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God Level Demon – Chapter 64 Bahasa Indonesia

64 – Express Delivery

In the evening.

After a whole day of practicing cultivation at home, Xia Ping exhaled and opened his eyes. His eyes shone, the air shook, and an indistinct tiger roar sounded.


He stood up and threw a punch, and a powerful force transmitted from his feet to his fist and unleashed a loud bang, showing the dreadful destructive power the punch packs.

“Finally stabilized.”

Xia Ping exhaled and smiled. After a day of closed door cultivation, he finally stabilized his true qi. He even felt that his cultivation base has improved a little.

Growl growl~~~

He touched his belly. After practicing cultivation all day, he is starting to feel hungry. He walked out of his room and found that his parents haven’t come back yet.

His father is probably still working, while his mother should have gone out to set up a stall in the streets.

Thinking till here, Xia Ping couldn’t help feeling warm inside. It was because of his parents that he has a roof over his head and can eat three meals a day.

Although their household isn’t well-off, but it is really warm. He likes this warm atmosphere very much.

“I should be paid soon.” Xia Ping clenched his fists and smiled, “At that time, I will repay the 30-year apartment loan. I will even be able to move to a bigger apartment and eat monstrous beast meat.”

“However, if I rashly take out such a large sum of money, it will definitely startle my parents.”

Thinking till here, he couldn’t help smiling. He seems to be able to imagine the expressions of surprise and disbelief on his parents’ faces when they hear that he made a lot of money.

Bring ring~~

Suddenly, the landline phone rang. With a gentle tap of a ginger, Xia Ping switched the call to his mobile phone and pressed the accept call icon.

“Hello, is this Xia Chuanliu’s home? I’m an employee of iFLY Express. There is a package that you need to sign for. I wonder if it’s convenient for you to sign for it?” An unfamiliar male voice rose from the mobile phone at once.

Stunned, Xia Ping asked, “A package? But we haven’t done any online shopping recently?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps your relatives or friends sent you something.” The deliveryman said, “In short, please come to the community gate and receive your package.”

The deliveryman sounds quite impatient.

Xia Ping nodded, thinking that it’s possible. He hesitated before saying, “Okay, I’ll go down now.” With that, he went out and headed for the community gate.

Sure enough, at the gate, there is a young man in a blue uniform, with a white parcel in his hands. He seems to be waiting impatiently.

“Are you Mr. Xia?”

The man in blue seems to have keen eyes. He spotted Xia Ping right away.

“Yes, I am.” Xia Ping nodded.

The man in blue smiled and said, “That’s great. Open it and check if there are any problems with the goods inside. If there are none, then please sign for it.”

“Okay.” Xia Ping’s eyes flickered, and he looked at the man in blue and received the white parcel.

He just tore open the wrapping paper, when red mist gushed out and, like a poisonous snake, pounced on his face.

He felt dizzy at once. In an instant, the Pure Yang Everlife Incantation circulated in his body and refined the mist that invaded his body, and he became clear headed.

“Damn it!”

Xia Ping’s eyes revealed the shade of rage. By now, there’s no way he wouldn’t realize that he fell into a trap. If he hadn’t cultivated the Pure Yang Everlife Incantation, he would have been caught just now.

The red mist contains a strange smell, which seems to contain a strong anesthetic effect.

“How is that possible? This is Dazed Red Mist. It was refined from countless precious medicinal ingredients. Even if it’s an elephant, just a whiff is enough for it to pass out and stay unconscious for three whole days. How come you didn’t faint?” The man in blue looked at Xia Ping with disbelief.

“I’m fine, but you’re not.” Feeling angry, Xia Ping clenched his fists. He doesn’t intend to let this devious person get away with it.

“Humph, I’ll let you go this time. You won’t be so lucky next time.” With these words, the man in blue decisively turned around and fled, very fast.

“You want to run?!”

Xia Ping gave chase like a cheetah.

But the other party isn’t that easy to deal with. He seems to be proficient in agility techniques. After a few evasive maneuvers, he disappeared from his original place and ran towards a distant alley. He is extremely nimble.

Xia Ping pursued him closely. After a few minutes, he cornered the man in blue into a remote alley, which was a dead end. There is no one around.

With a flicker in his eyes, he sensed aura in the surroundings and frowned, “Did you deliberately bring me here?”

“He-he, you’re a bit clever.”

The man in blue smiled, and his small eyes showed a sly and cruel color: “The reason why I lowered my speed and didn’t shake you off was so that I could lead you here.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so stupid and be fooled.”

Feeling elated, he looked at Xia Ping with amusement.


When his words fell, three or four fierce-looking men in black appeared in the dark alley. Another three or four men in black appeared at the entrance.

All of a sudden, Xia Ping was surrounded by men in black.

“Little Six, you did great. Sure enough, it was the right choice to let you go and bring this guy here.” From among the men in black, an extremely tall man, at least two meters tall, came out and clapped his hands, clearly satisfied with the performance of the man in blue.

“Brother Dong, Little Six should naturally properly follow your instructions.” The man in blue nodded, bowed, and showed a fawning appearance, eager to lick the other part’s boots, “But I didn’t expect that the first plan would fail. As a result, I had to use the second plan and lead him here.”

He prepared two plans. The first one was to use the Dazed Red Mist to knock Xia Ping out — but it failed.

The second plan, however, obviously succeeded.

“It’s okay, the outcome is what matters. You successfully brought him here.”

The man addressed as Brother Dong nodded, turned to look at Xia Ping, and said flatly, “Boy, do you know why I, Chen Dong, had you brought to this deserted alley?”

“It’s for no other reason than that you offended someone you shouldn’t have offended.”

He looked condescendingly at Xia Ping, as if he were looking at an ant that he could crush in passing.


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