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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1310: Leonardo Bahasa Indonesia


“Hmhmhmhm.” Leonardo was humming happily while walking around his mansion. Suddenly, he heard a voice from the right. “Does something make you happy, Father?”

“Oh? Marzio.” Leonardo couldn’t stop grinning. “What are you doing here instead of your office, Mr. War God Family’s head?”

“Please don’t call me that. You always tease me whenever you are happy.” Marzio sighed as his expression turned serious in a moment. “There is a movement. I’m not sure right now, but it seems there is an increase in Mythical Rank in this country. Possibly, the Skyward Mercenary. They seem to have found the relation between Agata and Theo. In that case, the Griffith Family will most likely make a move as well.”

“That’s true, considering the Eilric Family remains neutral and the Orel Group has separated themselves from the family. The Griffith Family won’t send the Skyward Mercenary without coming themselves. After all, it’ll be dangerous if they get weakened again.” Leonardo smirked.

“Yes. That’s why we’re going to increase the security around the area.”

“No. Just let the Skyward Mercenary do whatever they want.” Leonardo shook his head.

“Eh?” Marzio looked at him dumbfoundedly, not understanding what was in his head.

“We don’t need to deal with the Skyward Mercenary since they’re going to perish sooner or later.” Leonardo paused before pointing at his own. “Meanwhile, I’ll stop the Griffith Family.”

“Huh?” Marzio frowned. “You? You’re going to stop them alone?”

“Yep. I won’t be mobilizing the War God Family.” Leonardo shook his head helplessly as if he was going to commit suicide by going there alone.


“Stop, Marzio. Don’t try to persuade me. This is my decision as the former head of the War God Family. I have told you that I’m going to show equal love to the members of the family. If I bring the entire War God Family, it won’t be an equal love anymore. That’s why if someone has to do it, it’ll be me. Don’t make me break my own principle. Even if you try to sneak in some people to help me, I’ll spare no effort in stopping you, Marzio.”

Marzio was stupefied. He never thought that his father would be this stubborn. Obviously, he didn’t want him to die, so the best chance for them was to fight together.

However, Leonardo had his own principle. He also reminded himself about Alice’s incident. There was no need for more bloodshed in the family.

“But there’s nothing you can do by yourself, Father. We’re talking about the Griffith Family in full force, you know. This is not a joke like you always throw at us.” Marzio clenched his teeth, not accepting this plan.

However, Leonardo smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Marzio. I won’t be alone.”

“Huh?” Marzio raised his eyebrows, confused. He thought for a moment before realizing one more card they could use. “Father, you don’t mean to…”

“Hehe. I am not like Theo. I don’t have a prejudice against anyone.” Leonardo smirked. “Don’t worry. I have my discretion. There’s no way I’m going to die there. After all…”

Leonardo’s smile became bigger and bigger as he said, “Why do you think I’m this happy? It seems that I’m going to see a grand moment of my grandchild and possibly, a great-grandchild soon.

“This is why I’m tired with these grandchildren of mine. Why haven’t they married and got a child yet?” Leonardo pouted.

“Father, most of them are still in their twenties and thirties. Even the oldest one is still 42 years old.”

“You should have a kid at that time… I’m now lonely without any great grandchildren.” Leonardo harrumphed.

“Father. You married Mother when you were 53 years old and conceived me two years later.” Marzio looked at him while twitching his eyebrows. The normal marriage age now is around 30-70 years old for Mythical Rank Experts since your life expectancy is that long.”

“I don’t care. I want a great-grandchild.” Leonardo started throwing a tantrum as if he was a kid.

“Well, whatever. At least you’re happy with the news, Father. I shall respect your decision this time and won’t send any force. However, I won’t give up on keeping my surveillance. Even if you try to stop them, I’ll continue sending more and more people, okay? I am the one maintaining the security of the War God Family as well as this country after all.”

“Are you going to bring in the military?” Leonardo narrowed his eyes.

“Just a bit. I know that you’re going to be stubborn, so I’ll just inform your old friends.” Marzio smiled.

“You brat!” Leonardo bit his lips. Marzio perfectly knew that Leonardo had been helping those few old men. If they knew Leonardo was planning to sacrifice himself to stop the Griffith Family, they would certainly help him. And Leonardo couldn’t turn them down.

This way, the battle of wits between Leonardo and Marzio ended up in a draw. Leonardo managed to stop Marzio from mobilizing the War God Family, but Marzio still managed to give support to his father. As expected from a family famous for their wits, even a simple talk could become a battle.

And as soon as the draw was clear, Marzio immediately escaped since he didn’t want to give his father enough time to come up with another plan that could turn around the situation.

“Hey, you little brat! Come back here!” Leonardo shouted, but in the end, he didn’t chase after him. When Marzio left, Leonardo was smiling, feeling gratified.

Although their family wasn’t as strong as the Griffith Family, they knew how to help each other. That was why Leonardo always put the family above anything else.

Still, there was another reason why he was happy right now.

He looked at the message that was sent to him not long ago.

It’s such a shame that my daughter is not chosen, but it seems that you have a wine from your grandchild. That wine is delicious, right? I’m going to visit you to taste that wine. You surely won’t mind, right, Mr. War Saint? But I’m a busy person and my schedule for the next six months is already full, so I’ll visit you after that.

I’m looking forward to it.

Nagasawa Ken.


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