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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1121: Theo’s Reason Bahasa Indonesia

“You serious?” Christopher narrowed his eyes before looking down, falling into deep thought. ‘Should I accept this? With how he acted, becoming his subordinate is impossible. I don’t want to work for this brat.

‘However, it’s true that his words are not an empty threat. If he wants it, he can suppress me in all aspects. And that weird power… I’ve never heard anything about that. I have watched that phenomenal video where he defeated Winston since it blew up the Skynet… No, it must be the power that he used to fight against Winston’s Space Barrier.

‘He can even affect Space Element, so he should be able to do the same to me. In other words, if I reject this guy, my entire life is over.

‘But if I accept this agreement, I can still show that I’m still a trustworthy person. I’m 85 years old right now. 88 years old shouldn’t be too old for me to enjoy my life.

‘In the meantime, I can still find some plans to counter his plan. He’s promised not to send me to my death, so I can refuse his order. Although it means I need some excuses, I can still get away from it as long as I deem it dangerous.

‘Besides, he’s still a rising star in this country. His progress is so fast that no one can believe it. That’s why it’s worth seeing what he will become in three years. If he can’t become someone exceptional, then I can simply leave him.

‘Three years aren’t that long. This is the time limit he sets himself… In that case…’ Christopher squinted his eyes, judging Theo’s ability.

Little did he know, Theo had calculated everything. He knew that Christopher wouldn’t be able to wait for too long to see his growth. Hence, three years were the limit of what Christopher could accept.

Within these three years, Theo only needed to show him his strength so that Christopher submitted to him personally.

“Fine, I agree to work for you. However, it’s only for three years, and you need to fulfill your side of the agreement as well. I don’t want any more tricks.” Christopher finally accepted the deal.

If Theo chose a decade as the time limit, Christopher would truly find himself too old to do something like this. After all, he would be 95 years old at that time.

Little did he know, Theo was planning to become a Mythical Rank Expert within two years. So, he didn’t need to worry about it.

“Okay. Since you’ve accepted the agreement, you’re now working for me.” Theo nodded with a calm expression before extending his hand. “I’m Joker. You can call me Joker or Boss. I don’t care.”

“I will call you Brat, then.” Christopher snorted before half-heartedly shaking Theo’s hands.

Felix clicked his tongue and wanted to cut this guy right now if not for Theo’s hand stopping him.

After shaking his hand, Theo asked. “Give me your number.”

Christopher thought it was natural since Theo was his employer right now. He gave his private number, albeit reluctantly.

As soon as he got what he wanted, Theo rose from his seat and left the room. “In that case, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Without waiting for a reply, Theo left the mansion. Even Felix had been frowning this whole time, not liking how Christopher acted.

Theo had defeated him while following the rule. He even took a step back and changed it to a three-year agreement instead of a lifelong commitment. Yet, Christopher didn’t appreciate Theo’s thoughtfulness and even scorned him.

They soon regrouped with Isaac, who was waiting outside the mansion, and returned to Theo’s own mansion.

On the way, Felix couldn’t help but say, “I don’t understand. Why are you tolerating this guy? I personally don’t like him. He can betray you at any moment… What if another strong person comes to entice him? He won’t hesitate to join as long as he could pay you back for that humiliation.”

Felix was saying all this out of concern. He didn’t want Theo to end up like him. The curse that harmed Millie had plagued his heart this whole time, so he wanted to kill Christopher to ensure that something like this would never happen.

However, Theo shook his head and replied, “That’s not it, Felix. As soon as the Magic Power pushed us away earlier, I knew he wasn’t planning to work for someone.

“The three year agreement has only one purpose. It’s to let him observe me. I know that a stubborn guy like him will only whole-heartedly agree after seeing my strength. And he’s impatient enough that he will reject anything more than three years.

“Every time we work together, he will observe me and make that judgment himself. As you know, an enemy often knows you better than your family.

“Because of this, he will observe my actions better. After three years, I win if I can melt his stubbornness. If I lose, well, who cares? Three years have passed anyway, and I’m planning to reach the Mythical Rank within two years…

“By the time the agreement is over, I have become strong enough and should have a replacement ready. Trust me. I won’t do something without thinking carefully.” Theo explained his reason to Felix.

Even though his reasoning was enough to soothe Felix’s heart, his concern still remained. “Still, what will you do if he sells your information to other people? It will be extremely dangerous.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m planning to have Jeff watch over him. If he has any weird movements, I’m going to eliminate him.” Theo’s tone became cold.

It would be a matter of time before Christopher figured out his real identity. Theo only showed one illusion for him. It was an illusion that had no meaning other than a preparation for the challenge.

Unlike the combat illusion that he used during his fight against the assassin, this illusion could be interpreted as a skill that Theo picked up recently just to recruit him. However, this thought wouldn’t last long.

That was why Jeff would help Theo to watch Christopher. At the very least, Theo had three Mythical Rank Experts that could help him if needed for the time being. This should be enough to prepare for what would come.


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