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72 – Body Tempering Pills

“If it’s a fingerprint, it should be the fingerprint of Zhou Tai’an’s father.”

Xia Ping stroked his chin. Thinking till here, he immediately picked up Zhou Ding’s body, raised his right hand high, and placed it on the high-grade fingerprint lock.


In an instant, the high-grade fingerprint lock made a sound and flickered red. With a pop, the wall cracked in the middle and receded towards the both sides.

In just five or six seconds, a room was revealed behind the white wall.

“To be locked with a high-grade fingerprint lock, what is this room?” Xia Ping’s eyes twinkled. He put down Zhou Ding’s body and stepped into the secret room.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw that the room is full of weapons, including laser guns, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, and so on. It seems like most kinds of guns in the world can be found here.

In addition to the guns, there are all kinds of bombs — micro nuclear bombs, time bombs, and so on — in the room. This room is like a small arsenal.


Xia Ping’s pupils expanded, taken aback by the room’s layout.

Most of the weapons here are contraband. If information on the things here is leaked, you will be arrested by the police and sentenced to more than 10 years in prison.

“What was Zhou Ding’s background, why does he have so many powerful military weapons in his home?” Xia Ping frowned and recalled Zhou Tai’an’s father was a restaurant owner with a net worth exceeding 100 million. On the surface, he was a law-abiding citizen.

But judging by his behavior, this guy wasn’t a good person. He may have done some dirty stuff in secret.

“Forget it. Anyway, Zhou Ding is already dead. It is meaningless to continue to think about it.” without paying this issue any more attention, Xia Ping continued to examine the room, hoping to find some suitable treasures.

“Eh? No way, aren’t those Body Tempering Pills?”

Suddenly, he saw a green gourd placed on a wooden table in the room. With a pop, he opened the lid and found golden pills piled up inside.

He immediately recognized these pills to be the legendary Body Tempering Pills.

“Amazing. There are twenty to thirty pills inside. Jackpot.”

Xia Ping’s eyes lit up. Body Tempering Pills and Gold Potions are equally famous previous medicines. However, the two are a little different.

The consumption of these pills can temper the body, remove impurities in the body, and strengthen the body. To some extent, Body Tempering Pills are more precious than Gold Potions.

This is also reflected in the price. A Body Tempering Pill costs at least 1 million federal credits. Furthermore, they are really rare. Once they appears on sail, they will be immediately bought out by the rich and powerful.

Even if you have the money, you may not be able to buy these pills. The twenty to thirty Body Tempering Pills are worth at least forty to fifty million federal credits. It can be said that these Body Tempering Pills are more expensive than this villa.

“I wonder where Zhou Ding got them. In any case, the Body Tempering Pills belong to me now.” Xia Ping smiled and took the green gourd.

He continued to look around inside the room. Unfortunately, he found no other treasures except some military weapons, gold, and a large number of federal credits.

He wasn’t moved by the gold and other things. He doesn’t intend to take them, since it’s very difficult to launder them. He doesn’t want to get himself into trouble because of the wealth of unknown origin.

Besides, Xia Ping isn’t short on money now. There is no need for him to be investigated by the police because of this money.

“Let’s go.”

After searching around, Xia Ping didn’t find anything useful, so he left the room and took out Decomposing Water.

He sprinkled it on the bodies of Zhou Ding and Zhou Tai’an.

Along with sizzling sounds, the two bodies melted at once. They turned into a wisp of cyan smoke and disappeared from the world.

Not good, it doesn’t seem to be clean enough. I must thoroughly destroy the evidence.” Xia Ping is aware that he’ll be in a lot of trouble if the murders of the Zhou Clans’s father and son are exposed. He must erase any clues that may be found by the police.

Thinking till here, he returned to the secret room, took out a pile of bombs, and set a fixed time, intending to detonate them in five minutes.

When these bombs are detonated, the whole villa will likely be blasted away. Nothing will be left of it. By then, it will be impossible to find any clues.

“Let’s go!”

After finishing a series of things, Xia Ping left the villa. Because the effect of the Invisibility Pill is still in place, he easily left Zhengde Community despite its really strict security.

Five minutes later, he was already a distance away from Zhengde Community.


At this moment, the Zhou Clan’s luxury villa was blown up by the bombs and an earth-shaking explosion sounded.

The entire Zhengde Community shook as if an earthquake of magnitude 4 or 5 had occurred. Near the villa, glass shattered to pieces.

“Damn it, what the hell happened? Was there an earthquake?”

“No, I saw everything. A villa exploded and fire soared into the sky.”

“How is that possible? The security here is really strict. It’s basically impossible for an explosion to occur here.”

“Nothing is impossible. After all, it did happen. Let’s go have a look and see if there are any casualties.”

“Call the police. We security guards can’t handle this.”

“This is a major incident, this really is a major incident. How come an explosion suddenly took place?!”

The gated community’s security guards were shocked. An entire villa blew up, and this happened in Zhengde Community, which has a really strict security. This is a major event that is sure to make the headlines in Skywater City.

If a lot of people die, it will be even more serious.

The security guards all have dignified expressions. Some went to see the villa, some called the police, some went to determine the casualties, and some called ambulances.

Wee woo~

After the police were contacted, they were shocked. They immediately dispatched a number of police cars. Within a few minutes, hundreds of policemen surrounded Zhengde Community.

At the same time, firefighters came and promptly put out the fire and ambulances rushed over.

Because of the explosion, the whole Zhengde Community didn’t sleep all night.

Xia Ping, the perpetrator, has left this place at an earlier time and returned home. No matter what happens in this place, it has nothing to do with him.


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