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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1423: Poor Saint Bahasa Indonesia

“Ha.” A group of people were swinging their short swords forward with the same motion. They shouted at the same time as if to match each other’s actions.

On another spot, there was a young man who was brandishing his giant sword at a woman. The woman deflected the sword with some effort, withstanding the power behind that impact.

“You seem to be more spirited today. What’s wrong?” The woman asked with a smile.

“Nothing.” The man answered with a very short reply.

After knowing him for a few years, the woman smirked. “Is it because your friend is visiting Japan? Now that I think about it, he has visited this country twice.”

“…” The man squinted his eyes. He was aware of that matter already, but at that time, he didn’t know him due to the disguise. But this time, he came with his true self, so he couldn’t help but look at his former teammate.

In the past, his strength was far stronger than him. But in just a single competition, the situation had been turned around.



“That’s the Sword Saint!”

The cheers suddenly erupted from the side when one of them noticed the appearance of Theo’s group. And the others soon realized their presence and cheered since it was a rare opportunity to see the Sword Saint with their own eyes.

“…” The pair that had been sparring in the side couldn’t help but stop to see what was going on, only to be shocked to find Theo and the Sword Saint standing next to each other. And as the daughter of the clan, she also recognized her grandfather as well as the Heavenly Sovereign.

“Seriously?” She made a wry smile, never expecting they would be visiting.

Meanwhile, the guy next to her was frozen as if he didn’t know what to do.

“Come on, Laust. You’re not going to greet him.” She smirked.

Yeah, they were Laust Lange and Shibuya Mami. After Laust decided to go here, he showed great progress that surpassed most of the people in this place. In the Grand Gaia Competition, he couldn’t show himself too much because he was overshadowed by Theo and his blessing came a bit too late.

But after getting accustomed to his blessing, Laust showed incredible growth to the point the clan recognized him as one of the most prominent talents in the clan, giving him special treatment.

And this time, the guy who always overshadowed him and would never change had appeared before his eyes.

If this was the past him, where he still had hatred for Theo and was under the control of his father, Laust might be doing something bad to Theo. However, when he once again saw Theo standing from that high, he couldn’t help but smile.

There was pride in his heart as well. There might be some friction in the past, but it didn’t change the fact that Theo was the one giving him all his current achievements.

‘Our path might be different, but I’m glad that I met you in the past,’ Laust thought while looking at Theo from afar.

However, they soon made eye contact. It had been a while for Theo to see this guy.

He still remembered the time when Laust was trying to kill him. And after the Grand Gaia Competition, the same guy actually came back and apologized to him, using everything he had to atone for his sins. Laust used all his savings just to pay Theo, which greatly helped him.

When he saw him in Thersland, Theo didn’t feel anything because he was busy with his own matters. But this time, Theo couldn’t help but smile. The hatred in the past felt like it had never happened before.

‘Time can heal wounds, I guess.’ Theo thought while looking at Laust. He even waved his hand as if greeting a friend.

“So, that’s your friend?” The Heavenly Sovereign suddenly came to him while staring at Laust. “It seems that you had bad blood with him in the past. But now, there’s nothing I can see…”

“Do you enjoy looking at that?” Theo rolled his eyes.

“Not really. I am just here to make fun of this guy.” The Heavenly Sovereign pointed at the Sword Saint. “Listen to their cheers and you’ll notice that he’s the culprit of this commotion. In other words, he is the problem even though he has been preventing us from causing trouble. What a hypocrite.”

“Hey!” The Sword Saint gritted his teeth, glaring at the Heavenly Sovereign.

“I didn’t say anything.” The Heavenly Sovereign shrugged.

The Sword Saint shook his head helplessly. He never thought this would happen, considering Theo was the rising star. His name was a hot topic, so he should be the first one to be recognized.

Little did he know, the Heavenly Sovereign and Theo had been using their power to hide their presence so that people would have a hard time seeing them. Meanwhile, the Sword Saint thought of this country as his home, so there was no need to do so. That was why he was the first they recognized.

The Heavenly Sovereign couldn’t help but smirk, teasing, “Why don’t you give a few words, Sir Sword Saint?”

“…” The Sword Saint’s eyebrows twitched, but the Heavenly Sovereign had shouted to the people. “It seems that your favorite Sword Saint is going to show you something!”

“Ooooohhhhh!” The people got excited when they heard the Heavenly Sovereign. They didn’t know it was just a joke, so they treated this seriously. All of them hurriedly stopped talking while looking at the Sword Saint in admiration.

‘I’m truly going to hit you after this.’ The Sword Saint glared at the Heavenly Sovereign with veins bulging in his head. However, when he glanced at their guide, the former head of the Shibuya Clan.

He coughed a bit and explained, “Since we’re here uninvited, do you mind if I show them something?”

“Not at all.” The old man smiled. This worked well for his clan as well. In fact, he started feeling grateful for the Heavenly Sovereign’s assistance.

He also noticed the Heavenly Sovereign staring at him. When their eyes met, the two seemed to understand each other as they raised their thumbs up.

“…” The Sword Saint once again became speechless.


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