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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1319: Greeting Bahasa Indonesia

“That’s…” Ana looked at Theo’s group while sucking a cold breath. “The Star Group is really sending their best fighters. No wonder Joker doesn’t come. I think they’re enough.”

Alea furrowed her eyebrows, staring at Nella and Theo. She felt something was wrong with them, but she didn’t know what it was.

Of course, something was wrong. Theo had never wielded a wind element in his entire life. Although he could use his Control or Telekinesis to imitate it, this was the first time he utilized the element himself.

Meanwhile, Nella never did anything. Although she released her Magic Power to form a bow, she never shot the actual arrow. Ruth was the one sniping down the monsters.

Still, Ruth’s bow and arrow were invisible, so they didn’t know that Nella was just imitating the power.

Nonetheless, it was enough to surprise all of the people on this expedition.

Not only the Empress’ Palace, even the World Martial Institute felt pressure from Theo’s group.

Ragnar gritted his teeth as if he felt Theo was saying to him that the World Martial Institute was insignificant before the group that Theo created. And he only needed to have one Supreme Rank Expert to handle the job of many Supreme Rank Experts.

The Poison Princess looked from the center of their formation, impressed. “Hoh? It seems that the Star Group’s reputation is well deserved. Even though they’ve been weakened, the people who remain in the Star Group are those who are strong like Mark and Joker. If I’m not wrong, those three Mythical Rank Experts are not from the Star Group but the experts that Joker recruited himself.

“If it’s like this, it can be said that Joker himself is above this Mark. Joker might be able to defeat a Mythical Rank Expert without being one himself.”

Unbeknownst to her, Theo had indeed won against a Mythical Rank Expert and a high ranking one on top of that. And Walker would be glad to even tell his defeat against Theo since it also showed others how strong the person he served was.

Everyone’s attention was on Theo’s group. Some hated them, but some also respected the group for having this kind of strength.

Theo smirked when he saw their reactions, as this was what he wanted. In fact, the entire scenario had gone according to his plan. They were just unaware that they were playing on Theo’s palm this whole time.

The trip continued for three days and everyone had gotten used to Theo’s group. Their overwhelming strength had invited admiration from most of them, but they were too scared to talk to Theo because of the conflict between Theo and Ragnar.

Seeing how petty Theo was, they didn’t want to talk to him easily because they might end up dead just because of his pettiness.

But after three days, some of them soon understood Theo’s personality a little bit, thinking they could talk to Theo without offending him.

Ana was the first to make her move. And it seemed she also brought Alea to observe their expressions so that they could pry some information from them.

Unfortunately for them, Theo had told them about Alea’s powerful vision, making them aware that they couldn’t make eye contact with her.

Only Theo could handle Alea without being found out. Of course, if he could completely suppress Alea, the latter would suspect him, so he planned to give away some clues here and there only to confuse her.

“Hello, Mr. Mark.” Ana smiled politely. “It’s an honor to meet you.”

“I should be the one saying that.” Theo nodded and shook her hand. “This is my first time seeing the granddaughter of the famous Empress.”

“I apologize for my late greeting. To be honest, I’m impressed by your group.” Ana smiled while glancing at the three Mythical Rank Experts behind them. “Are they the people Joker recruited?”

“Yes. I can’t be compared to Joker since his vision is far bigger than mine. To think he would send people outside the Star Group to handle his problem… Well, it’s really a great help.” Theo smiled.

The words Theo said earlier were a bit confusing and not that cohesive, but this was just the foul signal that Theo gave to Alea. And the proof was that Alea’s eyebrows twitched when she found it.

“I see.” Ana nodded in understanding. But when she was about to say something, Mark said, “Ehm, I apologize if I’m being rude here, but Joker has told me to cut to the chase when I’m participating in this group. So, if possible, may I know what your purpose is in visiting our group?”

Theo, as Mark, didn’t lie since Joker in his mind was himself. There was nothing wrong with him ordering himself to speak to Ana this way.

“I understand.” Ana had expected something like this from how Mark treated Ragnar, so she didn’t beat around the bush and ask, “Do you think it’s possible for a collaboration between your Star Group and my palace?”

“Hoh? Collaboration? May I know what kind of collaboration you’re talking about?”

If one talked about collaboration with the Star Group, they could be talking about equipment, joint mission, or exchange meeting. So, they needed to be specific with their request.

“Actually, I am wondering if you have some plans in a program like an exchange student. We’ll send our people to your place to learn from you and vice versa.”

“Ah, if it’s this collaboration, I’m afraid you need to talk it out with Miss Maya as the CEO of the Star Group. Of course, if this is your intention, I don’t mind passing your message to her.”

“That would be good. I’ll be looking forward to your positive answers.” Ana smiled and nodded.

After revealing her intention, Ana and Alea retreated to their own group. Meanwhile, Theo fell silent while glancing at their back.

‘An exchange, huh… It seems that they have been suspicious about Joker’s identity. Even if they can’t have me visit them, they will send Ana and Alea together to check my stance. Unfortunately, it’s too late for them since I won’t be in the US in a few months.’ Theo smirked. ‘Either way, I’ll just pass this message to Maya.’


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