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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1584: Project Bahasa Indonesia

“!!!” The people suddenly trembled. Those, who were weaker, immediately dropped to the ground while Supreme Rank Experts managed to resist it with the help of the Mythical Rank Experts that shielded them from this ridiculous amount of Magic Power.

As soon as Theo was charging the Magic Power, the amount of Magic Power emitted from his body leaped to the degree that no one had ever felt before.

Some of them had seen Theo’s Alter Ego, but Theo used it only on his Strength, Vitality, and Agility because they had actual application in combat.

Meanwhile, this massive amount of Magic Power was useless because he couldn’t spend all of them before the Alter Ego drained his energy.

Hence, this was the perfect time to show his Alter Ego when he was using all his points in Magic Power.

“This motherfucker.” Maya clicked her tongue while resisting the pressure. On the other hand, the workers she had employed had admiration in their eyes. This was the guy they were going to bring on this flight. The extraordinary guy who had changed the world.

It was truly an honor to serve him on this flight.

It didn’t take too long for Theo to finish as he felt he couldn’t pour more Magic Power inside. “I’m done.”

“O-oh?!” Maya was still shaken from the show earlier and walked to him to check the plane’s condition and nodded. “It’s full.”

“Alright. Let’s go then.” Theo playfully smiled and entered the airplane.

The inside was luxurious. Each seat was similar to the first-class seat he usually took during his trip, except for the fact that there was no need for privacy since this was still a private plane for Theo’s group.

Theo put down the pillar on the back as the latter excluded a barrier that prevented anything other than a human from entering.

Rea and the others began to come inside since they were also curious about the interior.

While watching them, Maya walked to Theo and asked, “What do you think?”

“Is this for commercial flights?”

“Nope. It’s for us to move around. It’s also the prototype, so this is the only plane we’ve got so far. Hopefully, we can complete several of them within a year.”

“So, me taking this flight is a kind of promotion?”

“Exactly.” Maya didn’t hesitate to admit it. She was probably the frankest person in the group while Theo never lied, so they had a unique chemistry that was different from the rest.

“Anyway, how is your family and the Star Group?”

“I think I’m fortunate since none of my family members were teleported back then. Though, Patrick is gone. So, the only S Rank Talent in our group is Mark. But yes, the group is doing well. With this promotion, we can eventually become the number two soon.”

“I see.” Theo nodded in understanding. “That’s good then.”

“By the way, do you have any interesting projects?”

“Is your money limitless?” Theo rolled his eyes.

“Nope, but I’m thinking about asking you…” Maya let out a sly grin as if indirectly implying something that Theo had.

“You want to use my ability to upgrade skills to form a connection for your business?”

“Yep,” Maya admitted it immediately since she would just disrespect Theo if she lied about it. The two understood that it was better to come up with the truth, and Theo would agree or reject the idea.

Theo contemplated for a moment and said, “Not for the time being. I’m not planning to do anything in the next few months to stabilize my power. Instead, you should start gathering some Skill Cards if you want that.”

“I have been collecting them, yes. There are approximately a hundred A Rank Skill Cards, seven hundred B Rank Skill Cards and ten thousand of the rest.”

“You surely have prepared…” Theo shook his head helplessly. “Well, ask me later after I stabilize my power. Also, how is the weapon situation?”

“There is no shortage of weapons in our inventory.”

“Supersonic bullets and other stuff like that?”

“None. We’re not working for the military, so we don’t produce that stuff.”

“If I want you to create them, will you do it?” Theo asked with a serious expression. The mood suddenly shifted as if he was implying the importance of this task.

Maya paused for a moment. On the one hand, she had never had this kind of work before, and the military wouldn’t be pleased with this project. On the other hand, Theo wasn’t someone who wouldn’t give her a project without thinking it through.

After thinking about the pros and cons, Maya said, “I’ll do it. I can get the blueprints with my current connection.”

“Good then. Also, I want you to create some heavy machinery as well.”

“Yes. I can manage that.”

“Please make them for me. In exchange…” Theo thought for a moment, trying to come up with something good to pay her. “That’s right. I’m planning to go to get another pillar… Maybe I can let you have it according to your job.”

“!!!” Maya widened her eyes. She thought her airplane would be perfect if she had this pillar. Even if it was only a portion of this pillar, it would become a perfect airplane if the effect was like what Theo said.

So, this was an opportunity for her. With that thought in mind, Maya nodded her head. “I understand. I’ll make you satisfied.”

“I’m counting on you.” Theo nodded.

“Ah, we shouldn’t have talked about it he—” Maya wanted to warn Theo that she might have recruited those people, but she couldn’t trust them one hundred percent.

However, she found other people’s gazes on her as if they were confused about what Maya said.

“What are you doing, Maya? Did you forget something?” Rea frowned.

“Ah!” Maya just realized that Theo had been using his illusion this whole time to create a space for them to talk privately. It turned out her worry was unnecessary. Maya forgot that Theo should have considered the risk if he started such a conversation here.

She dropped to her seat while pinching the bridge of her nose.

Theo stared at her with a poker face as if he was disappointed in her. “Is your trust in me that low?”

*Gulp!* Maya looked away and said, “What are you talking about? I was just so happy to meet you again that I forgot about it for a second.”


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