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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1047: Reinforcement Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1047 Reinforcement

“Serve you right, Bastard!” The Dark King smiled.

However, his action actually allowed the Fist Saint to make his move as well. He reinforced all the blades, making the sword pierce through his own air wall.

“Gah!” The Dark King spat a mouthful of black blood as he glanced to his back, finding his own blades piercing his body.

“Not only did you make my hand bleed, but you also broke one of my ribs. I acknowledge your strength, Monster!” The Fist Saint leaped back in an instant.

“!!!” The Dark King widened his eyes, realizing everything was according to the Fist Saint’s plan.

He struck the Fist Saint with his sword, but the conclusion came in a sudden.


The sword actually snapped into two as the Fist Saint’s punch finally connected, hitting the Dark King on the head.

The punch launched the Dark King a quarter-mile away from his position, crashing into numerous trees and boulders on the way.

“Ha…” The Fist Saint took a deep breath as he used all his strength in that one punch. If the timing was not right, the situation would be dangerous for him. “This King Class Monster… is already close to Authority Level… It seems I have underestimated him.”

The Fist Saint squinted his eyes to see the Dark King’s condition.

He saw him coughing blood but still having enough strength to stand up.

“Haaaa!” The Dark King roared and stood up. That punch almost dislocated his jaw, but he still managed to cover it with all his power at the last second.

The Dark King panted a few times while his focus became even deeper as he pointed his broken sword toward the Fist Saint. The sword recovered from the Dark Power while his gaze sent chills down his spine.

Even the Fist Saint’s body trembled a bit. He couldn’t help but smile, saying, “You’re strong.”

The Fist Saint and the Dark King jumped toward each other at the same time, planning to clash again.

The Dark Energy started swirling around the Dark King’s hand while the Fist Saint continued using his power like the prior.

“Ha!” The Dark King roared and slashed downwards. Even if he couldn’t cut the reinforced air on his hand, the amount of power he put in his sword should be enough to launch him back.

Unfortunately for him, the Fist Saint was still a genius beyond his imagination. There was a Magic Power fluctuation around his sword as the Dark King’s slash became even faster.


“Keuk!” Even though he should be happy to become even faster, the Dark King could only curse when it came to him at this time.

“You…” The Dark King realized that the Fist Saint actually enhanced his ability, especially his speed. This way, he swung too fast to even let the energy explode at the right time, resulting in the energy bursting on the ground instead of the Fist Saint’s body.


The ground turned into a crater.

“You enhanced my ability to make me miss…” The Dark King raised his sword again to block instead of attack.

The Fist Saint smirked as he already understood the Dark King’s slash. He finally got this advantage and planned to take this chance.

All his energy went straight to his fist as he used his skill, enhancing his fist even further.

“Grand… Slam…” The Fist Saint struck the sword, breaking it again.

If the Dark King allowed this hit to land on his body, he would be heavily injured, if not dying. Hence, he raised his left hand desperately, using it to deflect all this force.

“Haaaa!” He even roared to gather the last bit of strength.

‘He can still react?’ The veins on the Fist Saint’s head bulged as he never thought the Dark King to be this strong.

Still, all the energy in his fist struck the Dark King’s hand, breaking the bones in his body.

“Gah!” The Dark King screamed in pain but still endured it, trying to push the fist in another direction. “Haaaaaa!”

Finally, the Dark King went sideways, and the force inside the fist turned into a shock wave, obliterating anything within 300 feet.

The Dark King didn’t care about this and immediately struck the Fist Saint’s body with his sword, knocking him away.



After the remaining shock waves hit the area, the Fist Saint landed on the ground. His eyes intertwined with the Dark King’s as the battle reached its final stage.

With the Dark King losing one of his arms in this battle, he wasn’t in the state of fighting anymore. So, a few more minutes would be the longest it took for the Fist Saint to kill the Dark King.

Yet, the one that made the first move was none other than the Dark King. Though, his action completely stunned the Fist Saint.

“As much as I want to continue this fight, I believe this is where I stop…” The Dark King suddenly waved his sword, returning it to its original form, a black bead.

“Huh?!” The Fist Saint was confused for a moment but still leaped forward, trying to punch him. “I won’t fall for any of your tricks!”

He thought this was just a trick from the Dark King to hide his injury. However, when he was about to strike him, something soon blocked the sky, covering them in its shadow.

The Fist Saint raised his head and saw a giant club falling from the air.

“No!” The Fist Saint gritted his teeth and struck the club. Since he was fighting the Dark King a while ago, he was still wearing that air glove to avoid his dark power.

However, the moment this invisible air touched the bat, a blue light suddenly shone from the bat, freezing the entire area.

The freezing power spread from the bat to the Fist Saint’s body.

“It’s frozen?” The Fist Saint sucked a cold breath when he saw his reinforced air freeze. And that freezing power continued to his body and enveloped him in ice, turning him into an ice sculpture together with the ground around him. “The Frost Giant…”

The Dark King smiled and glanced back, seeing a huge figure running toward them. He said with a cool tone. “I have warmed him up for you, Frost Saint.”


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