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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1314: Unexpected Meeting Bahasa Indonesia


Theo and the others had finally arrived at their destination. Unlike others who sent many experts, only Theo, Ryo, Ergene, and Ruth participated in this mission.

With Ryo, as Mark, it should be enough to prove their identity for this mission. And if they were questioning the others why Joker didn’t come personally, he could say that he had sent his representative, which was Ryo, Ergene, and Ruth.

This way, no one would doubt the Star Group anymore.

“Well, this is my first time in this country.” Theo smirked. “We have two days to prepare, so I think we have a lot of free time.”

“Sightseeing?” Ergene’s eyes brightened.

“Of course.” Theo smirked. “Though I need to ask Ruth to do something for me. I’ll give you the details later, but let’s check in to the hotel for now.”

“Got it.” Ruth nodded.

Ergene was curious about Theo’s plan since he wouldn’t do anything meaningless. If he sent Ruth somewhere else, there would be something she needed to do to ensure their success.

So, she was quite curious about his plan. Though, she didn’t have a high hope that Theo would reveal his plan to anyone other than Ruth for obvious reasons.

They took a taxi to the hotel as Ergene handled the check-in process. Meanwhile, Ruth stared at him, wondering what he wanted her to do.

This was the first time she had gone on a mission together with Theo, so she wasn’t aware to what extent Theo’s ability was. Meanwhile, Ryo asked, “Do you have anything in mind?”

“Yeah. I guess fighting with my full power is needed later.” Theo sighed. “Am I being nice right now? Have I actually done something out of my character?”

“I don’t know about that.” Ryo shook his head. “But you’re a nice person. That’s something I can confidently say.”

“Thanks.” Theo smiled.

“But what is my mission?” Ruth asked.

“Can you speak English?”

“Yes. For my work, I can talk in five languages.” Ruth nodded.

Then, Theo pointed at his head before using his power.

A voice suddenly rang in Ruth’s head.

“Can you hear me? Don’t panic. I am using my illusion to send something similar to telepathy. Just nod if you can hear me.”

“!!!” Ruth’s heart skipped a beat. She even took a deep breath first before she nodded her head.

“Anyway, don’t ask anything since I can’t hear you. This is just one-way communication.” Theo paused for a moment. “You have two missions. There is a chance that we’ll be fighting against the Poison King, so your first job is to observe my battle against him.

“Since you confirmed your Order a few weeks ago, I’m planning to let you see the battle between two Kings. Of course, I can’t really say anything about your unique power since you are the only one who can understand it. But watching the battle should give you some insight.

“As for your second job, you’ll introduce yourself as a scout instead of a ranger. So, you will be the one scouting the area in front of us when we’re escorting that princess.

“During that time, you don’t need to come back to me to give reports. In fact, you should leave my side most of the time.

“I want you to move from one high ground to another, positioning yourself to a sniping position. I don’t know what will happen during this mission, so I want you to watch us and be ready to take a shot.

“The signal will be when I make a gun sign. You shoot the person I point at. Of course, you shouldn’t just watch the Poison Princess, but the surroundings since we might be ambushed by other influences. Also, make sure to keep a close look at our own group.

“If you understand, nod once. If you have a question, nod twice.”

Ruth nodded twice, but Theo added, “With this huge group, there is a high chance that one of them is a spy, so we need to be careful this time. And if there is a huge number of people approaching us, I want you to send a signal.”

Ruth widened her eyes in shock. She felt like Theo could see through her mind since that was the exact question she wanted to ask earlier.

Theo then added in her mind, “Do you remember what I said about sightseeing? It’s true, but we’re not doing that in this town, but on the other side…”

‘Ah!’ Ruth thought, finally understanding what Theo said earlier. It turned out Theo wanted her to look around the other side. Due to the sudden influx of Mythical Rank Experts, some foreign power surely managed to sneak in as well. That was why he wanted her to check about it.

Theo had been building up his preparation as soon as he reached the area. Then, she suddenly turned around, feeling as if she was being watched.

‘Hmm…’ Ruth looked down, remembering that Theo managed to find her from afar due to his extraordinary Awareness. It seemed that he was already aware they were being watched. The sightseeing was just a pretense to eliminate potential threats.

‘I see. It seems that I’ve underestimated him. No wonder Felix trusts him that much…’ Ruth thought before saying, “I’ll do whatever I want, so don’t go looking for me.”

“Here you go.” Ergene returned with two keys.

“Can you bring this to our room, Ryo? I’ll wait for everyone outside.” Theo handed his bag to Ryo.

“Sure.” Ryo nodded while Ergene asked, “Do you want me to accompany you?”

“Nope. It’s fine.” Theo shook his head.

“Alright, then.”

In the end, everyone other than Theo went to their respective room while Theo left the hotel.

As he expected, a woman suddenly approached him as if she was trying to hit on him. “Hello, handsome guy.”

Theo ignored her as if she didn’t exist in the first place. However, the girl insisted on approaching him to the point she placed her hand on Theo’s shoulder and said, “Come on, handsome guy. Are you shy?”

“Are the people here so op—” Before he finished his words, the woman showed her palm, giving him one word.




AN: The die has been cast. Who will be the last member?

A. Phyrill (The Torturer)

B. Alea (With the unique eyes)

C. Ellen (A special magician)

D. Nella (The spy)

E. The Poison Princess


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