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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1456: Theo’s Crazy Plan Bahasa Indonesia

Theo lowered his head, showing him the last respect to see him off.

‘It’s my greatest honor to have met you, Sir Yaslev,” said Theo inwardly while clenching his fists.

Theo took a deep breath and walked to the screen connected to Yermolayev. “Mr. Yermolayev, I’m going to your location. You are not busy, right?”

Yermolayev wiped the tears from his eyes and nodded. “Yeah.”

Theo then politely nodded to the people in the room before leaving the room. Even though he was close to the Wind Emperor, he wasn’t that close to his family. It was better for him to leave the Wind Emperor with his family. He would only visit them again during the funeral.

Theo sneaked out of the mansion, avoiding all the masses outside the mansion.

There were some who were waiting for the news, but there were also some who just wanted to get some content to share.

Theo only took a glimpse of them before continuing forward.

He wondered if he died in the future, would the situation be the same? Considering the path he chose to take, more people would probably throw a tomato at his grave instead of mourning.

Theo didn’t care much about his future for the time being as he had a big job to do.

It took him an hour to finally reach the company where Yermolayev had to remain in order to keep watch so that no one attacked them while they were processing the funeral.

As much as he wanted to go there, he couldn’t. The one who was pained the most might be Yermolayev.

Theo reached the company and surprisingly saw Yermolayev waiting for him outside the company.

“Mhm?” Theo was confused and immediately approached him.

“Oh?” Yermolayev noticed his presence and said, “Theo.”

Theo nodded. “As much as I want to ask you to give me the full authority so that your enemy doesn’t dare to take advantage of this situation and also give you the chance to see Sir Yaslev off, I have to talk to you about an important matter.”

Yermolayev’s expression turned grim. “I understand. Thank you for your help.”

“You can thank me later.”

“Alright. Let’s go to my office.” Yermolayev nodded and invited Theo in. There was a reason why Yermolayev waited outside his company.

Theo didn’t notice it, but he had been watching the movement of the people outside. There were some spies who had been observing his movement, so he thought about meeting Theo outside the company to show them Theo’s presence as if telling them, ‘Theo is with me right now. Attack me if you dare.’

After some thought, Theo also figured out his plan and made a wry smile. “Well, sorry to say, but I think what you did earlier is completely unnecessary.”


“Yeah. Because it might make the situation harder for you.” Theo nodded, confirming it.

“Ah… I thought about using your appearance to shoo them. But it seems to backfire.”

“Well, the plan doesn’t change. Just need more time.” Theo shook his head calmly.


“No, it’s fine.”

As soon as they reached the office, Yermolayev asked, “Alright. What do you want to tell me? Since we’re in a crisis, I don’t mind giving you the full authority.”

“I’ll only be here for a few days, so it’s alright for now.” Theo shook his head. “For now, I have three things to ask you.”

“Alright. Ask me anything. I’ll answer it to the best of my ability.”

“First of all, what kind of family do you envision? How do you want the family to change and live in the future?”

“As you can see right now, we don’t even have a single Transcendent Level Expert. Grandfather said that the two kids have the potential, but it’s still too far from them right now. So, I’m prepared to downsize the business.

“My priority right now is to keep the family stable. I don’t want to let the tragedy happen again… Marrying people off just to keep the family stable like that. As for me, I don’t really have that big of an ambition. I just want to keep as much as I can in this decline and let the future generations inherit it.”

Theo closed his eyes, contemplating his words. After a while, he nodded and asked the second question. “Alright. The second question is… how much support do you get from your family? How about other allies? Are they going to help you solely because of you, or are they going to help you simply due to my presence?”

“Hmm… It’s kinda hard to answer this one.” Yermolayev pondered for a moment. “To be honest, the people you saw in the room are the closest family who share the same vision. Basically, they’re from the same side. As for those outside the room, they’re also family, but they’ll try to take advantage of this situation to get my position. That’s why only those inside the room know about my father’s last words.

“As for those outside the mansion, just think of them as bystanders. Continuing to the allies… I have one ally that will help us no matter what, and there’s one a bit special. I’m sure you know this one… they’re the Empress Palace.

“The Empress has a good relationship with my father. She will certainly not become an enemy, but if we want to get their help, we have to fork out something.

“As for the rest, there are some allies, but they are those who can become enemies if the situation allows. That’s all I think?”

Theo nodded, considering them carefully. The condition wasn’t as good as he thought since they still had an ally. After all, his plan was very questionable.

After a while, he asked the last question. “Then… Are you sure about giving me the control? Are you sure you’re going to follow my plan no matter how weird it is?”

“Mhm? How weird?” Yermolayev narrowed his eyes.

“Something like selling the entire business.” Theo smirked.


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