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God Level Demon – Chapter 97 Bahasa Indonesia

97 – Bloodfruits Ripen


With the Bloodfruits about to ripen, a lot of strong savage beasts have gathered around the valley.

There are coyotes, tigers, cheetahs, black bears, and so on. They are many in numbers, are formidable individually, and emit violent and wild auras, giving people the creeps.

Even in the sky, there are ferocious birds hovering in the air. With their numbers, they turned into a large dark cloud and blotted out the sky.

The savage beasts have fixed their attention on the three Bloodfruits on the large tree in the valley, unable to suppress their inner desire. For them, the three Bloodfruits are a chance to evolve.

If they eat a Bloodfruit, they will become stronger.

“Beast tide, it’s a beast tide!”

Although Han Shan and them are tied on the mountain, but they can see the savage beasts at the valley. They are both shocked and frightened.

They read in history books about the beast tide that took place hundreds of years ago. At that time, powerful monstrous beasts blotted out the sky and covered the earth as they destroyed human cities one after another.

Although the savage beasts cannot compare to the glorious battles in history books. But in terms of momentum, they are about at the same level as the scenes in history books.

If they hadn’t been tied up by the gangster, they would have run away in fear. They wouldn’t dare to stay here.

“There’s little time left. They’re about to ripen.” Lin Bao stared at the large tree in the valley, not swayed by the huge number of savage beasts in the surroundings. It seems like he doesn’t take them seriously.


At this time, the three Bloodfruits erupted with scorching light like miniature suns and broke out with strange veined patterns, and a rich aroma spread in the valley.

When the creatures present smelled the aroma, their spirits roused and the cells in their body seemingly surged with intense absorption force. It’s as if their cultivation can progress so long as they absorb the aroma lingering in the air.”

Everyone was shocked. The aroma alone was already this formidable. If you eat an entire Bloodfruit, the effects would be outrageous. No wonder they are worth 50 million federal credits each.

Such a fruit of heaven and earth is equivalent to a luxury villa in terms of price.

“Roar!” The savage beasts roared.

When the light and the rich aroma of the three Bloodfruits reached the limit, when wisps of fog appeared in the air and blocked the surrounding, the savage beasts could no longer restrain themselves.

The Bloodfruits have ripened!


The savage beasts trampled one another and fought with each other as they recklessly rushed towards the three Bloodfruits like a tide.

“Do it!”

A large number of bombs were set up around the valley in advance. Once they are activated, they will release shocking destructive power.

At Lin Bao’s command, one of the underlings smiled ferociously, took out a red remote control, and pressed the button.


All of a sudden, terrifying explosions sounded around the valley. As if there was a magnitude 7 or 8 earthquake, the mountains shook and nearly collapsed.

A giant black mushroom cloud rose into the air and terrifying destructive force swept the surroundings and blew up the savage beasts rushing towards the Bloodfruits.

In an instant, limbs and body parts appeared around the valley and blood splashed about. The savage beasts within a radius of one kilometer were blown into pieces.

A huge impact swept across. Huge pits appeared in the ground, earth splashed about, and rocks collapsed. All the savage beasts who got close to the Bloodfruits have died.

“Shoot the birds!” Lin Bao gave the second order.

Pew pew~

More than 20 members of the Band of the Cheetah took out their laser guns at once, went to different positions, and opened fire at the sky.

Suddenly, a net of death appeared in the sky and spread in all directions. Caught off guard, the birds in the sky could not resist the laser guns.


As laser guns pierced their bodies, birds issued miserable cries and fell down like dumplings.


Han Shan and the others were stunned. For the first time, they witnessed the strength of this criminal gang. With their sophisticated weapons, even if it was a Martial Practitioner realm powerhouse to charged instead, they would likely be blasted apart.

It can be seen from this that if the gangsters didn’t want to capture them alive, the students would have died already.

In just a few minutes, the savage beasts around the valley were eliminated by the fierce firepower. Some savage beasts, who previously wished to come over, retreated instead when they saw the death of their companions.

All of a sudden, there were no more savage beasts around the valley.

“Ha-ha-ha, they’re just a bunch of savage beasts, that’s all. There’s no way they can resist the power of science and technology.” A gangster laughed, “Bombs alone are enough to send you all to heaven.”

If it was a direct confrontation, they would be torn apart by the savage beasts. But thanks to the bombs, they were able to easily eliminate the savage beasts.

“The Bloodfruits belong to me.” Lin Bao clenched his fists, revealed a burning shade in his eyes, and looked into the valley. The three Bloodfruits are still hanging on the large tree and are not damage.

The Bloodfruits emit red light and contain a huge amount of energy. At this time, nothing can stop him from obtaining the Bloodfruits.


Suddenly, a stone flew over from the distance, tore everything in its way, and crushed a branch with a bang.

In an instant, the three Bloodfruits hanging on the large tree fell down.

“What?!” Lin Bao and company were both surprised and angry. Who the hell dared to take action at this time?

But before the three Bloodfruits could hit the ground, another stone the size of a disc flew over and, with great accuracy, caught the three Bloodfruits.

It span wildly, made an arc in the air, and, as if a boomerang, returned where it came from.

Within a few breaths of time, the disc-shaped stone flew to a nearby hill with the three Bloodfruits.

“No way?!”

Han Shan and them, who also saw this scene, were struck dumb, awed by this marvelous move. This isn’t a skill that a human can perform. It’s almost divine.


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