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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1275: Mountain King Bahasa Indonesia

Time passed quickly.

Now that everything had gone according to his plan, Theo had leisure time in his tent while maintaining the order in the camp.

He worked for another three days before another group took over their jobs.

With Theo’s contribution, the president personally met him and apologized for the assassination while increasing the number of guards to stop any assassination attempts.

He also thanked him for saving so many people.

During those three days, Theo also monitored the Skyward Mercenary. As expected, the Skyward Mercenary was trying to find Agata’s location, only to realize that Agata had returned to Italy.

They didn’t bother the Star Group at all, allowing them to finish their jobs without any more problems.

After that, Theo and his team left the country.

In the meantime, Clone Theo finally got another visit from the Frost Saint. It seemed he had used his fastest speed to cross the ocean and managed to bring back the Mountain King.

“Hehe, it’s been a while.” Theo smirked, sitting in front of the Mountain King.

The Mountain King’s eyebrows twitched as he never expected that he would see Theo again.

“I’ve fulfilled my promise, you know. I didn’t visit you.” Theo chuckled.

“Shut up or I’m going to beat you up.” The Mountain King gritted his teeth. He couldn’t help but remember how he lost against Theo in the drinking contest, so he knew how shrewd Theo could become.

“Fine, fine.” Theo raised both hands as if he had given up.

“Mountain King.” The Frost Saint called the dwarf with a grim face.

“Don’t worry, Frost Saint.” The Mountain King nodded and carefully approached the barrier.

As they expected, the dwarf’s hand could enter without any restriction. As soon as he confirmed the safety, the Mountain King entered the protective barrier.

“This is… so much energy!” The Mountain King shouted in shock. “Authority? No, this is beyond that. How did you even create this stone? It could emit a huge amount of energy and everything was directed to the ground…”

The Mountain King looked excited as if his brain had been filled with dopamine.

“Mountain King.” The Frost Saint called him again, reminding him that he had a task.

“I know, I know.” The Mountain King let out a long sigh, knowing that he needed to give a satisfactory explanation first before he could admire the structure. “Well, I need to study more about this structure, but I can give you a rough explanation.”

“Please tell me. And do you think you can repair this structure?”

The Mountain King grabbed the piece that fell to the ground and showed it to the Frost Saint. “First of all, I need this material. Some of them had been decomposed or too small to be used anymore, so I needed some to patch it up. It won’t look new, but I should be able to repair the severed connections. Thankfully, it’s only the pillar that gets broken; if it’s the star, you can only abandon it.”

“I can ask around about the materials, but even I don’t know whether I can get it or not, considering we’re not that well versed in minerals.”

“That’s understandable. You can ask him in that case. Who knows if humans have some?” The Mountain King smirked as if he wanted to make trouble for Theo.

However, Theo shrugged and said, “Sure.”

“!!!” The Mountain King and the Frost Saint widened their eyes as if they didn’t expect Theo to agree with this so easily.

“I’m just repaying the favor of repelling the Fist Saint,” said Theo to the Frost Saint.

Obviously, the Frost Saint remembered the bald man and nodded. “Thank you.”

“But I need to know about the materials. I can’t simply search for something without the item, right?”

“I know.” The Mountain King picked a smaller piece and tossed it to Theo. “Take this. The mineral itself is called Stoksit White Stone. I don’t know what you humans call it.”

“This is enough. And let me take a picture of that piece so that it’ll be easier for me to show it.”

The Mountain King nodded and handed it to Theo. While taking the picture, Theo asked, “How much do you need?”

“A palm-size one. It’s going to be expensive since it’s a rare material. I’m surprised that such a mineral exists in such a large quantity.” The Mountain King sighed. “I worked on it once and created my masterpiece. All I could say is that this rock was a perfect item to make an artifact.”


“In that case, I’ll stay here for the time being to learn more about the concept behind this structure.”

“Mountain King. Can you explain to me how this works?”

The Mountain King contemplated for a moment and pointed at the star. “The star generates a huge amount of energy, and it’s delivered by these four pillars. They’re like a tube.

“Now that one of the tubes is broken, it’s impossible to channel the energy anymore. Looking at the direction…” The Mountain King pointed at the east. “I’m sure that there is something happening over there, right?”

“!!!” The Frost Saint was stunned by his deduction. He realized the Mountain King was the perfect guy to repair this pillar.

“The pillars are transporting a huge amount of energy to the ground for more than five thousand miles in each direction. And they’re spreading like roots to cover every single area.

“Looking at the current condition, it seems that the pillar cracked first before getting shattered like this. When it cracked, it would affect the stability of the energy in this particular direction. Sooner or later, the incident would bound to happen because the crack would continue to become bigger as time passed.

“And now one pipe is broken, the accident happened. Even I don’t know what kind of incident is happening right now due to my lack of understanding of this structure. That’s why I need to learn more about this structure before starting to repair it.”

After hearing the Mountain King’s explanation, the Frost Saint agreed. “Please take all the time you need. I’ll also help in finding the materials.”

“I understand.” The Mountain King politely bowed to him before asking, “This may sound rude, but I have a request.”

“Sure. Do tell me. I’ll try to help you to the best of my ability.” The Frost Saint agreed without hesitation since he was the cause of the incident.

“Can you force him to drink my wine?” The Mountain King grinned as this was his plan to take revenge against Theo.

“I’ll begin my search immediately.” Theo waved his hand and disappeared since it was only his clone.



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