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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1331: Theo vs Poison King Bahasa Indonesia

“What fight? You are just buying some time.” The Poison King snorted. Despite losing many subordinates and even his daughter, the Poison King didn’t seem to be affected.

Even Theo didn’t understand what was going on in his mind.

“Whatever. I’m just going to have some fun with you!” The Poison King laughed as he released his poison toward Theo. The poison gas turned into the shape of a dragon’s head, allowing the Poison King to imbue not only the poison, but also the overall power of this attack.

In other words, this attack had a powerful corroding effect as well as a strong force that Theo had no hope of beating.

“…” Theo narrowed his eyes and used his Underworld Body again, trying to stop this poison.

The moment it touched the barrier, he could certainly see the poison was being stripped out of the attack. But as one would expect from the Order, the barrier that was meant to push all the poison away started getting corroded by the poison itself.

At the same time, Theo could see the sheer might of this dragon’s head.

Theo took out his sword and gathered his energy into the tip of the sword with his Enhanced Concentration Capacity.

After that, he thrust forward, releasing all that piled-up energy forward.

The energy turned into a small, penetrating beam that struck right at the dragon’s head. The beam penetrated the dragon’s head and the Magic Power around it also bent, following the dragon head’s shape.

Still, as expected from a Mythical Rank Expert, the force alone wasn’t something that he could contain.

Even with that beam, the residual Magic Power was still enough to severely injure him.

“…” Theo frowned as if he was prepared to get hit by this attack.

Before the pressure reached Theo, another burst of pressure soon appeared from Theo’s back and challenged the Poison King’s attack.

The pressure turned into a small tornado that directed the Magic Power from the Poison King upward, neutralizing it in the air.

“Hmm? It seems there is someone who can help you?” The Poison King narrowed his eyes while looking at Theo’s barrier that had a huge hole in it. If Theo continued fighting him this way, he would die sooner or later.

“I know how hard it is to fight against a Mythical Rank Expert.” Theo narrowed his eyes, thinking about his fight against Walker. If he didn’t have an Order that could keep Walker’s chains away, he wouldn’t be able to last a few rounds against Walker. So, Ruth remained by his side to neutralize all the attacks coming toward him.

They didn’t need to fight for that long. As long as they stalled him for five minutes, they could get away freely.

After all, they could go in all directions without being known by the Poison King. They could go through the previous portal or move to another teleportation circle to escape from him. Hence, Theo planned to stay for only a few rounds while learning the power of someone like him.

‘To think I’d be this useless against him. My Underworld Body is defeated by his Poison Order. My Control is rendered useless by his extraordinary Magic Power unique to only that of the Mythical Rank. If I’m fighting him alone, I’d be defeated in five minutes no matter how hard I struggle… At the same time, I can’t reveal my illusion power and the Reality Order too much because I know I’ll be clashing against this guy in the near future.’ Theo looked around, wondering what to do.

The Poison King fell silent for a moment before feeling a bit disappointed. “I see. It seems that you haven’t realized the meaning of your Order yet. I can see that your Order is unique and your mastery is good, but it seems that you haven’t found that meaning.”

“The meaning of my Order?” Theo narrowed his eyes. He never thought that the Poison King would blurt out something like this out of the blue.

It was clear that they were enemies, yet, the Poison King would actually give him a clue about an Order. Though, Theo believed the Poison King said this simply because of his big mouth.

The Poison King smirked. “You don’t understand for what purpose you’re wielding that power. That’s why you won’t be able to fight against me! After all, my Order can poison everything, corroding them from the inside.”

The Poison King released a green tornado that contained his poison. The air that was sucked into the tornado became the poison itself, causing the tornado to expand.

“Taste this power. The poison that can corrode everything, even the time itself.”

“!!!” Theo widened his eyes in shock because he could feel the difference between this attack and any of his previous attacks. This one felt like it was alive, continuously swallowing the air and turning them into the poison itself to strengthen this attack.

Theo used his Reality Order to remove the poison or at least weaken it, but he was surprised that it became less effective. Instead of half the attack, he could only remove 40 percent of the entire attack. Even then, the corroded Reality Order was soon turned into poison, allowing the attack to regain half of what it lost earlier.

With the addition of the Mythical Rank Expert’s power, the tornado escaped unscathed from Theo’s power.

“What?!” Theo gasped and immediately jumped back, trying to get away.

Ruth’s arrow struck this power, but the clash only lasted for two seconds before the arrow was swallowed by the poison.

“Hmm? Although it’s faint, I can see the trace of Order in that wind… I see. Not only do you have an Order yourself, but your subordinate is also in this realm. Interesting.” The Poison King was amused while observing them.

“…” Theo didn’t have the liberty to even listen to his words because the tornado kept chasing him no matter how hard he tried to shake it.

In the end, Theo utilized the Underworld Body to push back the poison.

The poison was held back for three seconds, but the barrier soon crumbled into pieces. Meanwhile, the residual Magic Power kept going straight to Theo.

Instead of running away, Theo actually confronted this torrential Magic Power with his Supernatural Snake Body.

“Kh.” Theo felt his body was being shredded apart by this torrential Magic Power, but he withstood it before eventually jumping into the air, using this wind to launch him far away.

“Hmm?” The Poison King widened his eyes and realized that Theo used his attack to escape. He could still catch up to him, but the Poison King mysteriously remained still. No one could hear him anymore since he was the only one in this area, but he still said, “I see. No wonder that group can become strong… It has two Kings with Joker at the helm… No, should I say Theodore Griffith?”

The Poison King grinned, turned around, and entered the valley. “As expected of that man… Theodore Griffith truly appeared when I invited his former teammates to a mission. Although he asked me to sacrifice my daughter and all my people, I’m a free man now. With this, I can join him and play a more interesting game.”


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