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Chapter 22- Do Not Pester Her

In evening after the school ended for the day. Xia Ping left the class room only to discover that every student was looking at him. As if he is a unique animal in zoo. He has unexpectedly become a celebrity.

“Look, that’s the legend Xia Ping.”

“He doesn’t look that good, how did he make school flower pregnant?”

“You can’t always judge a book by its cover, same as you can never measure sea with a cup. Perhaps he slipped her a drug.”

“it can only be so. With just one glance anyone could tell that he is a criminal.”

“Sooner or later he will be caught by the police. It is said that there were two in their class who were grasped by the police because they ran naked in school and are jailed for seven days.”

“Birds of a feather flocks together, similar things attracts similar things. This guy definitely isn’t a good thing.”

Surrounding students talked in whisper, while sizing up Xia Ping.

“Oh so, is this because of scandal with Jiang Yaru?” Xia Ping hasn’t thought that the scandal will spread at such a speed and merely in a day everyone will know about it.

Ding,” Congratulation host, so far you have obtained 736 Hate points.”

“What? 736 Hate points!?” Xia Ping became shocked speechless. For these days he has taunted so many people and even fought at the fight arena and obtained mere 200-300 hate points. However now because of this scandal, he obtained so many hate points. After he is associating with school flower he became hated by so many people. But this is also true he is associated with the most beautiful and extremely popular school flower and this is truly enviable matter.

“looks like in the future I wouldn’t need to taunt others to actually get hate points as long as he picked up little girls (evil laugh-ha ha ha ha ha)?” Xia Ping thought about this matter very earnestly.

“You are Xia Ping.”

Suddenly a dignified voice was heard from the side, Xia Ping turned his head to immediately find a person with 1.8 m height, with a perfect body and handsome face. He also has an imposing manner.

He moved forward from a distance and brought five- six lackeys with him together. Every one of them was tall and with bulky body and everyone had a powerful martial aura around them.. In the surrounding no one dared to stop them and opened up a path for them.

“Isn’t that Zhau Tai’er of the third year class? It is said that he has achieved martial apprentice 6th stage, is ranked first three in school ranking and has studied mid level martial skill Five mountain fist. He is more powerful than tyrant bear.”

“Not only he has an astonishing talent, he also has a rich background. His family owns a five star hotel in Tianshui City and has a property of over hundreds of millions and he comes to school in a luxury car worth hundreds of thousands federation coins.

“Yeah, he is Hunk of 95th middle school and has countless number of beautiful girls like him. Its really a pity because he liked and is pursuing Jiang Yaru and has rejected offer of countless number of girls.”

“This has really become interesting, that brat, Xia Ping isn’t he Jiang Yaru’s scandal boyfriend? Looks like it will be a good show.”

Many surrounding students were discussing it with too much enthusiasm and their eyes were showing a gossip light. Looking at Zhou Tai’an who is in rage, they knew that he came to look for trouble with Xia Ping.

“Why are you looking for me?” Xia Ping asked Zhou Tai’an who was coming towards him.

Zhou Tia’an stared at Xia Ping and said, “You should already be clear why I am looking for you, it’s the matter about Jiang Yaru.” His eyes reviled a understanding as he looked at Xia Ping’s whole body with his oppressive strength as if nothing could be hidden from him.

“I have also learned about the gossip going on in the school, but I don’t believe it. Jiang Yaru is not a casual girl but I didn’t come here to discuss about her, I came here to tell you that you should not continue to pester her any further.” He said with an extremely overbearing expression.

“Did you come here to warn me?” Xia Ping said with a frown.

Zhou Tai’an sneered, “correct, I am warning you. Don’t think that by defeating Tyrant Bear you have become great, he is just a clown of the school and couldn’t do anything else. I haven’t taught him a lesson before because he didn’t offend me but it wasn’t because I can’t stir him up. I have done some research into your background. Your father is called Xia Chuanliu and works in city management. Your mother is called Huang Lanxin and operates a shop for some wares. Your family income per month is 7000-8000 federation coins and you even have taken loan of several hundred thousand. Jiang Yaru is different she is a true genius and a heavenly gifted daughter, her future won’t be limited by this small Tianshui city but her future lies in Yan Huang University, in cloud firmament sector. Her and your innate talent are world apart so don’t dream about her.”

“Your family background isn’t good and your score is also average you can at most be able to attend a second class university. So depending on yourself how will you be able to keep Jiang Yaru happy in the future. You should know your limitation. Do you understand?” Zhou Tai’an said all this with a very arrogant look as if he was standing on a mountain and is over looking Xia Ping with an insurmountable superior feeling.

Hearing Zhou Tai’an’s self righteous words, Xia Ping smiled, which turned into a sneer,” Zhou Tai’an everyone says you are school Hunk, you are one of the strongest in school and your background is also good. But do you think you are police, which can interrogate anyone anywhere? Everyone thinks highly of you, flatter you that are their matter and to be honest in my eyes you aren’t anything special. Even if there is something going on between me and Jiang Yaru, What relation does it have with you? I, Xia Ping if I want something why do I need to explain it to you?” Xia Ping looked at Zhou Tai’an with an indifferent eyes.

“You!” Zhou Tai’an pupil became dots, he never thought that this brat will dare to be so audacious. He didn’t just disregard him, he even dared to talk back. This is just like slapping his face. In school he has always been overbearingly rampant and many junior brothers respected him. Even teachers showed him good faith. But this brat unexpected dares to refute him. This made him feeling annoyed to the extreme.

“Xia Ping, you are extremely arrogant.”

“Do you even know the status difference between you and boss Zhou? How dare you talk to him in such tone?”

“You dare you say that boss Zhou is nothing special.”

“After defeating Bear Tyrant, do you think you are invincible in the world?”

“This world has too many capable people and as a matter of fact you are nothing great.”

The lackeys behind him immediately replied and stared at Xia Ping with anger. Zhou Tai’an is really a top student and is in top three of the school ranking list. But this Xia Ping is just a nobody and places himself on the equal height with Zhou Tai’an. This really is laughable.

“Xia Ping!” Zhou Tai’an said with a frosty expression,” I have seen many people who can always talk and can talk better than you, and some of them can even be said invincible in talking. Heard that you will be talking part in School Martial Arts Completion from your class, It would be best if you pray that you don’t meet me on the ring otherwise I will make you feel the disparity between a genius and a normal person and will make you feel that you can never compare to me. Understand?”

He tightened his fist and emits a frightful aura from his whole body as a beast. The surrounding students can’t help but take a few steps back. But Xia Ping stood like nothing happen.

“Let’s leave!” speaking these words, Zhou Tai’an stared at again at Xia Ping with a gloomy look, then waked his hand towards his lackeys and left.

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