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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1032: Finding the Dark King Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1032 Finding the Dark King

After getting a proper rest for two days, Theo finally felt rejuvenated. It was truly a torture to be dying over and over again.

As soon as he finished his preparation, Theo left the hotel and went straight toward the Dark King. He chose this mission because the place was not that far from the Dark King’s region.

Although there was another hotel near that place, he had visited it with Maya in the past. It was the hotel near the Moniac Plain.

Hence, he tried to use this opportunity to gain another experience.

After a day, Theo summoned his clone and started marching toward two different locations.

The real Theo headed straight to the Dark King, while the clone wanted to make sure of the base’s location. Even if he ended up getting killed by the guards, it shouldn’t be a problem.

After all, he was using another face for his clone. And with his current clone ability, no one would know he was a clone. As long as he could die and last for a while, he should be able to perfectly fake his death before mysteriously vanishing into thin air.

The journey only took three days for Theo to reach the Dark King’s region, specifically the Demise Forest. He once met the Dark King in this forest while rescuing his son.

According to the Dark King, the General Class Monster would lead him to his place as long as he showed the mark.

So, the only problem was how to see the General Class Monster and show the mark without getting into any trouble with other monsters.

First, he went straight to the hole where the mine he found before was located. This was a benchmark for him since he knew there should be no monsters in this region due to his agreement with the Dark King.

Although he wanted to meet the workers inside to ask them about the region, he couldn’t show himself because it would mean he knew about this super secret.

And considering the hole had been closed by another power, he knew no one was supposed to find this.

Hence, he remembered where the Dark King went back then.

“He was going to the east from here, so I guess that’s closer to his home. Although I don’t know how long I need to run, I should be able to find a General Class Monster in this place.”

Theo traveled according to his memory while shouting, “Is there any General Class Monster here? Anyone with intelligence?”

He was trying to gain their attention. Although he ended up getting chased by so many monsters, this method should be effective, considering the area that a General Class Monster governed wasn’t as big as a King Class Monster.

However, his plan actually worked when he saw another wave of monsters coming from another direction.

That kind of shout meant a challenge to a General Class Monster, so sending these monsters would be the opening act for that challenge.

But for Theo, this was the show he needed to find the General Class Monster.

He leaped toward the incoming monsters and flew in that direction, avoiding all the monsters from the air.

After that, Theo shouted at the top of his lungs. “I am the Dark King’s friend. Are you planning to kill me?”

No one other than the General Class Monster knew about the Dark King. After all, the Dark King rarely made his appearance.

This gave Theo’s words more credibility.

As if responding to that sentence, the monsters suddenly stopped moving like someone commanded them to stop.

Suddenly, one of the dead trees in the area turned around, revealing a pair of eyes and a mouth.

When Theo saw this action, he immediately landed and said, “I need to meet the Dark King. Can you lead me to him?”

“I can, but you need to show me the proof of friendship.” The tree answered before his body started emanating killing intent. “But if you can’t show the proof, I will take it that you are a liar and do everything to kill you.”

Theo raised his hand without hesitation, showing the mark that the Dark King gave to him.

Only the General Class Monsters knew what kind of mark the Dark King gave, so the dead tree instantly recognized it.

“That’s certainly the mark.” The tree acknowledged the mark before giving another question. “For what purpose do you want to meet him? I can arrange a monster to inform him about your presence.”

“I can’t say anything.” Theo shook his head.

“This is important because the Dark King doesn’t like to be bothered by anyone. If you only want to waste his time, I won’t allow it.” The tree added, acting arrogant because Theo was a Supreme Rank Expert like him.

However, Theo had no time for this. His Magic Power began revolving in his body violently before going to the mark of his Order, emanating a unique pressure.

Theo’s killing intent swept the area, shocking the dead tree as well as the monsters.

The monsters wanted to jump and kill Theo as soon as possible, while the tree recognized the unique aura of a king.

Theo’s words proved it even further as he stated coldly, “Don’t waste my time, you fucking dead tree. Are you blind enough to believe you can stop me?”

The dead tree panicked for a second as his branches started growing, forming an arrow shape that pointed at an area.

At the same time, the monsters scattered as no one was supposed to know the Dark King’s place, leaving them alone.

“I apologize, O’ King, from a faraway land. As much as I want to lead you, I am but a tree. I have no ability to bring you there. However, I can give you his location.” The tree glanced to the side, following the arrow. “Run in this direction for three hours, and you will find a hill.

“Go to the other side of the hill, and you will see a tree bigger than any others. He is too a being like me. If you state your purpose, he will show you the entrance to meet our king.”


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