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Chapter 1007 According to the Plan

As Theo predicted, Isaac definitely didn’t have a good time. His Skylink had been filled with messages from many people. Most of them were unknown to the point he thought they were just an AI programmed to mess with him.

“Kh.” Isaac gritted his teeth. Even though he had been ignoring these messages, the situation became worse because he didn’t respond.

His house would be struck by eggs, but there was no one that could be found outside. Even the police couldn’t help him.

While clutching his head, he stared at the massive words painted on his wall overnight.

“Give the full information!”

People had been terrorizing him with all these threats. Even when he used his money to hire some experts, they would leave and return the money to him. Some even left with the money, clearly robbing him.

“What is happening to me… Joker announced the information and guaranteed my safety. But this… I can’t live with this.” Isaac stared at the words in horror. “What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment? I already told them that I would give more information after some research.

“Weren’t they supposed to aim for Joker instead of me? Joker’s words had been spot on this whole time, but…” Isaac gritted his teeth, not understanding what happened to him.

Little did he know, Theo’s words might indeed be true, but from Theo’s perspective. Theo indeed became the target of many, but because of the Star Group as well as the safety of his housing complex, none of them dared to terrorize him.

They could only do it through Skynet, which Theo completely ignored.

This became the reason for them shifting their anger to Isaac. Unfortunately, Isaac couldn’t understand Theo’s words perfectly and see through his plan.

He had yet to realize that making a deal with Theo was the same as making a deal with a devil. Maya and other people in the past had been very careful but still got taken advantage of, let alone Isaac.

In his mind, Theo still kept his part of the agreement, which was the truth. Hence, he also wanted to fulfill his own side of the contract.

However, even hiding inside his home, he still had a hard time doing it.

“Is this the world of the rich?”

“Can I even do this?”

“Won’t it be better if I just give up the information?”

“But at that time, Joker will be the one to hunt me. We also have an agreement to go to Atlantis together.”

“And Joker also hadn’t gone out for months. According to him, the Star Group’s CEO banned him from leaving his mansion for four months because of what happened.”

“His situation should be worse, but he has a backer that would protect him.”

“Do I need to join the Star Group first to get their protection?”

Isaac was trying to come up with a plan, but nothing came to his mind. He didn’t even know what he should do at this point.

He always had bad dreams when he slept. And it had been three days since he last slept.

“What do I need to do now? Should I contact the Star Group right now? But…” Isaac gritted his teeth and looked around, finding his Skylink lying on the ground.

Out of nowhere, Joker’s mask appeared in Isaac’s mind as if reminding him there was another person that he could rely on.

Working with Joker should have more freedom than working from the Star Group or any other companies. At the same time, he would also get a massive benefit since he didn’t need to hand a portion of his belongings to the company.

“Should I ask Joker for help?” Isaac narrowed his eyes while scratching his head. He was too stressed by the terror to the point that his fingers instinctively called his number.

Soon, Theo picked up the call, and his voice echoed like a ray of light shining upon the darkness. “Hello?”

“Hello, Joker. I need your help.”

“Huh? Is something wrong?”

Isaac was too desperate to explain as he immediately shouted, “Just take me away from here. Do you want to work with me again? Let me sleep in your mansion. I will help you with something.”

“Come on. Calm yourself down first.” Theo replied with a soothing tone, trying to push away Isaac’s worry. “I have made sure that your life won’t be in danger. So, calm down and start telling me what happened.”

“Actually…” Isaac hesitated for a moment before explaining his situation.

After a while, the mood became down again as Theo let out a long sigh. “I see.”

“Can I stay in your mansion?”

“Sorry, but I don’t think I can help you with this. You and I are just business partners, nothing more. Although I want to help you, it’s impossible for you to stay here with me. After all, you’re a third party.”

“Come on. I’m sure you can do it. Someone at your level should have some authority to bring another person to your mansion.”

“I mean, even other Mythical Rank Experts here are hosting their own family, not a stranger. Nonetheless, this area is only for those from the Star Group.”

“Please. Can you do something for me? I will be extremely grateful.”

“I truly have no means in our current relationship. I can’t afford to invite someone like you here.”

“Current relationship?” Suddenly, Isaac picked up something important that he could take advantage of, unaware that it was exactly the trap Theo had laid down for him. “What should I do to live there? I am sure you have a way.”

“Well, I have two people living with me. They’re from Australia. Though, they’re more like a family to me since the older one is kinda my direct subordinate who can help me with stuff, while the younger one is his daughter. But still, we’re business partners. I don’t want to take away the equal part in our relationship…” Theo sighed.

“I don’t mind. How about I become your subordinate? It’s not like I will suffer more than working for the Star Group or other companies.” Isaac smiled as this outcome was what he had hoped for.

“Are you serious? As my subordinate, you should help me without fear. Although splitting everything we get is not a problem, you need to know that it’s going to be dangerous with me.”

“What’s the power of your subordinate?”

“He’s a Mythical Rank Expert.”

“How about the split?”

“Similar to our previous cooperation. Any further split will be negotiated. Though, you need to follow my arrangement for the rest of the stuff.”

‘Perfect!’ Isaac thought as his expression brightened. He paused for a moment as though he was pondering his choice. This would give Theo an impression that he had thought about it clearly, improving the weight of his statement. “I don’t mind working for you.”

“Are you serious? You should think about it more.”

“This is a big investment. I’m sure you are going to be far stronger in the future. So, my life should be safe when working for you.”

“This is a lifetime promise, you know. If you betray me or leave me, I’m going to hunt you down.”

“…” Isaac suddenly fell silent.

Theo took this time to add, “Besides, I can’t leave my mansion for another two weeks. You should think about this carefully in the next two weeks. If you still haven’t changed your mind, I will immediately go to your place to pick you up the moment I am allowed to leave. How’s that?”

Isaac thought for a moment before agreeing.

Theo then hung up as he smiled and returned to his practice.

Since he was training in the garden with Felix and Millie, Theo immediately stated with confidence. “I will need your help soon, Felix.”

“I’m ready.”


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