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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1487: Information Bahasa Indonesia

“Now that we have almost left Bhutan, we have to go to Cheng Du, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, and lastly, Jinan. According to the information, there is a huge military base formed in that area. They will accept refugees and assign people to their tasks. Although it sounds bad, it’s better than any other place because the military can handle any cannibals, bandits, or even monsters.”

“You’re worried more about cannibals and bandits instead of monsters.” Theo’s eyebrows twitched.

“Of course. They usually have someone strong leading them, allowing them to rob anything from the bases they found.”

“I see. But if we’re going to Jinan, shouldn’t we just go straight through Xi An?”

“No way. We’re not going to die there. They said that we shouldn’t go to Xi An, Kunming, and Xiamen because World Class Monsters have used those places as their territory. Then, there is also Lanzhou, who seems to have mutated monsters. Last but not least, Beijing, it seems that it has become a huge monster lair after there.”

“I see.”

“You seriously don’t know anything?”

“I’m just roaming around.” Theo shrugged.

“Dude! But I guess you can have that kind of mindset with your power. I bet those people like to have you go there.”

“We’ll see.” Theo nodded with a calm expression.

He had been learning some new information over the past few days. Although it wasn’t much, he understood the state of the world better.

There might be multiple bases to survive, but they couldn’t do anything against bandits and cannibals. Though, most people they considered bandits were just from a bigger base. They survived by ransacking other bases’ supplies. It was a normal thing to do in this situation, especially with the monsters roaming around.

However, cannibals were different. They could defeat some monsters, but most of them were forced to kill humans because they were weaker than them. It was even easier than fighting the monsters. So, meeting cannibals was actually the last thing people wanted.

As for the monsters, they had gotten used to living on Earth as well and began creating their territories. There were many monsters fighting for territories as well, terrorizing the humans since those with territories would be General Class Monsters or above.

“Is there any news about King Class Monsters?”

“There are many of them. It’s better if you look at this map instead.” He showed the map to him with many markings. There seemed to be a total of 32 King Class Monsters in China and many more that were still hidden.

“Interesting.” Theo nodded with a serious expression.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to challenge them?”

“Well, this world is already in a mess, so it’s better to die on a battlefield.” Theo shrugged. “Though, I’m going to see what kind of base they have in Jinan before doing anything.”

“Is that so?” The guy felt relieved, knowing that Theo would at least protect them until they arrived. This was a blessing for them.

As he expected, the military base they were talking about was actually the one that the government had prepared previously for the apocalypse. Although they would face many difficulties, these were the people that would fight to their last breath, hoping that there was a way to settle down.

“There you go.” Theo pointed forward, finding a base with a huge wall in the middle of a plain. It could cover every corner, so there wouldn’t be any ambush. There were even cannons and all kinds of weapons to fend off monsters. In fact, the area around this base had been destroyed because of the continuous battle.

“It seems that my trip here is finished.” Theo closed his eyes, knowing that he should be able to connect to the Skylink in this area.

“You should come with us to the base.” The group looked at him with an expectant gaze. After traveling together for weeks, they had grown a bit of an attachment to Theo. Unfortunately for them, Theo had no interest in going to the base since his goal was to go to Russia.

“No.” Theo shook his head and waved his hand, pushing them with his Telekinesis. He stood there, watching them going away.

As soon as he was alone, Theo opened his Skylink and tried to call everyone as well as find some information.

“Mhm? It seems that there are a few huge bases. In Japan, there is United Asia. They’re gathering all people from the countries near them, whether from Russia, China, India, or even Indonesia, to create a united front against the monsters.

“As long as they can eliminate all monsters in their countries, they should be safe since the location is quite strategic.

“As for the EU, they have created a union with my idea… Even though they boldly kicked me from there. Either way, they’re going to have trouble sooner or later.

“Last but not least, the US Base. They’ve been gathering people from around them, including Canada, Mexico, and those countries in South America.

“I don’t see anything from other places… Maybe they’re not ready for it, so they can’t save the satellites, but there should be some survival bases out there, considering there are a few Order and Authority Level figures there. The progress is good enough, I guess. Although it’s just a rough calculation, there should be more than three billion people that are still alive on these three bases alone. As for the rest, I don’t know.”

Theo fell silent for a moment and decided to start calling the people he knew.

Of course, the first person should be and always be Agata.

It took him an instant before Agata picked up the call as if she had been waiting for this call for far too long.

When Agata saw Theo’s face again, she couldn’t help but shed some tears. She was glad that Theo was alive and seemed to be doing well.

“Theo… you…”

Theo smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine, Agata. I’m sorry, but it might take a bit longer before I can bring you out.”


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