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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1305: Two and a Half Months Bahasa Indonesia

Theo’s mansion.

Maya had paid a visit to this mansion, only to be greeted by Felix.

“May I know the reason for your visit?” Felix asked.

“Come on, Felix. No need to be that cold… Don’t forget that I’m now one of the fifteen.” Maya sighed.

“So, you’ve accepted the role…” Felix squinted his eyes.

“Sure, why not?” Maya shrugged. “Whether he can control me or not, it’ll depend on him.”

“If that’s the case, I’m going to act a bit more casually.” Felix nodded.

“Yep. That’s better.”

“So, do you need something here? If you’re searching for him, he hasn’t returned yet. It’s been a month, so I think it’ll be another month or two.”

“I see. That’s not a problem, but I think that I should tell you about this first since no matter what others say, you’re his most trusted subordinate.” Maya opened her Skylink, showing the news.

The news was talking about how the situation in Argelia had been controlled, and the phenomenon had vanished into thin air. The Magic Power distortion had disappeared.

“It seems that we’ve done our job.” Felix smiled, knowing that Argelia could start to recover from now on.

“Indeed.” Maya nodded in agreement.

“Still, you used a lot of money to buy the stone… you even bought him a pair of rings. It’ll hurt you financially, no?” Felix asked.

“It’s true that I can expand my business or even buy another company with that kind of money, but don’t forget that I’m using around 800 billion Zils just to pay my people from the Mythical Rank Experts to the normal employees. Besides, it wasn’t me who earned that money.”

“Huh?” Felix was confused since only Maya could buy that expensive item.

“You know that many people broke the contracts when the crisis happened, right? The money I got was much more than that from those companies or individuals that poached my people. And it was him who did all that. So, I am simply using that money so that he can buy anything. To put it simply, I shouldn’t have that money if not for him, so…”

“But that’s because you have an employee in the first place.”

“Ahaha, no need to worry about the details.” She shrugged. “Anyway, you should ask Isaac to return. Staying there won’t be that useful anymore, right?”

“That’s true. He’s instructed me to recall Isaac from Argelia, but because he hasn’t returned, it’s better to let him stay there for a little longer. At least, he won’t be that bored.” Felix shook his head.

“Are you sure about it?” Maya smirked.

Felix fell silent. Maya looked like she was aware of him having been contacting Isaac a few times.

“Hahaha. I’ll just trust your decision when he is not here.” Maya chuckled before showing a picture of a woman. “Though, I’ve been informed that she’ll arrive somewhere around next week.”

“…” Felix fell silent because he recognized this person. It seemed the Phantom Archer had really joined the group. “I understand. I’ll take care of her.”

“Alright then.” Maya glanced at the house before returning to her car. “Tell him to contact me as soon as he returns, okay?”

“Sure.” Felix then waited until he couldn’t see her car anymore before returning to the mansion.

As soon as he entered, Felix called Isaac again.

“What’s up?”

“As expected, it’s no use. How about you coming back?”

“Huh? But this research is interesting.”

“There is a woman who seems to have gotten some teaching about his power… You might be able to find some clues for your research.” Felix tempted Isaac with Ruth.

“I’ll go home as soon as possible. You said that the situation is completely fixed anyway, so it means this city will just be a normal city again. There’s no need for further investigation.”


“Haha, of course. I’m going to share everything I know about his power. I’m going to show you the result of my research after coming back.”

“Okay.” Felix closed his eyes while clenching his fists as if he didn’t want to lose to anyone.

Meanwhile, the progress on the other side went smoothly.

Theo and Rea had been working together in hunting Mythical Rank Experts. Although it was Theo who did most of the job, Rea also showed a huge improvement over the month.

At first, Rea couldn’t replicate the white tiger again because she managed to summon it out of desperation.

Still, she knew what to do next. Hence, after that, she continuously practiced this power.

Of course, her knowledge about mythical beasts wasn’t that good since she had been too focused on the animals. All the mythical beasts she had some knowledge of came from her country, Japan.

Even so, it was enough to show Theo that she had the power to keep up with the group.

Theo also showed her his full power from his clone to illusion.

She realized that if Theo didn’t hold back, a normal Mythical Rank Expert wasn’t his enemy, especially with that Alter Ego.

Theo asked her to give her all the loot, which she didn’t mind since she only wanted to get stronger right now. It wasn’t like she needed any skills or money. So, she just handed everything they got.

On the other hand, Theo focused on collecting A Rank Skill Card that dropped from a Mythical Rank Monster.

However, he had two challenges in collecting these skill cards for his skill upgrade. The first challenge was that only a few monsters would drop the cards out of a hundred Mythical Rank Monsters. And some would only drop a B Rank Skill Card, which was already useless to him.

Even during his hunt with Ergene, he only got ten A Rank Skill Cards despite killing 130 Mythical Rank Monsters.

And with Rea here, he wouldn’t be able to reach his original target to upgrade one of his skills to S Rank. Still, he was quite satisfied with the result, considering he was closer to Mythical Rank.

After two and a half months, Theo finally finished his training. And he only needed to recruit one more person and leveled up another 21 times within the next six months before he could finally go to Italy.

Name: Theodore Griffith

Status: Supreme

Level: 729

EXP: 1,250,222/ 12,611,500

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Blink (A), Clone (A), Energy Blast (A), Enhanced Concentration Capacity (A), Illusion Manipulation (A), Muscle Enhancement (A), Metamorphosis (A), Supernatural Snake Body (S), Telekinesis (A), Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar(A)

Attributes: Strength 850, Endurance 695, Agility 687, Vitality 685, Magic Power 1200

Free Attribute Points: 0


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