya dropped her jaw to the ground. She just kept listening and waiting for Theo to do what he wanted, but she never expected to find something this ridiculous. “What are you doing? It will fall if you leave this area since you have to use your Telekinesis to make it float!”

Maya wanted to stop him from doing this ridiculous thing, but the others only chuckled, baffling her.

“Huh? What? Why are you looking at me as if I’m a fool?”

Theo chuckled and called another name. “Then, Felix is next.”

“I want something comfortable to live in. And since we’re near a river, can I ask for a good house next to a river.”

“Sure.” Theo nodded and Maya calmed down again, thinking Felix was sane.

However, Felix added, “Also. Can you make a tree house? Not a tree house that is above the tree, but the actual tree. It’s Millie’s dream to live in that house.”

“Father…” Millie looked at him, feeling moved. It was a dream of the six years old her, but her father still remembered it.

“What the hell?” Maya was dumbfounded once again while watching how Theo created a tree out of nothing, and the tree was quite big. It should be enough to stuff everything inside.

“Coline!” Theo called the next name, to which Coline replied with certainty. “Just a dining hall and a floating aquarium!”

“Floating, what?” Maya kept reacting to those strange requests as she still couldn’t believe what she was seeing right now. However, the floating aquarium soon appeared as she wished, making this area look like a fantasy land. Maya sucked a cold breath and asked, “What are you doing, Theo? Are you trying to create a Booseyland?”


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