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Chapter 1054 Theo’s Conclusion

Theo’s consciousness gradually returned to reality. He opened his eyes, finding the Shadow King tending the Dark King’s injury.

To his surprise, the Frost Saint actually waited for him to finish, sitting in his position this whole time.

When he noticed Theo’s change of expression, the Frost Saint opened his mouth again, asking with a deep voice. “Who sent you here?”

The question had changed from the reason to stop him from attacking the human side to the person that orchestrated the entire thing.

It was clear if Theo didn’t talk with the God of Mischief previously, the answer would be the humans, specifically Bernard.

But when he received this question, the answer had changed. Even the Frost Saint arrived at the same conclusion after seeing the interference that just happened. There was no way Theo would answer ‘human’ again.

Before answering his question, Theo took a deep breath as it was a lot to take in. His mind was currently in a mess.

However, one thing was clear. Theo was free to break away from any shackles that chained him. Even the God of Mischief had told him it was his role. He didn’t need to follow someone if he didn’t like it.

Hence, Theo’s mind felt refreshed a bit. He gradually raised his head, looking at the Frost Saint with a serene expression.

The Shadow King and the Dark King stopped for a moment and glanced at Theo, who looked different.

Still, the suspense was killing them. They wanted to tell Theo, ‘Hurry up and tell us,’ but it was better to stay silent since the Frost Saint knew more about this matter.

After one minute, Theo finally opened his mouth, answering his question. “A bored madman.”

A bored madman. It was a perfect description of Loki and what he was about to do.

“…” The Frost Saint squinted his eyes when he heard this answer. As much as he wanted to know about the other person’s identity, he would probably have no clue about his origin even if Theo revealed his name.

Hence, Theo’s answer was the perfect reply to his question, making him understand the situation.

Before he reacted, Theo added, “Frost Saint. I know that I’m asking too much, but I would like to ask you to not attack the human side.”

“Mhm?” The Frost Saint was confused for a second. He was planning to do that because of his answer, but he remained silent, listening to what Theo had to say.

“I haven’t checked them…” Theo pointed at the proof the Shadow King had gathered and continued. “…but I know it should be enough to stop their plan from attacking you. Depending on how much it works, they should be enough to handle the people responsible for this, excluding the top ten experts like the Fist Saint, the man you fought earlier.”

“It doesn’t change the fact that you’re the one provoking me.” The Frost Saint shook his head, trying to play ‘hard to get.’

“I know. That’s why I’d like to promise you that this won’t happen again.”

“And how can you do it? I need to remind you that you are just a weak human. If not because of me, their plan would have succeeded.”

Theo closed his eyes for a moment, falling into deep thought. Loki had told him to do whatever he wanted, even if it meant breaking his plan.

Hence, Theo had a different answer than the one he had prepared beforehand. Instead of promise or anything, there was one conclusion that appeared in his mind after learning about the truth.

“I, Theodore Griffith, promise you…” Theo paused for a moment, thinking, ‘That’s right. To break his plan, I would need to do the exact opposite of what he wants to do.’ As soon as that thought appeared, Theo’s expression became serene and serious like he had made an important decision in his life. He said, “I will lead the monsters to fight humanity myself.”

‘If he wants to prevent it, I shall invite that higher being myself.’ Theo thought.

If Loki wanted to prolong the Earth so that the higher being could start manipulating things in the shadow, he was planning to destroy it the moment the higher being tried to do the same. He would even assist them in doing so.

He would become their trusted person and destroy those higher beings at the right time, beating both Loki’s and their plans simultaneously. This was the conclusion he came up with. Of course, not right now due to the lack of his power.

Even if this thought was read by those higher beings, Theo wasn’t afraid because they would either fall into Loki’s hand or his plan. Either result was fine because it would mean Loki’s wish had been granted, and Theo’s plan worked.

Unbeknownst to him, Theo had slightly become the same madman in his mouth.

Although the Frost Saint didn’t know about this thought, he certainly understood one thing. Theo was serious about this.

If he truly brought the monsters to the other side, he would become humanity’s greatest enemy. He should have a life on the other side, so he wouldn’t want to give up that easily. Yet, his answer was the exact opposite of what he was supposed to do.

It was completely mind blowing even for the Frost Saint.

However, Theo had been influenced by that very madman. His words had a double meaning. Even if he led the monsters to this place, he might do it because he planned to eliminate them on the other side. Or if he didn’t lead any attack, Theo’s bluff might be the one that protected humanity.

That was why even the Frost Saint wondered when a guy like him was born. At the same time, he understood why the Lightning Saint was interested in him, bringing him all the way here by himself.

The Frost Saint fell silent for a moment before standing up, planning to leave. “I don’t need your promise.”

He turned around and started walking away. However, he also left one more message. “Remember this, Theodore Griffith. Even without you, if I deem humanity to threaten my life, I won’t hesitate to attack them. But this time… I will let them go because of you.”


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