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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1389: Theo vs Theo (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“Do you think I will let you do that?” The Original Theo recognized this power since it was the same attack that defeated Alea and Ana when he visited Russia a few years ago.

The Original Theo hurriedly covered himself with darkness as his skin turned completely black. However, it resulted in the skin releasing an extraordinary amount of power.

Darkness Possession.

By using the power of darkness and the help of his Infinite Darkness to turn the day into night, the Original Theo leaped forward at his fastest speed.

“!!!” It was so fast that Theo could barely react. The next thing he realized, the Original Theo had appeared before him and was about to punch him.

Theo instinctively activated his Blink to gain some distance before using the second step, accumulating the Magic Power above him.

“You!” The Original Theo gritted his teeth and turned around, trying to catch him.

However, Theo’s intention was never the Darkness Descent.

When the Original Theo reached him, Theo covered his body with snake scales as he utilized his Alter Ego and improved his speed to the limit.

“!!!” The Original Theo’s body startled as he hurriedly covered his body with an exoskeleton.

Superior Undead Body.



“!!!” The exoskeleton from the Superior Undead Body suddenly cracked.

“Tsk. As expected of a Mythical Rank Expert, their reaction is far better compared to the Supreme Rank Expert. If you were only at Supreme Rank, you would have died from that attack.” Theo smirked as some of his pores bled while the rest was still covered by snake scales. Though most of them started falling down as if they got destroyed by the sheer pressure of Theo moving faster than the speed of sound.

The Original Theo was frustrated, but with this, the Ascension Step had failed. He didn’t want Theo to crush the Darkness Descent with that Divine Technique since that skill would only reveal its might after fully descending.

‘I’ll buy enough time for the Darkness Descent to fully utilize its power.’ The Original Theo thought as he raised both hands, covering his hand with this blazing black energy.

Theo, on the other hand, had the same thought as the original. If the latter wanted to protect it, he wanted to destroy this attack. Due to the low descent, the power should be tremendous. So, he didn’t want to take the risk.

‘What should I do to take him out by surprise and destroy that Darkness Descent Skill?’ Theo asked himself.

Meanwhile, the Original Theo went between Theo and the Darkness Descent, determined to protect it.

‘As much as I hate to say it, the one before me has superior skills. It’s proven by the fact that he has three S Rank Skills while I only have one. But I have one skill that has surpassed an S Rank Skill. Though, it’s in a sealed state.

‘Now that I think about it, why did Loki show me the World Re-Creation instead of how can I become stronger with my Order? What do I want with the Order, something like that?’ Theo narrowed his eyes, trying to understand Loki’s mind.

Loki never did something meaningless. His every action and explanation would have double or even triple meanings, depending on how he interpreted them. So, his action should have some hidden meaning.

‘The World Re-Creation Skill is just an A Rank and I can only use a part of its original power… Well, it’s only the normal illusion and the domain expansion or something. Is that ability related to my Order or any of my skills?’

Theo narrowed his eyes, trying to find the answer. “Wait a moment. My Order can affect the environment, my enemy and myself… That means I can target something with my Order. Depending on my target, the Order will have a different effect… Doesn’t that mean…”

Seeing Theo was distracted, the Original Theo waved his hand. “Since you have the leeway to lose yourself in your thoughts, then die!”

The black substance flew like that of a beam this time, trying to blast Theo and devour him.

However, Theo simply looked at this black beam and lifted his finger.

“World Re-Creation.”

Suddenly, the black beam flew back as if it went back in time.

“Huh?!” The Original Theo widened his eyes in shock as he hurriedly retracted the power that almost hit him. He even raised both hands as if he was trying to protect himself.

“What’s that?” The Original Theo looked at Theo in shock. ‘What did he do? Did he turn back time? No, if it’s turning back time, my power won’t try to attack me. It’s as if he’s twisting the reality to be the owner of my attack.’

Theo smirked as if he had gotten his answer. The Original Theo might see through a portion of that power, but he didn’t realize the true meaning of that attack.

‘So, that’s how it is. The only thing I can use with the World Re-Creation right now is the normal illusion and the domain expansion. But that expansion doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an illusion domain or something. Like my Reality Order, I can change its effect depending on my target.

‘In other words, if I target the attack itself and use the expansion on that target, I can make them look like they’re turning back time when the truth is them simply going back because I expand that area. Just like how I couldn’t even catch up to Loki when he used this power, I simply had to use the Alter Ego to increase the speed of expansion to make it go back to the user.’

Theo somehow felt more excited because he could see more and more ways to utilize his power. He wasn’t sad because he didn’t get the overpowered ability. In fact, he was thankful that he could gain the World Re-Creation in its sealed state. After all, his creativity was needed to utilize the skill’s potential.

“Alright. Time for round two.” Theo smiled, looking at the Original Theo. This time, he didn’t see him as an enemy but as a tool to improve himself so that he could surpass the original. “This time, I shall bend reality.”


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