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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1206: Overpower Bahasa Indonesia

Rachel rolled a few times on the ground before stopping fifty feet away from Theo.

This time, Theo acted cold and aloof as if he was looking down on Rachel to the point he wanted to play with her a bit instead of defeating her in that first blow. As he said, he wanted to show everyone that he was far superior to Rachel.

On the other hand, Rachel hurriedly stood back up while glaring at Theo, shocked. “You… you have Perfect Control!”

That statement immediately shocked every single person in the arena.

Even a Mythical Rank Expert couldn’t achieve Perfect Control easily, let alone a Supreme Rank Expert. But after what Rachel said, all the Mythical Rank Experts in the arena also confirmed her words. Just like she said, they could see Theo manipulating the Magic Power in the air.

“You talked too much.” Theo shook his head helplessly as he finally made the first move.

Seeing the incoming Theo, Rachel stabbed the ground with the back of her scythe.

“Blood Scythes!” She shouted in desperation.

Suddenly, multiple curved blades of the scythe appeared from the ground, cutting through the soil and making their way toward Theo.

They came in six different directions, trying to surround him. If it was a normal fight, Theo wouldn’t hesitate to use his Attribute Removal and neutralize her Magic Power with his Telekinesis, but he was sure that the Death Reaper was watching this battle. The moment he used his Order, she would recognize it and attack him.

So, he couldn’t afford to use his Order in any way. At the same time, he couldn’t use any illusion since it would give away his identity.

But even with those two limitations placed on him, what Theo currently had was enough to crush Rachel.

When he saw these six scythes coming out of the ground, Theo snapped his finger. Soon, the Telekinesis pushed everything downwards, crushing the ground to the point it created a small crater near him.

This intense pressure crushed the blood scythes easily.

Not giving up, Rachel summoned a few blood bats and spread them.

Theo furrowed his eyebrows because those bats were dangerous.

As soon as they spread enough, all of them opened their mouths, shooting a blood-red beam.

Theo raised his hand as a huge shield formed in front of him. The shield expanded until it was big enough to receive all the blood beams.

However, the moment the blood beam hit the shield, it started corroding the shield. If this continued, Theo’s body would be hit and corroded.

Theo had yet to panic even in this situation. Instead of avoiding this attack, Theo chose to attack.

The Death Avatar pulled his one hand and concentrated a huge amount of energy on it before punching forward.

Energy Blast.

The burst of Magic Power caused a powerful shock wave that pushed everything away. Even the ground cracked and started flying away.

The bats faced an even horrible end. They were completely crushed by this pressure.

“Kh!” Rachel gritted her teeth as she was also blown away.

Before she was out of range, she pointed her palm toward Theo.

Soon, the blood that fell to the ground after melting the shield started rising in the form of rope. They all aimed at Theo, planning to restrict him.

Unfortunately for her, Theo’s Irregular Guardian changed its form into multiple small knives.

Irregular Guardian, Dagger Form.

These multiple daggers cut the blood rope, preventing it from touching Theo. After that, they joined into one and changed into a spear.

Theo made a pistol sign with his hand and aimed it at Rachel before shaking it up as if he had just shot her.

The spear then flew straight to her like a bullet.

Rachel blocked it with her scythe, but the power in the spear was beyond her imagination. After all, Theo used Enhanced Concentration Capacity on the spear’s tip. This attack would pierce even a Mythical Rank Monster, let alone Rachel, who was only a Supreme Rank Expert.

Rachel was pushed back to the wall, and the force still continued until the wall of the arena cracked.

“Blood Sacrifice!” Rachel shouted, releasing everything she had.

Even Theo could see that skill.

Skill: Blood Sacrifice (A)

Effect: By burning the blood in your body, you can release all the latent talent in your body for 10 minutes. After the time limit is up, the user won’t be able to move their body for six hours.

A huge pair of blood wings suddenly emerged from her back as red lines started to form around her body.

After that, the spear was cut down by her scythe as she landed on the ground with a grim expression.

“To think I would be pushed back this far not long after the match starts.” Rachel gritted her teeth.

“You’re simply too weak.” Theo snorted. “I care about rankings? Not really. I have used all my time to get stronger.”

All of Theo’s words and actions denied all the bad assumptions about him. He completely destroyed those who had lost hope in him or even mocked him previously.

“Shut up,” Rachel shouted and disappeared.

Theo’s expression became serious when he realized her speed was far above his expectation. Suddenly, Rachel appeared behind Theo before Theo’s body could even turn away.

The moment she slashed that scythe, everyone thought the match was over. However, Theo managed to use his Irregular Guardian to form a shield that received her scythe.

After that, Theo spun his body and kicked her side, only to find her disappear again.

“…” Theo looked to the left and found Rachel glitching due to her going so fast.

Not long after, Rachel appeared on his right, taking him by surprise.

Theo’s body might not be able to follow her, but his control and instinct could keep up with that movement.

As soon as he appeared, multiple shock waves burst on top of her head, knocking her down. After that, Theo used Muscle Enhancement to increase his speed and strength a bit.

Using this ability, he spun his body quicker and finally kicked Rachel’s body, blowing her away.



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