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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1216: Delicious Bahasa Indonesia

One week later.

Theo was in the plane’s first-class with Chris sitting next to him.

“So, she is Coline Laffitte…”

“Yes. She is a Chef. However, she’s kinda weird since she cooks everything; whether it’s your skill or monster, she will cook it.”

“She can cook my skill?” Theo raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“Yep. The last time I saw her, she cooked my illusion until they disappeared…”

“Well, she’s interesting enough. Though, I don’t know if we can recruit her.” Theo shook his head. “Unlike the others, she doesn’t have anything that I can use to recruit her.”

“Just leave it to me. I can convince her. In fact, if you show her your ability, she will join you without hesitation. I mean, she asks me to create drawings so that her food is artistic. If you can make it look real, she will be interested. After all, that woman can actually taste and smell the food, even if it’s just you using your illusion and telling her the ingredient.

“If you recruit her, it will be a great addition to our group since food won’t be a problem anymore… Well, it wasn’t a problem, but it might bring some enjoyment. Having good food can definitely calm your mind and cheer your heart.”

“That’s… true.” Theo nodded in agreement. “So, I’ll leave the negotiation to you?”

“Yep. Just leave it to me.”

“Alright then.” Theo then opened the next person’s profile.

Jeff took a peek and asked, “Is this the information broker Felix introduced?”

“Yeah. Akbaraly Ibraev. Even though he stays in Kyrgyzstan, his information network is so strong that he can search for almost everything.”

“Millie will be a perfect match for him.” Jeff thought if Millia could study under him, she could use her ability to find the information that Theo wanted.

“And he wants to see my unique power. Simply showing that power is enough to convince him, according to Felix.”

“I see. That’s good then. How about tempting him about your plan to create that small realm for our base?”

“That can be done as well, but I need to talk to him first to know his personality.”

“That’s true. With his help, you can find the information of a person that you want to recruit.”

“Well, assuming that I can recruit those two, there will only be two more people for each rank.”

“Now that you think about it…” Jeff nodded in agreement. They had Assassin Felix, Pianist Chris, Painter Jeff, Guardian Ryo, and these two people. As for the Supreme Rank Experts, there were Isaac, Maya, and Millie. “No, wait. Isn’t there one more slot for the Mythical Rank?”

“I’ve decided to let Rea in.”

“What?” Jeff was shocked. “Are you sure about that?”


“We’re talking about the Sword Saint, you know.” Jeff still couldn’t believe Rea was a part of the group. After all, her first priority would be her family instead of their group. “To be honest, I can’t agree with this decision.”

“I know you’re going to doubt my decision. But you might change your mind later on. It’s not like she is indispensable.”

“I see. That’s true. She is only important because of her identity as the daughter of the Sword Saint.”


“Well, if you have considered it carefully, I’ll accept your decision. Or do you not like the fact I deny your decision?”

“Not really. You are people, not robots. I don’t like people who can only voice their agreement without putting any thoughts.” Theo shrugged.

“Is that why you accept Chris?”

“A bit of hatred is necessary because he will observe me better than myself. He will be the first person to realize I’m not myself.”

Jeff nodded with a serious expression because all his doubts had been answered.

After arriving in France, they headed to the hotel as Jeff called the chef, Coline, to have a meeting. She had agreed a few days ago, so he only called her to confirm her schedule.

In the end, they decided to meet two days from now at her house because Coline wanted to cook for them. Despite being an amazing chef, Coline never affiliated herself with any restaurant or even made one herself. She thought it was a hassle and the workload would just hinder her from venturing on the endless journey of cooking.

Theo agreed and finally went to her house, which turned out to be a humble house. The size alone was only less than 1500 square feet.

“She likes to be alone so that she can immerse herself in cooking.”

When they arrived, the door was opened by Magic Power, showing that it was Coline who invited them in, and there was nobody in the house except for them.

Even the floor had an arrow sticker on it, guiding them to a table for two.

“This is truly like her. She wants us to sit here as she will bring the food.”

The first plate was a small cup with brown-colored sauce in it. On top of the cup was a thin cracker that looked like it was made of egg and shrimp.

“What’s the name of this dish?” Theo asked.

“Dunno. She will come out later and explain it to us. For now, we can eat.” Jeff shrugged.

She was a unique individual, so Theo didn’t bother with the normal concept and took a small bite of the thin cracker.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes in shock because the freshness of the shrimp somehow made him imagine a shrimp jumping out of the ocean. He even forgot about the taste due to his imagination running wild.

“How is it?” Jeff smiled. “She is so good that you can imagine something, right? You would have a hard time experiencing the actual taste because of that imagination… Of course, the taste is heavenly as well. If you get used to her food, you will understand both taste and imagination. Depending on the ingredients, the thought put into it, and the cooking process, she can alter that imagination.”

“She is an Illusionist?”

“Nope. It’s her skill. Her job is Magic Warrior.”

“Well…” Theo was speechless.

“Anyway, don’t bother with anything for now. Let’s just enjoy the food.”


Both Theo and Jeff continued to eat and experience many things. Even though Theo was surprised, one thing was clear. Coline’s culinary skill was a real deal, and the fact she could become a Mythical Rank proved that her combat skill was also top-notch.

After thirty minutes and all the food had been served, a young woman that looked like she was in her late twenties came into the room with a smile on her face.

“How is it? Do you like the food?”


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