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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1233: Indifferent Bahasa Indonesia

Theo became annoyed because he recognized one of them. With the addition of their location and the similarity between all these three people, it was clear the people before him were Laust and his family.

It had been years, so Laust had changed so much to the point he had a hard time recognizing him. Even so, he knew it was him.

Still, he was here to rest in the hotel so that he could sort his thoughts, not to deal with this random problem that somehow appeared in front of him.

Obviously, those three noticed Theo and Felix, who happened to be there.

“What are you two doing? Hurry up and leave this place.” Ben Lange shouted while Laust struck his father’s sword, stopping him.

“You must have so much confidence to even bother with peasants like them when fighting against me.” Their father, Endo Lange, shouted in anger.

He released a huge lightning spark that engulfed Laust.

As someone who had been learning many things in Japan, Laust skillfully moved his sword around, creating a small wind that directed the flame to the sky. However, the flame was too strong for him to handle, ultimately launching him away.

After that, Endo Lange hurriedly made his way to Ben, kicking him with his blazing foot.

Ben ended up crashing into Laust as the two struggled to get up.

“Even if you two are a Supreme Rank Expert, your strength is too weak.” Endo snorted before glaring at Theo and Felix. “You two. Since you’ve seen me, I can’t let you leave this place alive.”

“Annoying.” Theo clicked his tongue. “There are so many problems today…”

When Endo leaped toward Theo, who reacted to his words, Ben shouted, “No! Run away!”

Everyone thought Theo would die because of Endo, but Felix stepped forward and caught his fist.

“Who do you want to hit again?” Felix gritted his teeth. He was worried about Theo’s condition, so getting harmed like this might end up worsening Theo’s condition.

That was why he became angry because Endo wanted to make everything worse.

When the fire in his fist got fiercer, Felix released his light element. The sunlight somehow got brighter in this area, suppressing the fire.

“What?” Endo widened his eyes in shock, not believing that someone could suppress his fire so easily.

Unfortunately for him, he met Felix. After suppressing his fire, Felix grasped Endo’s wrist, spun his body, and slammed Endo to the ground.

“Gah!” Endo spat a mouthful of blood as he was still too shocked that someone was strong enough to make him feel this useless.

Theo glanced at Ben and Laust with a poker face before turning back, planning to just leave. It was clear that they were trying to take revenge against their father. There was also grievance between him and Endo Lange because the latter wanted to kill him for the pocket watch he had at that time, but he would just let Laust fulfill his own revenge.

“I’m not interested in this fight. Let’s go back.” Theo shrugged, informing Felix.

Felix glanced at Theo, who didn’t seem to know these two people. After considering it, Felix finally let Endo’s hand go and followed Theo walk past all three of them slowly as if he was telling them that he could do whatever he wanted without them being able to do anything to him.

However, Endo Lange seemed to have lost all the reason in his head. The moment he was free, he turned around and charged toward Theo, who was in control.

As long as he could catch Theo, he could order Felix to kill Ben and Laust.

With flames covering his fists, Endo Lange arrived at Theo’s back and tried to grab his neck.

However, Felix didn’t show any sign of surprise or remorse because he could see what Theo was doing.

Right before Endo’s hands reached Theo, a translucent barrier appeared, stopping him.

“!!!” Endo was shocked because his flame and strength couldn’t do anything against this barrier.

But Theo soon opened the shield and grabbed Endo. His left hand was on Endo’s wrist while his other hand grabbed Endo’s shoulder.

“Not good!” Endo realized his current position and wanted to escape, but it was too late.

Theo hit Endo’s elbow with his knee, making Endo’s hand bent in a weird way. After that, Theo threw him into the air as his body spun, and his foot ended up kicking him in the chest, cracking a few ribs.

The force was strong enough that Endo couldn’t protect himself from that attack.

With this kind of injury, Endo’s performance would decrease by half. Even Laust and Ben wouldn’t have any trouble in taking down this old man.

At the same time, he had also taken his own revenge.

After seeing that miserable state, Theo snorted and left the area without even sparing any words to Ben and Laust.

He had learned the side-effects of the Reality Order, so he knew he had been trusting others too much. If he stayed a bit longer in this place, he might subconsciously tell them his real identity.

To not make Felix worry anymore, he decided to have as little contact as possible until he finished sorting everything in his mind.

“Let’s go back. Why does trouble love to find me…” Theo sighed.

“I don’t know.” Felix shrugged. “Everyone has their own share of problems.”

“That’s true.” Theo shrugged and walked away.

Only after they couldn’t see the duo anymore did Laust and Ben take down their father. As if planning the same thing, Endo rose from the ground. Due to his injury, Endo tried to retreat to recover first, but Ben and Laust didn’t let this chance go and eventually killed their own father.

There were so many things that could be discussed, but they couldn’t find Theo and Felix to thank them. Even though it was unintentional, they truly helped them in fulfilling their revenge.

Of course, no one realized that Theo had recognized them and simply finished his own revenge.


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