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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1519: Leaving Bahasa Indonesia

“What’s going on here? That bitch Flora.” Mason slammed the table and ended up destroying it. He gritted his teeth, looking at the current situation.

“Sir…” His assistant, who was reporting to him, was scared, thinking he would die after this.

“What’s our status?”

His assistant hesitated for a moment but still gave the report. “The union has taken action against us by replacing our representative in the union. Our second identities have been published as well by the War God Family as well as the Lexon Group.

“Because of the status of Haiskal Hetson as the eighth strongest person in the world, the people believed we were the cause of their deaths.”

“Lorenzo, that bastard. I have let him live for this long, but he dares to take action against me this time?” Mason gritted his teeth. “What about our allies?”

“Three out of five have distanced themselves from us while the other two are waiting for your action.”

“Any movement from the Lexon Group?”

“There is none at the moment. After releasing the rumors, the Lexon Group is also under a heavy hit from the masses. For now, we believe that they can’t make any big moves.”

“The citizens?”

“They’re letting out their anger in the Skynet, condemning us.”

“Those useless ants. They can’t even do anything for us, yet, they are the loudest.”

“Should we kill them?”

“No. We’re not going to touch them for the time being. If we kill them, that bitch will have the justification to hunt us. For now, recall our forces back here. We’re going to hide for a few months until they stop talking about it. After that, we’re going to make a resurgence. Even though those ants are useless, they still have some roles to play.”

“I understand.” His assistant nodded while gulping down.

“Where is the Poison King?”

“He’s following the young master somewhere.”

“Tsk.” Mason gritted his teeth. He never expected a situation like this would come. He had thought about the culprit, but to show the Griffith Family’s strength, he couldn’t give them the whole truth back then.

After all, letting Theo alive was the most dangerous thing they could do. But they couldn’t admit it because it would bring great shame to their family.

At the same time, he remembered the Saint that saved Theo’s group back then. He had never met someone that strong.

Someone who could do this was Theodore Griffith. It was easy for them to realize Richard and Ricky were the same people.

Ricky was the son of Alexej, and his reputation had been established. Meanwhile, Richard was a person that suddenly appeared out of thin air. If Richard was the only one to appear in this scenario, they could easily suspect Theo to be Richard.

But Theo steered the entire ship through Ricky, causing a deep grudge between the Lexon Group and the Griffith Family.

He truly underestimated Theo. Had Theo focused all that hatred on the Griffith Family, he could create a situation where Flora was forced to kill them. But Theo focused on the safety of his allies, not them, so this was the result.

“We’re going to disappear for a few months. The next time we appear, we’re going to hunt him. Also, make sure the Lexon Group suffers as well. Release all their scandals and make them fall from grace.”

“Understood.” His assistant nodded and immediately sent a message to someone.

Meanwhile, Theo had been watching the situation with his Skylink.

“And with this, I have done my part for the time being. I can cause more problems for them, but I still have to consider the mutated monsters in Chernobyl. If I don’t care about those monsters, I can simply kill a few Kings in this base.” Theo narrowed his eyes before shaking his head helplessly. “They’re lucky, I guess.”

Theo then disappeared together with his suitcases, going east. Only five miles from Czech, there was a structure that Theo had left here because he was messing up the union.

But since the job was done, it was time to go back. He didn’t plan to meet anyone, including his grandfather. He would still worry about this base, but in his heart, this place wasn’t suitable for living anymore.

If he wanted to lead a new life, it would be either in United Asia or the US Base.

“It’s time to go back…” Theo looked at the sky before remembering something. “Ah, right. I should go to the Frost Saint first to ask about the difference between Authority and Order. I wonder if he’ll give me some information.”

With that thought in mind, Theo carried his luggage with Telekinesis and started moving toward Iran.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the original Theo this time. Though, it could be said he was rather lucky since the original Theo might be able to recognize him.

However, he was quite curious about the reaction from the original Theo. After all, he had seen his conduct this whole time. Despite being the original Theo, his behavior was completely different from him.

The Original Theo actually acted more lecherous and thought anything that could benefit him as a target.

But considering he had all that hatred and was thrown away to Helheim. He could understand the resentment.

The original Theo had never felt the doubt in his heart, the warmth of the family, and the happiness of a victory. Instead, the only thing he felt was the need to survive. He had to fight against those zombies inside Niflheim to get stronger while hiding from reincarnation.

Although he didn’t know how he was reincarnated by the Death Reaper, he believed it was something that the being in the higher dimension arranged.

Still, Theo would surely pay another visit to the union as he had some unfinished business. But at that time, he would bring a great surprise to all of them.

But for now… Theo was smiling as he flew toward Iran, crossing all monsters and environments.

A few days later.

Theo stood in front of a blue-skinned giant with a smile on his face.

He raised his hand and smiled. “Yo.”


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