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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1254: Ten Sacred Stones Bahasa Indonesia

[That doesn’t matter. This structure is one of the keys that are maintaining the existence of the two realms. This is Star Sacred Stone.]

‘Star Sacred Stone?’ Theo gasped while looking around. He could feel an immense amount of Order Energy. It was continuously produced by the star on top of the structure.

[Why did the pillar break? Who did it? Has the Earth integrated with this side?]

‘Wait, you know something?’ Theo widened his eyes.

[I already told you about my mission to create a new realm, right?]

‘Yes. With the help of Authority Level Figures.’

[There are ten Authority Level Figures involved in this creation. Yes. We tried to create a new world like what the Creator God did. But we couldn’t do it because none of us could wield all thirteen Big Orders to create the world, so we could only create a separate realm with different rules.]

[However, we need to continuously maintain the two realms so that they won’t collide with each other. And it’s impossible for us to live that long. Hence, there is only one solution.]

‘You created a structure that could maintain the two realms?’

[Yes. Those are the ten keys called Ten Sacred Stones. Their sole purpose is to maintain the balance. But a few hundred years ago, one of the Ten Sacred Stones was found and destroyed.]

‘Wait a minute. One of them was destroyed? By who?’

[Who else? Humans.]

‘Humans… A few hundred years ago…’ Theo widened his eyes in shock. “Don’t tell me.”

[That’s right. They even hid that fact, right? They told the people they found a pandora box or whatever unknown thing they described… That’s not an unknown thing, but one of the Sacred Stones.]

‘One Sacred Stone can create a thousand Teleportation Circles…’ Theo sucked a cold breath.

[That’s what you call, but for me, those teleportation circles are simply stitches that connect the two worlds.]

‘One thousand Teleportation Circles, one thousand stitches.’ Theo’s body trembled upon this revelation.

[And now, one of them is going to be destroyed soon if you don’t do anything.]

‘What will happen if this one is destroyed too?’

[It’s simple. One is enough to reveal the stitches. Two are enough to destroy a part of the stitches. Three are enough to destroy half of the world. And four… the two realms will be connected once again.]

“!!!” Theo’s body was shaking. “Wait a minute. It cracked and somehow teleported the people… If the two realms are connected again, then…”

[The massive disruption will create a random world. In other words, all living creatures on both sides will be teleported randomly. I’ve told you earlier that the two realms have different rules. Now that the rules will be jumbled; no one knows what will happen.]

‘…’ Theo closed his eyes as he could foresee such trouble if the situation indeed occurred.

Still, there was one important thing Theo heard from the God of Mischief. “If I don’t do anything… Is there a way to fix this? Or even the broken Sacred Stone?”

[The latter is impossible. However, this partial destruction is possible. Although it won’t be as good as before, it can be done.]

‘What should I do? I don’t know anything about structure. Should I call some human artisans from Earth?’

[No. Haven’t you learned about our living conditions in the past? If you can pass it, then there is another race that can pass it too… After all, none of the people back then could create this structure other than…]

‘The dwarfs!’ Theo sucked a cold breath. ‘That’s right. Gods from Asgards are depicted similar to that of a human. At least, their appearances. But I don’t think they have the ability to create this magnificent structure that can last for thousands of years. And only one race can build this, and they are the dwarfs.’

[That’s right. They are probably the only ones that can fix this Sacred Stone. However, there is another problem.]

‘And that is?’

[I still haven’t received the answer to why this Sacred Stone can come out of the ground. All ten Sacred Stones are supposed to be hidden in the safest place. Like the one the humans broke, it was on the ocean floor, which was impossible to find. If not for their luck, the humans wouldn’t have found it.]

‘Now that I think about it…’ Theo narrowed his eyes before coming up with a possible theory. ‘Earthquake?’

[It’s impossible. I have calculated all the safety cautions. Unless you’re that lucky, you won’t find those Sacred Stones. Even if you’re the one asking me the place where I hide it, I won’t tell you. All of us who are involved in that project have sworn to never reveal it. And you shouldn’t underestimate the promise of a being of our level.]

‘In that case, this is weird. I don’t know any possible reasons why this structure can appear here.’ Theo shook his head helplessly. ‘Still, without any investigation, this can be a natural process or the work of an outsider. There is a need for investigations.’

[No. Before thinking about it, you should consider fixing it and thinking about how to protect it or even hide it.]

‘Do you have any solution? I mean, how to hide it?’

[I’m afraid I won’t help you with this. If you know how I hid all the Sacred Stones, you might be able to figure out their locations. Even you are not allowed to know their locations for safety reasons.]

‘So, you want me to solve this problem?’


‘Don’t you think I deserve a reward for solving this kind of problem?’


Theo’s eyebrows twitched, but he soon saw the God of Mischief’s explanation.

[I’m not alive anymore, so I don’t really care about the world. It’s you who need to care about it. If you don’t, the world will end, and all living creatures will be wiped out again.]

‘Well, Whatever. I’ll try to fix this problem then. There is a dwarf that happens to have the power to fix this anyway… I hope that King Class is enough.’

[If we’re talking about creating one, then it’s not enough. But if it’s only fixing it, then that’s enough.]

‘Okay. I’m going to solve this problem first.’ Theo sighed, feeling a lot of problems were going to happen soon.


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