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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1151: Start Bahasa Indonesia

“It seems that the enemies have moved out.” Nella said to Theo after returning from her observation. “I have found their base, and there seems to be a huge movement around there. I believe they’re coming out right now.”

“Okay.” Theo nodded. “I will split our missions. I and Ergene will remain here to fight the enemy. Jeff will help me in maintaining the fake armies and split them into three. I and Ergene will handle the sides, while Felix and Chris plunge through the middle and stop any reinforcement or chase the escaping enemies.

“Our fake army will fool them to make it look like there’s only one escape, so do your best to do your jobs. We can’t afford to miss a single one.”

“Got it.” Felix and Jeff nodded while Chris asked, “Why can’t I boost you with my power? I mean, a Supreme Rank Expert challenging a Mythical Rank Expert alone is already hard enough… Shouldn’t we balance it a little bit?”

Ergene thought for a moment and agreed. “Yes. I don’t really mind to be honest.”

“It’s fine. Do you think I’ll lose without his ability?” Theo chuckled, provoking Ergene.

“Now you say it.” Ergene shrugged. “I’ll accept that provocation. If you still win, it will mean it’s your complete victory.”

“Okay.” Chris ultimately agreed to not interfere since Theo had said so.

Theo then turned to Nella. “So, what can you do for us during this time?”

“I am here as an informant. Although I want to help you, I’ll just remain here.” Nella shook her head, refusing to take any role.

However, Theo already had a role for her. He said, “Fine. Your role is simply glaring at them from this place.”

“Huh?” Nella tilted her head in confusion.

Ergene explained, “Just by glaring at them from here can create a massive distraction. Only both of us will handle the enemies since the army is fake, so you glaring at them means there’s another army that can move at any moment’s notice.”

“I see.” Nella understood her explanation and thought for a moment. “Should I act like I’m commanding the group or something? It should make them wary, right?”

“That’s true…” Ergene couldn’t make a decision with this one, so she glanced at Theo.

“No. Just standing here alone is enough. Doing more will make the enemies panic and start scattering. That’s the last thing we want from them as there might be another resurgence.”

“Fair enough. But are you alright with killing so many humans? In a war, you’re bound to kill hundreds if not thousands of humans… So, I’m fine with it.” Ergene glanced at Theo.

“It’s fine. I’ll only kill a few of them anyway.” Theo shrugged.

“A few of them?” Ergene was confused by Theo’s words.

“The scouts are coming.” Felix opened his mouth when he noticed the change in the area.

Theo saw a cloud of dust on the horizon. It could only be produced by numerous people walking together.

“Hmm, okay. Let the scouts come and inform the enemies to detach themselves.” Theo turned to the side. “The military is also preparing to move this time. Do the enemies have drones or something… Never mind.”

As soon as he asked those questions, there were a few drones flying in the sky. Felix could also see a few people leaping around.

They were hiding in the barren plain, so it was easy for them to find them. It was also a perfect place to execute the enemies.

“Mhm…” Theo narrowed his eyes and raised his right hand. “Jeff.”


“I need a spear. A good one with an explosive fire.”

Jeff opened his sketchbook and ripped a page. “How about this? It’s made of a Red Harness Stone that can transmit fire. If you put too much power into that stone, it will explode.”

The spear had a long red handle and a blazing flame surrounding it.

“Good enough.” Theo nodded.

“In that case…” Jeff summoned the spear for him. Unfortunately, unlike the drawing, Jeff couldn’t help with the flame. Only the red spear appeared, and its texture was similar to that of wood.

But the moment Theo grabbed the spear, the Magic Power in that spear started to change from a mere illusion to a real stable item.

“!!!” Chris, Ergene, and Nella widened their eyes when they saw this. They were shocked by how Theo could camouflage the illusion energy that the spear emitted.

Unfortunately for them, their shock had yet to end. Sparks started appearing around the spear until a blazing fire engulfed the entire spear’s blade.

‘Fire… he is not Theo then. Theo doesn’t have an affinity.’ Nella sighed inwardly. She was disappointed to know that Joker wasn’t Theo since they were so similar.

“As expected of you, please use this spear with care.” Jeff smiled. He had learned that Theo could trace his own illusion by putting something real. Hence, he started learning about more things. Instead of just a mere drawing, he actually learned what materials to put in as well as the impact.

This way, Theo’s tracing could become even more powerful. The foundation he had been drawing this whole time was the same. The trees that he drew were not mere trees. He could identify each tree type and the reason he put it there. The same applied to the building.

With this, his drawing grew by leaps and bounds. And everything was for Theo’s power.

Theo took a deep breath as he put his left foot forward, pulling back the spear to throw it.

“Go.” Theo used all his strength, Telekinesis, and even Thunderclap Fist to launch this spear.

As a result, the spear flew like a bullet.

Still, the enemies had Mythical Rank Experts in their rank. If not, Theo wouldn’t be required to bring Mythical Rank Experts with him.

One of them reacted to Theo’s spear and leaped into the air, striking the spear with his sword.

But as Jeff said earlier, the fire spear could explode if he put more energy. Although he couldn’t completely imitate its characteristics, Theo could still make an explosion.


The spear exploded and knocked the man to the ground. However, he still saw Theo and Ergene standing on the small hill in front of them since Felix and the others hid underneath.

The moment he reached the ground, he shouted, “There are two enemies in front of us. One of them is a Mythical Rank Expert. We don’t have any information about them, so two hundred of you go first and probe our enemies!”


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