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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1045: Dark King’s True Body Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1045 Dark King’s True Body


The head exploded together with the helmet.

“What?!” The one who was stunned first was actually the Fist Saint. The Dark King was supposed to be stronger than this, but a punch on the head was all it took to defeat him.

‘Did I overestimate him? His Order was stronger because everything went to his attack power instead of defense… That was why I could defeat him easily…’ The Fist Saint thought while furrowing his eyebrows.

On one hand, defeating a King Class Monster was a joyful matter even for him. On the other hand, the fight was simply a disappointment.

“To think you’re that weak…” The Fist Saint shook his head helplessly. He turned around and saw the Shadow King having a calm expression.

In that instant, the Fist Saint lowered his head and saw the armor spreading the Dark Power until it reached his left foot.

“No. He hasn’t died!” The Fist Saint leaped into the air and stood there, staring at them with a frown. He never thought there was someone who didn’t die after his head exploded.

However, the armor soon turned into a liquid and gradually formed a sphere in the air. The sphere was completely black, reflecting no light.

“What is…” Before he finished, the Fist Saint leaped to the left and saw the shadows coming after him. As soon as he got to a safe distance, he used his power to strengthen the shadows, freezing them.

After that, his focus returned to the shadow that started releasing a massive amount of energy.

Still, what he saw next actually made him understand what was going on. “So, that’s how it is…”

The sphere gradually melted again and formed a sword from that concentrated black energy, revealing the Dark King’s true appearance.

“To think your true form is that small… It turned out your huge body was created by your Magic Power… It was so dark that I couldn’t differentiate between the armor and the Magic Power…” The Fist Saint smirked, realizing he had been fooled this whole time.

The Dark King’s true appearance was similar to that of Syk. If he and Syk actually stood next to each other, they would have a hard time finding who the father was.

The only way to differentiate them was their aura and behavior.

The Dark King grabbed his sword while sighing. “To think there is a time for me to use this form again… As expected from an Authority Level Figure.”

If Theo was actually here, he would have gotten the answer to the question he had this whole time. Unfortunately, Theo had left the battlefield for who knew what he was planning to do.

Meanwhile, the Dark King glared at the Fist Saint while raising his sword before saying to his wife. “I’ll fight alone.”

The Shadow King fell silent for a moment before leaping back as if she knew his strength.

“Hahaha. Do you think you can fight me alone?! I will show you the difference in our power.” The Fist Saint laughed, getting excited. He never expected there was a King Class Monster that wanted to challenge an Authority Level Figure by himself.

He was unaware that the Dark King also loved to fight and he had fought against the Frost Saint a few times. And as a wife, the Shadow King always accompanied him. That was why she even dared to bring Theo to the Frost Saint by herself. Their family was quite close to the Frost Saint.

“You don’t know how much…” The Dark King took a deep breath. Before finishing his words, his figure disappeared.

“Huh?!” The Fist Saint widened his eyes. The Dark King was too fast to the point he thought the Dark King teleported.



A clicking sound echoed in the area before a shock wave burst.

“Keuk!” The Fist Saint gritted his teeth as the shock wave actually hit the back of his knee, forcing him to fall to one knee. “What?!”

The Fist Saint turned his head around, finding the Dark King on his back. He had felt his presence, so he used his Order to strengthen the air behind him to avoid getting cut by the Dark King.

The air managed to stop the blade, but this technique was the one that Syk showed yesterday.

The tree that Syk attacked didn’t collapse, but the shock wave actually traveled past the tree and blasted everything behind it.

In this case, the shock wave traveled past the reinforced air and struck the back of the Fist Saint’s knee, forcing him to fall on one knee.

Even the Fist Saint was stunned because he never expected this kind of power. If it was someone else, they might actually be hurt from this attack alone. If not because of his extraordinary defense, his bone might crack from the shock wave alone.

After dropping to his knees, the Fist Saint spun his body and waved his hand, trying to hit the Dark King.

However, the Dark King had disappeared again.

“His speed… No. That’s not speed!” The Fist Saint widened his eyes and turned around, kicking the air.

And the next thing he saw was the Dark King appearing out of thin air, getting launched away from that kick.

As expected from a top expert, he managed to understand the principle of the Dark King’s speed after just one exchange.

The Dark King landed on the ground a few feet away as his boots started spreading the dark power again, turning the ground black.

As if not planning to wait for the Dark King, the Fist Saint leaped forward before the Dark King disappeared again.

However, the Dark King never had the intention to disappear this time.

Instead, he raised his sword and slashed downwards.

“!!!” The Fist Saint widened his eyes before the shock wave blew him away again. “That weird slash again…”

The Fist Saint gritted his teeth. Instead of using the reinforced air, the Dark King seemed to be able to slash the normal air to use it to send the pressure. This made his attack even trickier.

The Dark King took another deep breath as his focus became even deeper. He looked at the Fist Saint as he disappeared into the air.

“You don’t know how many times I fought against a Saint like you.” The Dark King suddenly appeared behind the Fist Saint, preparing another slash.


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