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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1472: Research Bahasa Indonesia

“The third one is just my speculation. I’m thinking about the possibility of humans growing stronger like monsters. For example, what if we consume those beasts and increase our Magic Power like how the monsters do it?”

“I don’t think it’s possible. I mean, our organs are not like them, no?” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah. But it’s also a possibility. Even if it’s impossible to do it right now, maybe we can do it in the future by fusing a human and a monster. But then again, this is not ethical research. Although the world has fucked up, I still have my own conscience. But I don’t know what others will do?”

“Time will tell. We can’t really talk about it now.”

“Indeed. Then the fourth thing I research is the Magic Power itself. Now that the density of Magic Power has increased drastically, normal animals have become monsters.”

“Are you telling me about livestock?” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Yes. There is a possibility about the plants, but right now, the immediate change is in the animals. If all livestock become ferocious beasts, it’s going to be hard to acquire meat.”

“We just have to restore the government and ask the experts to kill monsters for money. The meat can be used to feed. If we’re talking about the huge number of animals on Earth as well as the monsters, we won’t be vegan soon.” Theo shook his head.

“Then, a problem occurs because of that.”

“And that is?”

“I’m talking about the monsters living underground or in the sea. Animals like ants might mutate and create more problems in the near future. Hence, if we want to restore the government, we have to exterminate all kinds of monsters on the land, sky, water, and underground.”

“That’s indeed a huge problem. I’m thinking about a huge base that gathers all survivors in one place to set up a giant base where we can start fighting back. Knowing Rea’s intelligence, I feel like she’s going to suggest that when we’re back. So, I just need a more concrete plan.”

“I see. As expected of Theo, I guess I’ll leave everything to you.” Isaac chuckled. He thought for a moment and said, “Anyway, the last research is about the ranks. I told you about evolution earlier, right?

“But the ranks are differentiating people previously. I mean, it’s not about talent but baptism. The world is the one enabling you to wield Magic Power, so I don’t know if we can get baptism anymore, especially like the Supreme and Mythical Rank Experts where our bodies are emitting Magic Power.”

Theo thought for a moment. This was indeed a problem. Although he could understand a bit about the Magic Power that could only be inherited, there was a big difference between ranks like one could see the Magic Power when they reached the Supreme Rank and used the Magic Power around them after reaching the Mythical Rank.

If they couldn’t do it anymore, sooner or later, the humans would be wiped out by the monsters.

Theo pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking about it. “Well, I can’t give you any opinion. For now, we have to restore a working government.”

“Understood. I’ll do my best to research with my power when I can work on that.” Isaac nodded in understanding.

The current situation was truly a mess. From their perspective, everything would take time. So, they had to make a move fast.

“Still, this means the sea is going to be dangerous as heck. If we’re talking about the sky, even if they’re going to be filled with monsters, it’s not like we have any trouble traveling around. It’s dangerous, but we’re not going to get instant death. But the sea is different… all kinds of boats will be destroyed by the monsters hiding underneath the sea.

“And with the fact that animals like fishes become monsters… Can you imagine their number? And it still doesn’t change the fact that most of our planet is covered by water.” Theo sighed, facing huge trouble inside.

The others couldn’t say anything since Theo was thinking about the whole world. Theo had expected the apocalypse, but not at this scale. He thought that he had made the apocalypse premature enough, but with the current situation, he was afraid that 99 percent of the human population was going to die.

The last one percent wouldn’t be able to stop the monsters, so he had to come up with something safe.

As Theo expected, Rea had forwarded the idea of creating a base to her father and Maya. She received a favorable response after seeing the current situation of the world. It wasn’t the time to try to get the benefits. They had to unite and survive this apocalypse.

After that, she sought Leonardo for advice since he was the War Saint, one of the most talented strategists in the world.

“Sir War Saint. This is my plan. What do you think?” Rea presented the plan while looking at Leonardo with a serious expression.

“So, you want to create a union to form a strong front to fight the monsters.” The War Saint furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m in favor. There are going to be many problems, but it’s true that it’s better than doing nothing. I want to do this as well, but my influence is not enough.”

“I know. That’s why I want to ask Theo to launch this plan later. Since he’s out right now, I want to form a concrete plan so that we can do it right after he arrives.”

“I see.” The War Saint nodded in understanding. “Sounds good to me. I’ll help you create a plan for our development.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Though, I want to warn you one thing. I’m pretty conservative unlike Theo… Maybe because of my age, but if you don’t mind seeing a plan from a person who has low expectations, I don’t mind setting up the plan.”

“What we need right now is to conserve our numbers. So, it’s better to be conservative.” Rea smiled.

“You really do know how to please someone.” He chuckled.


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