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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1407: Mystical Place? Bahasa Indonesia


Everyone sucked a cold breath. As an illusionist themselves, Jeff and Agata obviously understood how the illusion worked. But they wouldn’t be able to live inside their illusion since they needed to use their power to maintain it and an illusion was just an illusion.

However, Theo’s power was able to solve those weaknesses. He used the Covenant Seal to supply the energy and the Reality Order to make the illusion real. This was actually the best ability one could have to be a civil engineer.

“This is…” As expected, the craziest and most energetic person, Walker, immediately grabbed Theo’s shoulders and asked, “Ma-Master! Can you create a flying continent on top of the lake? Don’t you think it’s awesome to live in a fantasy place?”

“A flying continent?” Rea widened her eyes in shock. “Then, then… Can I also ask for a flying dojo and temple? Won’t it look mystical?”

“A floating gallery huh… Maybe like the Artemis Temple but floating in the air. Won’t it be good to host an art exhibition in a place like that?” Jeff nodded in understanding.

“Why don’t you just make a floating aquarium with fishes inside? It can be another attraction?” Coline smirked. “I can also freshly choose my fish from there. Hehe…”

“I don’t need anything mystical. I just want a huge field to train myself in.” Ergene shook her head in question. However, Rea walked to her and whispered something to the point Ergene corrected herself. “I think I need a battlefield that can defy gravity. It’ll be a good practice spot.”

“Well, an observation tower in the center of this place… Maybe an observation tower that stretches from the hill to the floating one…” Akbar also followed suit. Ruth nodded in agreement. “That’s a good idea you have there. I can shoot people from those spots too. Why don’t we just connect all those flying buildings so that I can move around in the air?”

“Why are you all obsessed with flying stuff?” Ryo looked at them with a weird smile. “Won’t it be better to have a bunker? It can protect you from anything.”

“As expected of the shield guy, you want something tough huh.” Rea smirked.

“Millie loves fish, so I think an underwater building is good too.” Felix looked away.

“Moon replica! I’ll become the true moon rabbit.” Ava nodded in agreement.

Theo looked at them with a poker face. “You have too many requests… Even though I have that ability, I don’t think I’m going to do it… At least for now.”

“Eh?” They looked so disappointed as if they were a child who didn’t get their toy.

“Well, the satellites and people are looking at us too. Although it’s truly eye-catching, I don’t want random people to just enter as they please. And if they try to take over the area, I’m going to be extremely annoyed, especially since I know that many businessmen will approach me to create a hotel in this place.

“For now, let’s stick to the original plan. And I still have no ability to create all your requests right now like Coline’s illusion room where you can replicate the illusion that comes into your mind after eating the food…” Theo explained. As he said, Theo needed to reach the last stage of the Reality Order, the Reality Realm, to be able to give Coline what she wanted.

“Still, a magical place like that one is quite tempting, you know. There are a few magical places like this on Earth. The first is the Fist Saint’s residence. It’s said that the air there is heavier and you can basically improve your physique as if there’s a gravity room.” Rea explained. “All of those places are indeed a great business opportunity. And they can basically make this place bustling with people.”

“That’s right.” Theo nodded. “For now, I’m not strong enough. I have to get stronger first to ensure the safety of this area. Only after I can settle down completely will I start developing this place. And at that time, no one will dare to intrude into this place easily.

“Besides, the stronger I get, the more stuff I can fit in here. So, eventually, you’ll be able to experience it all.” Theo smiled. “If you don’t like it or just get bored by it, we can simply reshape the entire structure with my power. This is the best thing if we don’t have outsiders here. No one will complain if we destroy or reshape their places.”

“Ah! A magical fantasy place that can change depending on our mood.” All of them finally understood. Theo truly wanted to progress this place, but he didn’t want to open it so soon. He needed to make sure that this place was a good place even for their retirement.

After all, retiring and even dying of old age in a flying tomb surely would be unprecedented. And with Theo being this young, his power wouldn’t run out soon. Without flying buildings, they wouldn’t collapse if Theo somehow died in the future. That was why Theo wanted to get stronger first so that he could ensure the stability of this area.

When no one could kill him anymore, it was time for him to develop the area.

“Well, even the oldest one among us hasn’t even reached 100 years old. So, waiting for a few decades is not that bad.” Rea nodded in understanding. “Though, we’re lucky Isaac is not here.”

“…” All of them were surprised Rea mentioned Isaac here. But when they thought about Isaac’s personality, he would truly make a fuss about it, especially with how the illusion defied gravity.

Agata only chuckled this whole time, and maintained her silence. She was amused by the group’s reaction. This was Theo’s group, the people that had become her family.

Theo also added, “Don’t you think the one who will make the most fuss is Maya?”

“…” The group fell silent, agreeing with this opinion.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, Maya and Felix somehow had the urge to look at the sky.

“I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of fun.”

“Ah, I smell money.”


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