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After Theo’s declaration, the monsters came again, disturbing them. He glanced to the side and said, “For the first task as my disciple, you are to kill the monsters and complete our objective with me.”

“Yes.” Rea finally stood up while holding her weapon. “By the way, what should I call you? Master? Teacher?”

“Can’t you call me like usual?”

“No. Will you call your father by his own name? Or will you call him father, dad or something?”

“I will…”

“…” Rea glanced at Theo in shock, forgetting that Theo had a bad relationship with his parents. She simply used a bad example. “I mean—”

Before she corrected herself, Theo said, “Just call me Teacher then.”

“Yes, Teacher.” Rea smiled excitedly.

“Let’s go, shall we?”


Rea and Theo jumped in their own directions, killing the monsters.

Since Theo’s ability was above Rea, he finished his task first and retired to the side.

He had mixed feelings about accepting Rea as his disciple. On the one hand, Rea was a talented individual. Her talent might not be as good as Maya’s in one place, but her talent was still top-notch.

And with her training as his assistant this whole time, she was indeed a perfect individual to be the disciple of one of the top ten experts in the world, considering Theo could be recognized as one.

On the other hand, Theo felt like he was getting too involved in her life. He might have taught her from time to time, but it wasn’t at the level of making her his disciple.

That was why this request came from Rea herself. This decision wasn’t influenced by her father or anyone else. It was her wish to be his disciple.

Becoming his disciple was a bit tricky, considering she would be directly involved in his life. The battle she had to go through in the future might be beyond her comprehension.

However, Theo also thought about it as a challenge. His job was to make sure Rea got enough power to solve all those problems.

While watching Rea from the distance, Theo reached for his Skylink and called a certain someone whose life would be shaken after hearing this.

“Hello? Theo? It’s rare for you to contact me personally. Usually, you ask Agata or my daughter to give me a message.”

Yes, the one he called was the Sword Saint, Rea’s father.

He remained silent for a moment, hesitating whether to tell him or not.

“Hello?” The Sword Saint was confused, thinking it was a prank call.

Before he hung up, Theo’s voice suddenly echoed.

“I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

“What’s wrong with you? Good news? Bad news? What are you talking about? By calling me like this…” The Sword Saint suddenly fell silent as if understanding why Theo called him. He wouldn’t do this unless his daughter got involved, so this bad news must be related to her.

His body started shaking as he asked with a grim tone. “What happened to my daughter?”

“The bad news is it…” Theo took a deep breath, creating suspense.

The Sword Saint’s body was itching as he couldn’t wait to hear what had happened.

“Your daughter will have a lot of trouble from now on.”

“What happened? Did something happen to my daughter? That’s right. Let me ask Maya to send an airplane here, so I can go there immediately!”

“Listen to me first.” Theo sighed.

The Sword Saint suddenly stopped and made sure he heard every single word Theo uttered.

Now that he had regained the silence, Theo finally dropped the bomb. “Your daughter… No, Nagasawa Rea is now my student.”

“My daughter? Your student… no, wait!” The Sword Saint realized something when Theo corrected his words. He called Rea by her name instead of her identity to show that he recognized her as an individual, not a second generation who relied on their father’s prestige.

This was the highest respect that Theo could give her. And Nagasawa Rea, as an individual, had become Theodore Griffith’s disciple.

For the Sword Saint, it was a massive achievement since no one ever had become closer to him other than Agata, Lorenzo, Leonardo, and Nella, who became his lover, brother, grandfather, and sister respectively. Of course, Ava was also one of them, but the Sword Saint didn’t know about it.

And from now on, one more name was etched in that list.

The Sword Saint fell silent for a moment, realizing his outburst was unnecessary.

“Mhm… OK? So, she has become your disciple. What is the bad news?”

“That’s the bad news. You should know that she’s going to face a lot of trouble from now on.”

“Yes, so?”

“So… what? Did you listen to what I said?”

“Yes. I mean, you are her teacher, right? I know you, Theo. Someone like you is going to make her grow strong enough to tackle the trouble. So, I don’t see it as bad news… Wait. That’s the bad news, not the good news? Then, does this mean the good news is actually excellent news? What is it? Tell me. Hurry up!”

“…” Theo was speechless, listening to the Sword Saint. It felt like he was talking to a child who just got the toy he wanted.

Theo pinched the bridge of his nose and finally revealed the other news. “Well, she is going to receive an Order soon. From what I can see, it’s going to be between a month to a year.”

“What? You serious?! You’re not lying to me?”

“Is there a reason for me to lie to you?” Theo sighed. Theo also couldn’t lie because of his rule anyway.

There was no word exchanged after that because the Sword Saint had hung up. Theo was flabbergasted and looked at the Skylink. He could only shake his head helplessly, not understanding the Sword Saint’s reaction.

Meanwhile, the Sword Saint was celebrating. He was in the middle of the meeting and suddenly danced as he declared. “Alright, everyone. I don’t care what you want to say right now. You are dismissed. I’m going back no matter what you say! Bye!”

He didn’t let others speak before he stormed out of the room and headed back to his house.

He went to the garden and found his wife. “Dear! I love you! We are going to have a party tonight. Please make us the best meal!”


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