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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1392: Retreat Bahasa Indonesia

“…” Theo narrowed his eyes, thinking, ‘Tsk. He can recover any wounds with that liquid and his devouring power. And his Magic Power is unlimited because he continuously absorbs the energy. It feels like I’m fighting an immortal who won’t be tired. The only way to kill him is one strike to the head, neck, or heart.

‘But even with my Reality Power, it’s not that feasible. I can try, but I doubt any of them will succeed. And if I drag this battle, I’ll be at a disadvantage.

‘Because of his experience, he seems to have some emotional damage, but his ability makes up for it. If he doesn’t die here, I’m afraid that he’ll be going to the Griffith Family. Even if I kill the Mind Elder and the Skyward Mercenary, I’m afraid that he and the Poison King are enough to make up for the loss. No, should I say that the Griffith Family will be stronger than before?

‘When that happens, I don’t know what they’ll do next. This is quite troubling. What should I do now?’

Theo had many problems with the fact that the Griffith Family would become stronger. It was clear that the Original Theo was someone that would do anything to get what he wanted, including joining the Griffith Family to devour him.

And if the Griffith Family joined hands with some countries, their force would become far higher.

Meanwhile, Theo’s side would gradually weaken. The War God Family wouldn’t help him anymore because Leonardo wouldn’t help him again after this due to his equal love motto. The Wind Emperor would pass away soon because of his current condition.

The only thing he could rely on was Maya’s Star Group. As for the United States, he had burned the bridge between them, so it was better not to take advantage of them anymore unless he planned to commit such a relationship.

Last but not least, the Nagasawa Family. Nagasawa Ken was strong and still young enough to handle the world’s affairs. As long as he was still in charge of the Nagasawa Family, he might become his biggest ally.

But that was all. The rest would rely on him. At present, he had Ava, Felix, and Ruth as Order Holders. And he could count himself as two people.

Still, he wasn’t an Authority itself and it might take a bit while for him to reach that stage. So, there would be a period of darkness when the Griffith Family could launch an attack on them.

And the Original Theo seemed to have seen that possibility in case his plan failed.

In other words, Theo’s plan to weaken the Griffith Family or destroy it had failed. The reason for this failure was the unexpected appearance of his original self.

‘What’s this? Did the world… No, the higher being think of me to be too powerful that they have to send me to kill myself? The only one who can defeat me is myself or something like that?’ Theo’s expression turned grim, seeing the cruel path in front of him. As long as he wasn’t an Authority himself, he couldn’t do much.

This might be the first time Theo’s careful plan had been defeated by someone. But that someone was still himself, so he didn’t know whether this was a defeat or not.

“…” the Original Theo seemed to have the same thought. The moment he saw the frustration on Theo’s face, he realized that the time had come.

In fact, he wanted to eliminate the Mind Elder to remove the possibility of brainwashing. But since Theo’s group would take care of him, his plan had succeeded.

Without hesitation, the Original Theo leaped toward the fight between the Sword Saint and the Magic Saint.

“!!!” Theo saw that action and immediately chased after him. “No, you won’t!”

The Original Theo smirked as he had the advantage in this battle now. He broke the Infinite Darkness, returned to the normal world, and started shouting, “Oi, foolish Grandfather of mine!”

Theo gritted his teeth and waved his hand, sending a massive force toward him to blow him away so that the Original Theo didn’t say anything.

But the Original Theo easily saw through him since his goal was clear for both of them. He simply covered his body with the black substance to take on any attacks. Even if Theo wounded his body again, he could simply heal it later.

In the meantime, he shouted as loud as he could so that Mason Griffith could hear. “Don’t you think this is a perfect time to retreat? I’ll join the Griffith Family right now while bringing my subordinate, the Poison King. Instead of losing more men, don’t you think it’s time to conserve the power for the real battle?”

“Haaaaa!” In the meantime, Theo utilized his illusion to create a loud sound that everyone could hear, so Mason Griffith couldn’t hear what he said.

But Mason Griffith was the absolute ruler of Magic Power. What the Original Theo did was amplify his voice with Magic Power. As long as he differentiated the Magic Power, he could clearly hear what the Original Theo said perfectly.

In that instant, Mason Griffith suddenly appeared on the battlefield, stopping the battle against the Sword Saint.

At the same time, he released intense pressure on Theo.

“!!!” Theo gritted his teeth as he could feel the Magic Power was actually trying to crush him to death. But soon, the pressure disappeared when the Sword Saint appeared, cutting all the Magic Power that planned to crush him.

“Are you alright?” The Sword Saint asked while keeping his eyes on Mason since the situation would be dangerous if they made a reckless move.

“We have to kill him!” Theo pointed toward the Original Theo.

The Sword Saint immediately pushed Theo away while drawing his sword.

Suddenly, the air was sliced, creating a void in the middle of the air. However, that was actually the void created by the clash between his Authority and Mason’s Authority.

Meanwhile, Mason took that opportunity and dragged the Original Theo away while stating, “Griffith Family! Retreat!”

“Kill as many as you can!” Leonardo obviously couldn’t let them go, but Mason released all his power for the first time as if he was gambling with his life. If they dared to come, even if they could kill him, they would also suffer a wound that would lead to their death as well.

Even the Sword Saint stopped moving because he couldn’t afford the consequences.

“…” Nagasawa Ken could only see them leaving with Leonardo taking advantage of the situation to kill five more Mythical Rank Experts from the Griffith Family.

The Original Theo was sticking his tongue out while saying, “Bye. We’ll meet again.”


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