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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1444: Mutual Destruction Bahasa Indonesia

“Hu…” The Dark King took a deep breath as he realized Theo’s ability surpassed his imagination. No wonder why Theo could improve this fast.

Still, the most shocking thing was what he did earlier. He sacrificed all the cards to do something that he didn’t know.

Even if Theo showed it, no one could see his real skill after all. Unless he upgraded their skill ranks, they wouldn’t realize what he did.

“I never expected you’re this strong… It seems that I shouldn’t have let you grow for a few years.” The Dark King smirked.

“Is that what you’re supposed to say to a friend?”

“Haha, of course, that’s just for an enemy. Right now, you’re my opponent, so I can say that.”

“That’s true.” Theo chuckled. “But then again, I think it’s better to end this battle as soon as possible. I have a few things I want to say to you.”

“Hoh? I’m looking forward to it. If that’s the case…” The Dark King suddenly released his black aura, covering the thread itself. Due to him having Dark Power, his black color became absolute dark with no light being reflected. In other words, Theo had no chance to see the threads. “I told you earlier. You should have hidden these threads.”

“Really?” Theo didn’t back down. He utilized his power to extend the threads all the way to himself. Unless he could paint this world completely black, the Dark King wouldn’t be able to hide the threads. But…

The Dark King furrowed his eyebrows. “Are these threads really the extension of my weakness?”

“Who knows?” Theo smirked. “Why don’t you try it to find out?”

The Dark King responded to Theo by swinging his sword, releasing crescent-shaped energy that blocked his vision.

Theo snapped his finger and used his Twisted Reality to twist the energy, creating a spiral that would pass him as long as he didn’t move.

However, the Dark King appeared next to him, taking advantage of the black power to ambush him. It turned out he used that energy to cover himself as he approached Theo.

Theo glanced to the side and swung his sword. Surprisingly, both of them passed each other without a single clicking sound.

“Oi, oi. Are you serious?” Theo furrowed his eyebrows and saw his left arm was grazed by the sword. The blood started flowing out of the wound. This was the first wound he had received in a while.

“I’m serious, my friend. In this battle, I’ll do my best to win. Other than killing myself, I’ll do everything to win even if it means mutual destruction.”

“Isn’t that the same as killing yourself?”

“Haha, you and I know that we won’t do that, right?” The Dark King smirked as a wound also appeared on his body. This time, it was his chest.

Despite the mutual destruction, his wound seemed to be much harsher compared to Theo’s. But he was a monster. His constitution was better than Theo’s, so if they were talking about Endurance, he had the confidence to win.

“…” Theo sighed. He had covered his body with Supernatural Snake Body, but it seemed the skin wasn’t strong enough to stop the Dark King.

‘As expected, my Supernatural Snake Body is equal to an A Rank defensive skill right now, but the defensive ability is only enough for a normal Mythical Rank Expert. King Class Monster is too much.’ Theo thought while looking at the Dark King.

He seemed adamant about using all sorts of methods even though Theo had shown him how he would die.

Instead of covering the path that led to his death, he actually changed it himself with this strategy. But the worst part was the fact that he changed it to a path of mutual destruction.

“No wonder why you’re considered a King Class Monster on our side. And you’re only one step away from becoming an Authority Level Figure…” Theo took a deep breath, calming his heart. His opponent was truly no joke. If he made one wrong move, he was afraid that the situation would become extremely dangerous.

“I’m simply too stubborn. You can even consider me as a battle maniac. But who cares? I’m going to defeat you.” The Dark King raised his sword again.

“Then, shall be it.” Theo also did the same.

After releasing their Magic Power, both of them leaped forth and struck each other with a sword.

Theo summoned his Irregular Guardian and changed his sword into a shield. The shield protected him from the attack, while the Irregular Guardian took the form of a sword to cut the Dark King down.

As for the Dark King, he released his power and created two swords, both hitting Theo’s weapons.

Theo tried to use his Alter Ego again to overpower him, but the Dark King made the first move.

He suddenly stomped the ground and crushed the ground. Suddenly, the darkness from underneath the ground started coming out.

“!!!” Theo widened his eyes and realized that the Dark King had been planning to do this for a while. Despite using the Covenant Seal to improve their power, the Dark King had actually been penetrating the ground so that it could influence his area that had been improved by his Covenant Seal.

“Do you think you’re the only one to have improved? After fighting against that bald man, I know that I have to use something unexpected. So, I try to find a way where I can influence my enemy with my seal. And this is the way… I have to take you by surprise!”

“!!!” The ground should be dark, so he used that black color to actually connect and spread his influence. And his dark power actually came and enveloped his Covenant Seal, forcefully removing it.

“You are truly…” Theo smirked. As expected from King Class Monster, they truly had surpassed a human of the same level. In fact, he realized that the Dark King hadn’t used too much Order, so if he prolonged the fight, he would only be at a disadvantage.

If only the Dark King was one stage lower, he would be able to defeat him. But the current Dark King couldn’t easily be defeated without his clone.

“Why don’t you use that clone? I know that your clone can have the same strength as you.”

“My clone is busy. Besides, this is our fight, I don’t want a third party to tip the balance even if it’s my clone.”

“So, you’re telling me that you don’t want to release all your power when fighting against me.”

“I am telling you that I respect you.”


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