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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1073: Divination Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1073 Divination

Order. Theo felt that the Order symbol in his body was like a bottomless pit. Every day, a portion of his energy actually entered the pit, filling it.

This allowed him to utilize the Order. The more understanding he had about his Order, the faster he could fill this bottomless pit.

That was why the Dragon always told him to understand his Order. It was because the energy that entered the pit would soon be enough for him to reach the next stage.

Obviously, the Lightning Authority had a far faster rate to fill that bottomless pit. After all, to reach an Authority Level Figure, his understanding of Order would have to be beyond anyone’s imagination.

When the mermaid poured that energy into his Order symbol, he realized it could enter the pit. In other words, the mermaid actually had the ability to fill that bottomless pit, allowing him to use some of that energy to fasten his progress in learning about Reality and Illusion.

As she said, it would be hard for him to understand Reality vs Illusion because it took him almost a year just to understand the second stage.

However, due to this supply of energy, he could at least shorten the time to half if not faster.

And he also received the answer as to why this island wanted blood. It wasn’t the island, it was the mermaid before him.

She used that blood to supply her power, allowing her to continuously see the future.

Theo wasn’t someone ungrateful too. He lowered his head and even his body. “Thank you. I don’t know how to repay you for this.”

“There’s no need for you to repay me because it should be me who needs to thank you. I just wish that you could keep fighting.” The Queen of Destiny shook her head.

No one knew what kind of image she actually saw to the point her attitude changed like this.

“No wonder I couldn’t escape from this…” The Queen of Destiny shook her head in defeat. After seeing a bit of Theo’s future, there was no way she wouldn’t be tempted to search for more.

And that was when she actually fell, making it impossible for her to escape from this.

“I apologize. I have said everything that needs to be said. If you don’t mind, please leave this place as soon as possible…”

Theo could see that the Queen of Destiny was heavily injured just by looking at his future.

With a heavy heart, Theo nodded and complied with her request. Before leaving, he once again thanked her.

“Thank you and goodbye. If fate reunites us, let’s have a talk at that time.” Theo then turned around and left.

The others were still too shocked by what happened. They were trying to understand why the Queen of Destiny actually got such injuries.

All they knew was that Theo’s future was the one causing that injury. And Theo might be the center of the storm that might take place in the future world.

They had a few choices. They could leave and have nothing to do with him anymore. This way, they would be clueless about what would happen in the future. Although it would mean their life would be more peaceful because of that ignorance, they might not know what had killed them at that time.

On the other hand, they could stick to Theo and learn more about it. Even though there would be ups and downs, they would be in the front seat to witness everything that would happen. If they couldn’t keep up with him, they would also die.

Lastly, they could keep in contact with Theo but maintain their distance so that they wouldn’t be pulled in. However, Theo wouldn’t want to have this kind of relationship.

That was why they might need to make their decision as soon as possible.

‘Am I actually qualified to stand next to him? I was easily angered by what he did when he actually tried to protect me… He’s my boss too and the one who saved my life…’ Isaac narrowed his eyes, looking at Theo’s back.

‘Mhm. Is this the choice she was talking about? No. It’s different. I don’t know how to say it, but I know this is not it.’ Mark thought while closing his eyes.

‘There is something Theo possesses that can actually cause such a thing… This actually makes me remember about Order… The qualification for a blessing to reach the next stage. Is it related to Order? It seems that having an Order means you become special, but with a huge price to pay.’ Maya examined the situation carefully.

As soon as they left the crevice, the Queen of Destiny dropped to the ground, flapping her body as if a fish needed water.

“Kh…” The Queen of Destiny let out a groan, trying to suppress the pain. She never thought such a man existed.

“The end of the beginning, the beginning of the end.” The Queen of Destiny muttered. The version was a bit different than what the God of Mischief said.

After all, this was what the future Theo said in her mind instead of ‘The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end.’

As soon as the pain subsided, she gradually rose from the ground while placing her hand on her left eye. The eye gradually lost its color as the mermaid saw her vision becoming blurry.

Soon, the vision on her left eye became a complete white before turning black.



“To think…” The mermaid gritted her teeth. Despite her anger, there was no trace of regret on her face. Instead, a smile soon appeared on her face. “…I would lose an eye after seeing a human’s future. Though, he indeed has the most interesting possibilities. What kind of a man can have this kind of future…”

She remembered the scene she saw earlier and finally uttered the words that couldn’t be uttered because others would hear it.

“I wonder if he can prevent it… The start of the cruel winter and moral chaos… the collapse of the Spatial Rift.”


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