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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1225: Adjustment Bahasa Indonesia

“Aaahhhh!” Theo screamed in pain as he rose from his bed. His body was covered with sweat and he was panting.

He looked at his room and found it was dark.

Then, a voice alarmed him.

“What’s wrong?”

Theo’s body shuddered and turned around, finding Jeff turning on the light while looking at him dumbfoundedly. For safety purposes, Theo and Jeff shared a hotel room, and it seemed to be handy because Jeff could react to anything.

“Nightmare?” Jeff asked.

Theo shook his head as he tried hard to calm his heart down.

But now that Jeff had turned on the light and had a better view of Theo’s face, he noticed the pattern in Theo’s eyes.

“Hey, what’s that?”

“What? I’m sorry, but can you stay quiet for the time being?” Theo gritted his teeth as if he was in pain.

“Sorry. I was just shocked to see a pattern in your eyes.” Jeff nodded and stepped back. Although he was confused by the sudden change, he felt Theo would explain it when the time was right.

But to his surprise, the moment he mentioned the pattern in his eyes, Theo was shocked and even left his bed just to take a look at himself in the mirror.

As Jeff said, his blue eyes now had a cross that split his eyeball into four and a circle that connected the four sides.

“This is…” Theo sucked a cold breath.

“What’s wrong? You’re not aware of it?” Jeff squinted his eyes, starting to get suspicious.

Before answering Jeff, Theo hurriedly ran to the window and looked at the outside world.

In that instant, he dropped to his knees while wailing in pain.

“Argh!” Theo gritted his teeth. The pain was truly different. Even Theo, who had gotten used to pain, couldn’t help but scream.

“What happens?” Jeff panicked as he came to Theo while stroking his back, trying to calm him down.

Unfortunately, Theo couldn’t give an answer because he kept screaming.

Soon, Jeff became even more panicked when he saw blood dripping out of Theo’s mask.

“Blood?! Seriously, what happened? Let’s call the hospital to send an ambulance here. We need to bring you there right away!”

Theo gritted his teeth and grasped Jeff’s arm as if telling him not to do any of that.

Theo even closed his eyes to reduce the pain. What he saw earlier were multiple realities that would happen in the outside world.

The cubicars, the buildings, and the vegetation in the surrounding area were vastly different in each reality. And that huge influx of information hurt his brain and eyes to the point he couldn’t differentiate which reality he was looking at.

This might be the reason why Loki wanted his body and soul to be strong before getting the Reality Eyes. He needed to prepare himself for all this.

After half an hour, the pain finally subsided, and Theo opened his mouth.

“Call Felix and tell him that we need to change the schedule. I need three days… No, seven days to adjust myself here. Extend this room for another seven days. And don’t tell anyone about my condition and eyes for now… I’ll explain to you what has truly happened after I get used to this condition a bit.”

“I… I understand.” Jeff was worried, but Theo’s assessment was detailed. It was clear that Theo had a clear view of his current condition, so he trusted him and didn’t say anything that could cause worry.

He even lied to Felix that Theo was a bit occupied with the chef, so he needed more time to persuade her. This would make Felix think Theo simply wanted her and took his time to invite her.

Every time Theo looked outside or even the hotel room, he would get all that information and end up hurting his brain and eyes again. Even so, he could only do it continuously until he got used to the condition.

After three days, Theo could endure two hours of looking outside. By the fifth day, he could see the outside world for twenty hours.

Finally, Theo managed to see the world for twenty-four hours after six days. He used the seventh day to try a few things like how much he could see, the illusion that could hide his eyes, or even the power of the Reality Eyes.

Before leaving, Theo also explained about his Reality Eyes. He assured Jeff that his eyes had evolved, and he needed time to get used to it. That was why he suggested seven days.

He even informed him that their goal might be accomplished because of these eyes. Of course, Theo didn’t tell anything about Reality Order or the true name of the eyes.

According to his experiment, the Reality Eyes could see five different realities at the same time. As for which reality he wanted to see, it was directly related to his brain. That was why his eyes and brain would be hurt every time he looked around.

He couldn’t turn off this power but he knew which one was the reality he was in. He wouldn’t lose himself in another reality after this.

After all, Theo might accidentally bump into a building that existed in the current reality because he forgot he was looking at a different reality.

Of course, there were so many benefits he found in these eyes. Seeing different realities constantly could allow him to predict the movement. Theo even joked that he was glad he had made a rule to never drink any alcohol since he might get too drunk and lose himself in another reality.

Jeff became his practice partner. When he raised his hand, Theo could see another reality where Jeff raised his other hand or even his foot. In addition to his Future Eyes, Theo could predict all those movements.

He might be able to predict all kinds of attacks that would come to him. In fact, his Reality Eyes were similar to the Queen of Destiny’s eyes. The latter could see different future actions while his could see different realities.

It might take months or years to fully explore and get used to his Reality Eyes, but he knew the benefit was so great that he couldn’t resist.

After seven days, Theo finally decided to leave the country.

“Are you sure about this? If not, then we can prolong our stay for a bit more.”

“No, it’s fine. I better complete my objective first and take a rest in my mansion than stay here.”

Although he was still worried, he could only agree with his statement. “Understand. I’ll see you off.”

“Yep. Thanks for protecting me the last seven days, Jeff.” Theo smiled as his eyes turned black again without any pattern.


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