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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1470: Unexpected Encounter Bahasa Indonesia

A few days later.



A series of explosions resounded in the area as Isaac took a peek from the abandoned building.

“This world is seriously in deep shit. I have understood Theo’s theory perfectly. It seems that the Spatial Rift is the membrane that prevents the two sides from merging, while the teleportation circles act as pillars that separate them.

“That’s why Theo used a coin to describe the two realms. Both realms had their own system. Previously, our Earth didn’t have anything related to Magic Power. But we opened that teleportation circle, causing the first pillar to collapse and creating a hole for the merging process.

“That’s where the Magic Power starts entering this side. And as a result, a new system is born. Humans receive this power that allows them to access this power system which I can’t use anymore…

“Anyway, there is this Spatial Rift holding the souls of the creatures. They’re residing in the hollow gap between the two sides.

“They’re the ones giving us blessing and the Magic Power is the one allowing us to gain their power. Anyway, now that the Spatial Rift is gone and the other realm might have disappeared too… Does that mean the souls in the Spatial Rift have disappeared as well?

“As much as I want to know where those souls go, I think it’s better to focus on the apocalypse event that is occurring right now. Now that the system has gone, I wonder if we can still use Skill Cards or get some EXP to level up.

“Should I research them right now? But Theo should be coming over soon. I shouldn’t risk my life for the time being.” Isaac let out a long sigh. He had many things he wanted to do, but the situation was far more dangerous. For now, he could only endure the situation.

While he was waiting, someone’s step echoed in the emergency exit and ultimately reached his ears.

“!!!” Hearing the footsteps, Isaac immediately walked behind a pillar, hiding from this person. Although he was a Supreme Rank Expert, he couldn’t be compared to Mythical Rank Experts. If he underestimated the whole situation, he would be in deep trouble.

To his surprise, the one that suddenly came out of the door and entered the floor he was residing on was a young female. From the energy surrounding her body alone, she seemed to be a Supreme Rank Expert.

After entering this floor, the woman looked around, wondering if there was a person here. According to her ability, she could feel someone’s presence in this place.

“Hello. Anybody here? Well, I know that you’re here, but…” The young woman furrowed her eyebrows, looking around carefully. She couldn’t miss a single clue about the presence she felt in this place.

Meanwhile, Isaac completely erased his presence, hoping that she didn’t find him. There were so many ways to bluff, but this one wasn’t one of them. So, he believed this woman had some special ability to detect him.

‘What should I do? Should I show myself? What if she’s related to the group outside, especially the hostile ones? Then, should I escape from him? Exposing myself too early will cause a lot of problems.’

The young woman took a deep breath and raised her hand, letting out her wind power. She used the wind to lift up all the furniture, making sure that no one was hiding behind them. She could feel the weight of the furniture, so unless someone was floating, it would be impossible to escape from her detection.

“!!!” The young woman suddenly felt the presence coming from the left side. “There you are! Wait!”

The young woman saw Isaac ready to leap out of the building. Their gaze intertwined as both of them recognized each other.

“Wait, you are…” The young woman and Isaac widened their eyes in shock.

“Isaac Walton.”

“Levina Alexandrovich Romanov.”

That was right, the young woman was actually the granddaughter of the late Wind Emperor, Levina. She was teleported during the apocalypse and ended up in this place.

Levina knew Isaac because he was related to Theo, so it was easy to find his name.

“What are you doing in this place?” Levina narrowed her eyes. “Don’t tell me. You’re teleported too?”

“Y-yeah.” Isaac let out a long breath, realizing she wasn’t an enemy.

“To think I would meet someone familiar here.” Levina let out a sigh of relief.


“Have you been hiding here since the beginning?”

“Yeah. Theo has promised to go to rescue me, so I’m just waiting for him to pick me up. He should be able to reach this place in a day or two.”

“What? Big Brother Theo will come?”

Isaac nodded. “How about you? Have you been wandering around in the past few days?”

“I joined a group not far from here since they had a Mythical Rank Expert as their leader. I was one of the explorers in charge of scouting the area, but you know… in this situation, there are still people who have moral issues. I ended up getting separated from the rest of the group because I ran away from them since they wanted to trap me.”

“Sounds rough. So, do you want to wait here with me? Well, I have some food prepared, but I guess we need to find more. At the very least, we will meet Theo soon.”

“That’s also a good option. I don’t have any attachment to the group that wanted to trap me anyway.” Levina nodded in agreement.

“Then, let’s make some plans until Theo arrives. Can you tell me all kinds of information you’ve got in the last few days? Like, the disappearing power system, what happens after you kill a monster, and so on?” Isaac asked with a serious expression.

“Sure, I can tell you about it. This is going to be a long story though.”

“We don’t have anything to do other than searching for food and waiting for Theo to arrive.”

“That’s true.” Levina smiled as Isaac led her to a more comfortable place.


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