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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1378: Overwhelming Strength Bahasa Indonesia

Ergene stood in front of her opponent, displeased by the fact that her opponent was looking down on her with those vulgar eyes. Different from Jeff, who was only teasing his opponent, this guy’s expression already showed everything. In fact, if they fought in a place no one knew and she lost, she would suffer unimaginable shame.

Ergene took a deep breath and raised her sword, covering it with lightning.

But before she charged at him, she took a glimpse of the battlefield situation to make sure that everyone was alright.

“What are you looking at?” And the guy took advantage of that moment to reach Ergene. He thrust his long spear right at her stomach.

“…” Ergene skillfully leaned to the side and used her sword to knock the spear away as if she had expected this move coming from him. After that, Ergene stomped the ground and created a crater to lower their battlefield.

The time their body took to go to the ground was one second, meaning Ergene had one second to launch an attack while they were floating in the air.

Since she was the one preparing the battlefield, she was the first to react by slashing her sword straight at his neck.

“Hoh?!” The guy still maintained his calm despite not being able to avoid this attack. He simply raised his spear and stopped the blade with the spear’s handle.

The lightning on the sword caused a huge spark that spread the lightning to the surrounding.

“Huh?” Ergene widened her eyes because the lightning spark didn’t go as intended. She then realized her enemy was the culprit.

“So, that’s how it is.” The guy smirked. “Your lightning doesn’t seem to be that great.”

“…” Ergene clicked her tongue. The lightning directed at him actually went in the opposite direction, confusing her. But after another look, she realized that her enemy this time had good control. He controlled the flow of Magic Power and pushed them back, causing her lightning to spark in the Magic Power’s direction.

Seeing her attack fail, Ergene slashed her swords a few times.

The vulgar guy smirked and took a step back as he thrust his spear as many times as Ergene swung her swords, stopping all her attacks.

The lightning kept sparking to attack the guy, but every time she released that lightning, they just got repelled.

“Hmm?” The guy also felt something in these few clashes. “Your Control is Sloppy and your movement is still predictable, so it means your Awareness is not good. Your Technique is not that great, but your Breathing is quite good. It seems you’re mastering Breathing and Endurance.”

Ergene maintained her poker face, but she was shocked by how accurate his guesses were. Despite his vulgar behavior, the guy before her was strong.

As if becoming more confident, the guy started pressuring her this time by increasing the speed of his thrust.

“!!!” Ergene gritted her teeth and took a step back as she got overwhelmed by the continuous thrusts. But suddenly, she felt death coming toward her. At the same time, there was a ray of hope that would help her overcome this danger.

It was the light from Marzio, asking her body to move.

Ergene hurriedly followed the instruction, which was tilting her body to the left. And when that happened, one of the spear thrusts slipped past her defense.

The spear contained a huge amount of energy as if the guy was sure that he would defeat her by using that thrust. The moment the thrust was completed, the Magic Power struck forth, creating a small tornado that destroyed the ground for at least a hundred feet.

“!!!” Ergene knew she had just escaped death. She might be able to contain that power with her own, but it would surely severely injure her.

“You couldn’t even see that attack… Ah, it seems that you haven’t joined the Mythical Rank for too long. No wonder your power is still too sloppy.” The spear guy smirked as he kept thrusting his spear.

More and more torrential Magic Power slipped past her as Marzio saved her again and again. This might be the most unbalanced fight among them because Ergene was still considered new and wasn’t as genius as Rea and Theo, who had a strong foundation. Meanwhile, her opponent seemed to be among the strongest in the Skyward Guardian despite his vulgar eyes.

“Haaaa!” Ergene was frustrated and stomped the ground again, channeling her lightning.

However, the enemy also released his own Magic Power, pushing all her Magic Power so that the lightning didn’t come toward him.

“It won’t work. Your skill is too sloppy compared to mine even if we’re both Mythical Rank Experts. And it’s clear what type of people you are, you only have that stubbornness that allows you to reach this level. After all, you keep persisting in killing monsters instead of training your foundation.” The guy smirked, explaining Ergene’s weakness.

He deemed that the only reason why Ergene could become a Mythical Rank Expert was because she was focusing on killing monsters instead of training her Five Aspects or abilities. That was why despite being a Mythical Rank Expert, she was weaker.

Even so, she had trained under Theo for months. Her skill might be sloppy, but her mind was sharp.

“Ha!” She shouted while slashing her sword again, channeling that lightning.

“It’s useless.” The guy was staring at her with contempt because this battle was in the bag.

The lightning ran through the ground like what happened to all previous lightning. But this time, the lightning somehow shattered the ground, causing them to split apart.

“This is…” The guy understood why Ergene kept attacking him this whole time. Every time he deflected that lightning, it was to crush the ground as if the lightning was the scissor that cut the ground.

The moment everything had been cut, Ergene stomped the ground as she released her lightning, bouncing the cut rocks up. The rock turned into walls that blocked his vision and he could feel Ergene charging her power behind the rocks.

This was Ergene’s way to overcome the difference in their skills. With this stone wall, they both didn’t know what the other was planning to do.

‘Lightning Purgatory.’ Ergene swung her sword, releasing the sword strike that would decide their battle.


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