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God Level Demon – Chapter 81 Bahasa Indonesia

81 – Bloodfruit

In the center of Savage Beast Island, in a valley, there grows a towering tree. It’s body is red like blood, and it is wrapped with flood dragon-like vines, making it look really sinister.

The black soil ground around the towering tree is covered with bones, covered with densely packed white as snow bones. It looks really eerie. The area is filled with a death-like murderous aura.


At this time, dozens of robust, ape-like figures appeared on the top of a hill two or three kilometers away from the towering tree and surveyed the area.

These people are dressed in camouflage clothes and bulletproof vests, have laser guns or sniper rifles in their hands, and have hand grenades hanging around their waist. They have rippling muscles and exude a shuddering murderous aura.

They possess 8th layer or even 9th layer Martial Apprentice real strength.

“Boss, our intelligence was right.”

A man with a knife scar on his face was pleasantly surprised: “In the center of Savage Beast Island, there is indeed a Bloodtree that bears Bloodfruits. The fruits will ripen in more than a day.”

“Great. This time we hit it big.”

“Those are Bloodfruits! Reportedly, they are strange fruits that were nurtured with the blood of countless savage beasts over a period of 100 years. They are really valuable, worth 50 million federal credits per fruit.”

“What is money? If we eat one such fruit, we’ll be able to break through Baihui acupoint, reach Martial Practitioner realm, externally release true qi, and blow others away from a distance of 100 paces. By then, we’ll be top dogs.

“Indeed, once we reach the Martial Practitioner realm, the strength of our Band of the Cheetah will be greatly increased. We’ll be able to go anywhere in the world. Maybe we can go to Blackmoon City, take over a territory, and end our days of hiding.”

Everyone discussed excitedly.

If the police were here and saw these people, they would be shocked. Because these people are a criminal gang composed of bandits, robbers, murderers, and so on.

Being alike in temperament, they formed the Band of the Cheetah, committed all kinds of crimes, from home robbery to the murder of countless people, and became wanted criminals of the federation. Needless to say, they have a fierce reputation.

But now, these criminals appeared in this place in order to seize the Bloodfruits.

The leader of this gang is a robust, middle-aged man called Lin Bao. He is wearing a black sleeveless shirt that exposes his steel-like muscles and a dozen plus knife scars.

“No rush.”

Lin Bao waved his hand and said calmly, “There is more than a day left before the fruits ripen. We can’t pick them in advance, or else the efficacy will be reduced by more than half. It’s not worth it.”

“Moreover, when the fruits ripen, their fragrance will spread far and wide. By then, the savage beasts will rush here and compete over the fruits. I’m afraid this place will become a meat-grinder of a battlefield. We must be fully prepared.”

When he heard that, the man with a knife scar on his face uttered disdainfully, “It’s just a bunch of unintelligent beasts. These bombs alone are enough to send them all to heaven.”

They have prepared for a long time for this occasion and spent a lot of money to buy powerful weapons, bombs, and so on, all for the sake of the Bloodfruits.

With these preparations, they naturally have absolute confidence.

“Boss, there’s an incident.” At this time, a slightly-built man with glasses came over with an electronic instrument.

“I just intercepted nearby radio communications and found that an airship is rapidly approaching, and its destination is Savage Beast Island.”


Everyone was surprised and turned gloomy. If the other party came to fight with them over the Bloodfruits, then things will become troublesome. There might be a bloody battle.

“Who is it?” Lin Bao’s eyes flashed.

The man with glasses responded in a deep voice, “They aren’t coming to compete for the Bloodfruits.”

It’s a group of students. Apparently, ten ordinary schools from Skywater City sent their elites to Savage Beast Island for a trial by fire.”

“Of course, they are accompanied by teachers, airship guards, and so on.”

He gave out the information he knew.

“Students? They are coming to Savage Beast Island to gain experience?” The man with a knife scar on his face frowned, “Damn it, such a thing had to happen. It’ll be a little troublesome.”

“Not necessarily. Savage Beast Island is quite large, no less than 100,000 square kilometers.”

“Indeed. Since those students will be here to gain experience, they might not go too deep into the island.”

“Beside’s, it’s just students. They fundamentally don’t pose any threat to us.”

“The students are no cause for concern. The accompanying teachers, however, are a threat. These people aren’t simple.”

Everyone talked and expressed their concerns, and the atmosphere suddenly became dignified.

“Threat my ass.”

Lin Bao sneered: “We have bombs, guns, and sniper rifles. Even if a Martial Practitioner realm powerhouse comes, we have nothing to worry.”

“If a Martial Practitioner realm powerhouse dares to show their face, then we can snipe them from two or three kilometers away.”

“It’s fine if they don’t come. But if they come and fight with us over the Bloodfruits, then we’ll end them.”

Exuding a strong murderous aura from all over his body, this gangster, who must have killed countless people, is a bloodthirsty and cruel character that will never show mercy.

“In fact, there’s no need to worry.” The man with glasses said in a deep voice, “I have a good understanding of these schools’ trials by fire. Generally, the teachers will stay on the airship and won’t go out easily.”

“After all, this is meant for the students to gain experience. If the teachers follow along, it will undermine the trial by fire.”

“If nothing major happens, they won’t leave the airship as a rule.”

“So we just have to be on guard of the students.”

He gave out the information he knew.

“On guard of students? Those chicks that haven’t grown up yet? Thinking of the time I was a student, I dropped out of high school because I hurt a teacher.” The man with a knife scar on his face smiled grimly, “If they come here, I’ll have to give them some love.”

“He-he. Reportedly, there are some girls for the trial by fire, as well.”

“High school girls, that’s great. I never had a taste of such women.”

“Indeed. We used to need to spend money on women. Now we don’t have to.”

“Interesting. Maybe we’ll be able to have some fun during this operation.

The group of gangsters laughed viciously, and their eyes showed a fierce gleam. That is the a most dangerous kind of gleam.

“Alright, enough with the nonsense.”

The boss Lin Bao waved his hand: “Get ready. If anything goes wrong, don’t blame me if I skin you.”

“Yes, boss!”

The hoodlums became stern, not daring to speak any longer. They are aware of their boss’s terror. When angered, he will kill on the spot.

Who knows how many of their former companions died at the boss’s hands.


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