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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1126: Fight Broke Out Bahasa Indonesia

“Mhm…” Theo squinted his eyes, reading some information about the paradox. He found something weird coming from the Time God’s statement.

“What’s wrong?” The Time God smiled, asking.

“According to the explanation, you seemed to have gotten the information from the future… It’s even said that it feels like there are two notebooks or pieces of information, and the newly created one is actually given to you in the future…

“If you’re talking about this paradox, it means your future self informed you about my identity.

“However, this action of yours only suits the role of an observer like you said earlier. After all, the moment you’re changing the future, other time paradoxes will start to occur.

“Yet, I heard you often disappear to make a mess here and there… as if you’re changing the future. You being an observer and you actively changing the future are two opposite things. I can’t truly trust your words.” Theo narrowed his eyes, looking at the Time God to pry for more information.

“I don’t care about your doubts. I’m going to tell you this, if you refuse me, I’m going to kill you right here.” The Time God smirked, refusing to answer Theo’s doubt.

But Theo simply shook his head and stated, “Then kill me. There’s no need to hesitate.”

The Time God smirked and walked toward Theo while pulling out his sword. He placed it on Theo’s neck as he said, “Do you think I don’t dare?”

Theo closed his eyes, feeling the coldness of the metal blade. He looked helpless as if he had given up all hope.

But as he predicted, the Time God pulled his sword back and took a step back, admitting his defeat. “OK. You win. I don’t plan to kill you right now. How about answering me?”

“That depends on your sincerity first.” Theo’s eyes were excluding pressure, not scared of the Time God.

After the Time God revealed his identity, Theo had felt something was coming. So, the person that came with Felix was none other than his clone.

With the current clone’s rank, he could easily fool everyone, so even if the Time God killed him, the real Theo was still alive.

At the same time, it was also the time for Theo to leave the country since it would be dangerous to stay in this place anymore with the Time God aiming for your life.

Of course, Theo didn’t flinch for one more reason. After knowing about the bootstrap paradox as well as his intention in teaching him, Theo knew the Time God had no plan to kill him.

Hence, there was no need to feel scared. In fact, this was the chance to take the opportunity to gain as much as possible. He was planning to scam the Time God.

“I’m the number one person in the world. You should be the one answering my question! No, it’s your honor to answer my question.” The Time God stepped forward as his body was only inches away from Theo.

After that, his Magic Power started seeping out of his body, creating a different pressure from anyone he had seen.

This kind of pressure was closer to that of the Wind Emperor, but it might be due to his age, the Magic Power was slightly lacking compared to this.

“…” Theo gritted his teeth as he felt the pressure coming from above. It seemed that the Time God wanted to crush him with this pressure alone.

Without hesitation, Theo poured his Magic Power into his Order, forming a sword in his hand. Unlike the normal illusion sword, this sword was created with realistic material, imitating the real sword.

After that, Theo slashed the Time God as if he wanted to kill him.

But to his surprise, the Time God stood still, taking this slash head-on.

Theo widened his eyes in shock when he saw what had happened.

‘What? I slashed through?’ Theo thought as his sword slashed the Time God’s body. But he didn’t get any feel from slashing a body as though the Time God was just an illusion.

As someone who had the Reality Order, Theo could confirm that it wasn’t an illusion or hologram. The Time God in front of him was his real body.

‘But what is this… I cut through him…’ Theo gritted his teeth and poured more energy into his Order, activating his Reality Order.

He didn’t know the Time God’s power, but his title signified his strongest power. So, he tried to remove the time element, albeit he never fought against someone with a Time Affinity.

Although the same applied to Jeff, who had a plant attribute, Jeff was still a normal Mythical Rank Expert. He couldn’t be compared to the number one person in the world.

That was why his Order wasn’t effective at all.

“Kh.” Theo gritted his teeth and took a few steps back, regaining his distance. Since the Time God didn’t plan to kill him, he should be able to think more about the current situation.

But the Time God seemed to have the same intention as Theo. Since the latter didn’t bother to respect him or even answer him, the Time God suddenly moved from his position.

His movement looked like he was blinking. Theo didn’t hesitate to use his Blink, but the Time God did the same, keeping the distance.

“…” Theo narrowed his eyes, wondering how he should fight against this guy. However, the Time God didn’t let this slight gap go. He grabbed Theo’s head and pushed it down. ‘Shit.’

As if showing his grudge, the Time God raised his knee, hitting Theo in the face.


It seemed that he filled that attack with a huge amount of power as it produced a pretty loud sound. However, the sound actually came from the fortification of Theo’s skin.

The Supernatural Snake Body truly protected him from getting his nose broken.

Since his identity had been exposed, Theo didn’t hold back anymore. His head and entire body soon turned into a dragon.

The size was too big for the Time God to hold, so Theo somehow forced him to let go. After that, he opened his huge mouth and swallowed the Time God.

But as one would expect from the strongest person in the world, before he entered Theo’s mouth, he had disappeared.

“You have no hesitation to swallow me, fully knowing that I can break your body apart… It seems that this is only your clone. To think I would be able to see a clone that can even fool my eyes… It seems that the Reality Order is quite good.” The Time God smiled, assessing Theo’s ability.


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