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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1449: Order x Breathing Bahasa Indonesia

“Don’t tell me… The Breathing Technique itself is not actually a real breathing technique? After all, if you need to learn a breathing technique, you need to give an explanation since the pattern of breathing, the way the air travels, and other components need to be precise for it to be called a breathing technique.

“On the other hand, I have never learned anything about those patterns. Instead, I’m only aware that I need an Order first to learn the Breathing Technique. If that’s the case, there’s only one possibility. The Breathing Technique itself is infused by Order!

“That’s right! How can I forget about this… The God of Mischief has created a foundation in my body with Control being the core of the foundation.” Theo looked at the ground and started drawing a plus.

In the middle, he wrote Control, and each tip would be filled with the other Five Aspects.

“My Awareness has been greatly influenced by Reality Eyes and Death Avatar. Still, the one affecting all my senses is the Death Avatar. The Death Eyes influences my eyes, the Underworld Body affects my sense of touch, the Death Domain is related to my sense of smell, hearing, and taste. Last but not least, the Death Descent… Wait, what is related to the Death Descent? My sixth sense?

“Whatever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that I need Magic Power to control the Death Avatar. This is closely related to how well I control my Magic Power.

“The same applies to Supernatural Snake Body and my Endurance. If that’s the case, the relation between my Order, Breathing Technique, and Control is…”

Theo fell silent, thinking about the connection between them. He also recounted all his past memories of the God of Mischief. He never did something meaningless. Even though he often joked around, his words had some meaning behind them.

“Order has five stages: Assimilation, Magic Power, Reality vs Illusion, Reality Alter, and Reality Realm. Assimilation represents the fusion between me and the Order. Magic Power is related to my ability to govern over them. Reality vs Illusion…Ah, so that’s how it is!”

Theo smirked. “There is never a Breathing Technique. The technique he wants to teach me is my own comprehension of the Order itself.

“The better you are, the more free you can act. In other words, what he meant by Breathing Technique is turning my Order into breathing itself. No, I should make them as natural as possible so that I can use them like I’m breathing.

“Assimilation! I need to assimilate myself with the Order, which is the reality itself. In order to do that, I need to turn on the Magic Power, which represents the second stage. How? The answer lies in the third stage, Reality vs Illusion.

“I usually used this ability to turn the illusion into reality, but I might be wrong this whole time. I should consider everything as reality! Yeah, instead of making them real, I consider them one from the start!

“That’s where the Reality Alter comes! In this stage, I’m governing the reality itself and changing everything to my liking. That’s why it’s called ‘Alter’ since I’m literally altering them.

“Then, the result is none other than the fifth stage, Reality Realm! This is the realm I have created to accommodate everything I want. Just like what the Heavenly Sovereign, this shall be my domain, the result of my Order.

“And making them flow like this is the work of Breathing Technique, my current Breathing Technique that I get from the Star Group. Instead of learning a new technique from scratch, I’m incorporating all the five stages of Order into my breathing technique.

“My breathing technique is mild. It doesn’t have explosive power, but in exchange, it has the stability I need for my power.

“This is closely related to the fifth stage that I haven’t been able to reach this whole time. I need to connect the previous four stages to master the five stages. This is what it means to be my domain.

“And the purpose of my domain is none other than the identity of my power. Everything is the reality in my eyes. If I say I’m the real Theodore Griffith, I’m the real Theodore Griffith. Hence, my Reality Realm is a domain of reality where I’m the ruler.”

Theo couldn’t help but remember his battle against the Heavenly Sovereign. In that domain, he could see the Heavenly Sovereign creating a rule for his own domain.

He managed to influence that rule with his Reality Order, but it was clear that the domain was still his. This one particular battle actually gave him inspiration for the realm he wanted.

“This is exciting. To think the answer to the Breathing Technique is actually related to my third goal, which is mastering the fifth realm within one year.

“Now I can see the path to reach that goal. I don’t know how hard it’s for me to incorporate my Order into my breathing technique, but I’ll do my best. Alright. Let’s aim for it.” Theo smirked as he immediately closed his eyes, figuring out how to incorporate the Order with his Breathing Technique.

Little did he know, Theo was actually overanalyzing the entire thing.

The God of Mischief had been hiding his explanation in something else, but because he wanted Theo to come up with his own answer, he never explained it directly. After all, Theo would just stick to the explanation without trying to learn other things. This would just make Theo a puppet, not his Joker that could change everything.

The God of Mischief would have said, ‘I didn’t say that shit. This is what happens when you were not taught, your idea went wild and you came up with a crazy plan,’ when he saw Theo.

At the same time, he would add, ‘But this is what piques my interest. He has the talent for learning. I’m teaching him, but the student will be able to comprehend something else, making him more creative. If he can actually overcome this struggle, there’s a possibility that his answer is better than mine, allowing him to reach an even higher height than me. That’s why this is my way of teaching Theo!’

The God of Mischief was actually smirking inside Theo’s consciousness, anticipating the answer he would get.


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