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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1534: Questions Bahasa Indonesia

Inside the temple in the air, Theo was sitting alone because he had to completely focus on the laws that would become the foundation of his Authority.

The reason why he chose this place was due to the space as well as the location. In this place, he could move around, and if everyone wanted to meet him, they only needed to go to this place.

Before he began, Theo summoned his clone, his partner. Unlike the usual clone, an S Rank Clone was like a separate entity. Even the skill description told him that he gave birth to a new life. Although Theo still had complete control over his clone, the clone still had a certain degree of independence.

That was why Theo could finally utilize his clone as his training partner completely since he had that kind of awareness.

Now that they sat in front of each other, they stared at each other. There was no need to talk among them since their consciousness was shared. However, Theo liked the discussion, which gave him the best perspective.

So, Theo began. “I have to create a set of laws for my Authority. I have found several laws that I want to place from the battle against the Frost Saint. The first one will be the element. I want to set up different kinds of elements that can work in my domain like ice that becomes cold fire. It retains the ability of ice because I’m not the master of elements or something, but the change of the form is enough to confuse them.”

Clone Theo furrowed his eyebrows and gave a suggestion. “However, if you use that kind of law, ice will only become a cold fire. There are many things that can be incorporated into one’s element. For example, a fire that changes into ice can become a cold fire, but if a fire changes into the wind, it’ll become a scorching wind. The same applies if the fire change into the earth, it will be a meteor.”

Theo fell silent because this kind of thought was transmitted together with what he said, giving a clear image of what the clone wanted to say. Even he was surprised by the efficiency of this discussion.

“If that’s the case, what if I let the elements be free?” Theo asked, presenting a question. “If they’re free, the elements can change into anything depending on the rule I set. However, this kind of free law is hard to make due to the fact that they’re going to create one contradiction after another if I find a new combination. It’ll make the law unstable.”

“That’s true. If that’s the case, let’s set up the limit into three. In other words, a certain element can only transform into three things. This will greatly limit the expansion and three possibilities should be enough to confuse our enemies.”

“Three possibilities. If that’s the case, we have to create three different sets of laws. In other words, if the first set changes fire into ice, ice turns into wind, and so on. In the second set, it’ll become fire to wind, ice turns into earth, and so on. This is an example.”

“That’s true. Even if we allow three combinations, it’ll cause too many possibilities. In fact, there are more than a thousand combinations that we have to rule out due to the number of affinities… Hence, it’s better to set this fixed set of laws.”

“Yes. This way, we can save up a year worth of calculation.” Theo nodded with a serious expression. “In that case, the laws for elements have been set. We will finalize it later after I present all the things I’ve learned in that fight.”

“Agreed.” Clone Theo then presented the problem since he also had the memory. “Then, let’s talk about the ice that’s in our mouth during the fight… It feels like the Frost Saint has the ability to attack us from a distance. At the same time, it’s completely related to his Authority, not other things.”

“Indeed. Why is that?” Theo looked down for a moment and asked, “Is there a way to manifest your power from a distance without being disrupted by the Magic Power?”

“We haven’t met anyone that can use their power that way other than the Frost Saint. Now that I think about it, the Frost Saint once threw his club and heavily injured the Fist Saint. Is it related to that?”

Theo fell silent and took out his weapon, which slowly turned into an artifact. He had been using his Order to transform the weapon since he wanted an artifact that could hold all his power.

However, even with this artifact, Theo didn’t know whether he could do the same thing.

It was true that the Order Energy would linger in the artifact itself, but this kind of energy would be useless unless they utilized it themselves. In other words, the moment the club left the Frost Saint’s hand, the Fist Saint should be able to dispel the cold energy.

Yet, the reality was different. The power was able to heavily injure the Fist Saint. This wasn’t possible unless the Frost Saint was able to use his power from far away.

“How about we remember the fight between the Wind Emperor and the Death Reaper? As well as the Sword Saint against the Death Reaper? We also have seen the power of the Lightning Saint as well as Hel. Can we find something from their fighting style?”

“That’s true. Let’s discuss their powers. For the first fight, we could only look at their fight from afar since their strength is so destructive. The Death Reaper had a similar fighting style as Hel, but she was still a downgrade version. So, we should focus on Hel instead of her.

“As for the Wind Emperor, don’t you think he had something similar to what we’re trying to figure out?”

“Ascension Step? That’s right. The Wind Emperor sent forth his energy through the Ascension Step or let the wind carry it. But there was no ‘frost’ in that place, so how?”

Both Theo fell silent once again, contemplating.


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