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God Level Demon – Chapter 3: War station Bahasa Indonesia

chapter 3 – War station

“Um, Yang Wei you are also here, it’s seems like our fate intertwined ah.” Xia Ping with a big smile replied to Yang Wei.

Yang Wei ferociously said: “Fate pooh!! I was searching around the whole school to find you.”

“Why were you looking for me?”Innocently blinking his eyes Xia Ping asks Yang Wei and then suddenly think of what he covers his chest with the both hands and then with a very clear voice said: “I am straight.”

Blue veins appear on Yang Wei forehead: “Bastard! Have you really forgotten? What just happened in the classroom?” Yang Wei whole person was brimming up with anger, he simply could not wait to beat the shit out of this shameless bastard. It’s because of this shameless slut now whole class is laughing at him and looking at him with strange eyes like he is some kind of the rare animal.

Xia Ping thought for a moment, then taps his head: “Oh, you are here for that matter, Little Wei there is no need to take such small things so seriously, your big brother’s heart is very big. God, there is no need of the apology.” With a very generous attitude Xia ping waives his hand in the air.

Yang Wei whole face instantly becomes red: “who’s your f#*k brother, I am not here to give you an apology.” Yang Wei could not help but curse Xia Ping thousands of times. He wanted to straighten up this kid, but who would have thought it that this kid is black to this extent.

Xia Ping with a bright smile asks: “If you are not here with apologies, then why were you looking for me. Don’t tell me, you are here to invite me to the lunch. Oh! Little Wei you love your big brother so much.”

The Yang Wei whole face becomes black: “f#*k, who would invite you.” He would even invite a street dog to lunch but not this slut. Nima! Even shamelessness has certain limits.

“Shut up!”

At this time, 2 meters tall student with a bear like figure came out of the crowd. A colossal pressure of strong martial art strength was coming out of his body.

He sneered at Xia Ping: “Do you really believe you could turn black into white with tongue tricks of yours? Humph! In front of absolute strength all tricks are worthless.” He stared at Xia Ping viciously: “Your father and mother didn’t teach you, how to respect people? What is your teacher teaching you?”

Xia Ping eyes squinted, he stares at the brawny and with a resolute tone answered: “The only thing that my father and mother taught me in 18 years is to always return favor, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.”

“Ha-ha Good! Good! Boy, I like your attitude just don’t know if you have the balls to keep that attitude of yours. We here all are warriors and just like all other warriors, we will solve our conflict by old fashioned fistfight. Boy as long as you defeat me on war station, we will not trouble you afterwards, how do you feel?” Brawny could not help but asked.

“Defeat you?” Xia Ping could not help but smile, this is a world of martial arts, where with a strong fist you can solve any problems. In all schools there are war stations, where all students can solve their conflicts. Earlier there was no such thing called war station in schools, so massive amounts of fights happened after the school hours. In order to solve this private fighting all schools set up the war stations, where students can solve their conflicts. It is also because of this war station now private fighting is banned.

Yang Wei and a group of students look gloating at Xia Ping, soon near all students found this matter.

“Look! Look!, some people are going to fight at the war station.”

“Ah! It’s going to be a good show.”

“That black brawny is not Tyrant Bear? Some people actually provoke him, bad ah.”

“Tyrant Bear a.k.a. Raging black bear!! Who was born with natural divine power! He is refining the body 5th level strong.”

“Yes, there had been many students who came up at the war station to solve their conflicts with raging black bear, but all of them ended with a humiliating defeat.”

“Yes, I also heard on this matter. Most of them had already dropped out of the school.”

“It’s horrible ah, this kid is finished.”

Many students start talking about raging black bear and his past achievements.

Tyrant Bear clenched his fist and with a grim smile stares at Xia Ping: “Are you scared? If you kowtow now and start begging for mercy, this raging black bear may show some mercy to you ah.”

“Scared of you?” Xia Ping could not help but laugh out, “I will never be afraid of you, dum dum!”

Dum Dum!! Near all the students were shocked, even Yang Wei mouth left open, what did just this kid say? This boy has gone crazy.

“Xia Ping!” Tyrant Bear nostrils flares, blue veins start protruding at his forehead and his eyes instantly become red. No one, absolutely no one dares to say such words to him and even if someone had this idea, he has sent them to the emergency ward but now this bastard actually called him dum dum! He was going mad.

Xia Ping look towards Yang Wei and asks: “Do we really need to solve this matter at war station?”

Yang Wei hurriedly said: “Yes, as long as you fight with Brother Tyrant at the war station, we will not trouble you afterwards.” Yang Wei could not help but smile by imagining this kid’s black & blue face after the fight.

Xia Ping with an absolute confident look promised: “Well, if this you want, I’ll fight you.”

Xia Ping really didn’t care about this matter at all, now most of his mind was on the system goods. He needed a huge amount of hate points to exchange the items present in the system mall so that he can become strong and for that he must a have a lot of enemies.

Tyrant Bear madly stares at Xia Ping: “Good Xia Ping, I admire your courage. We will fight after school hours at 4:30 pm. Don’t you dare to runaway boy otherwise Humph?”


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