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God Level Demon – Chapter 20: – Everything is Related Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 20:- Everything is Related

“Good Morning.”

Xia Ping greeted and felt a little strange, he felt Jiang Yaru looked angry about something, did her big aunty(periods) came? He has heard that during this time women’s temper becomes a little unstable and can’t be provoked casually.

“good fart!”

Sure enough, Jiang Yaru’s is really not in a good mood. She has dark circles below her eyes as if she hasn’t rested last night. At present, she is simultaneously revealing looks of apprehension and grief, then suddenly her face became red and she shouted,” You, you bastard, what have you made me look? How could you write such a shameless novel?”

She has almost become insane. Yesterday evening she went to Penguin Novel Net to search for this novel, but if anyone wanted to look at the complete novel then they needed to pay twenty five federation coins. So she spent twenty five federation coins as she wanted to look at what kind of novel this bastard could write, to become so cocky so much so that he wasn’t even willing to tell about the novel.

But this novel started a little abnormally and after reading the first chapter she realised, it wasn’t a novel about school life, it wasn’t a novel about work but it is actually a shameless 18+ novel.

She has always been a top student,moreover she has a righteous behaviour and conduct. She also has read numerous novels so she naturally knows what 18+ novels are about. To be honest she didn’t have any type of prejudice about this type of novel and had always thought that the existence of this type of novel is reasonable and although she didn’t like this type of novel she won’t stop anyone from looking at it. But the issue here is entirely different the matter is about writing such a novel.

To write such a novel one needs imagination and this bastard Xia Ping is merely a high school student who is only 18 year old. He is so young and has always been like a white paper. But this guy wrote such an unexpected novel without any sense of honour. What is this guy dreaming about every day? Is this his innermost dirty feeling?

These dirty feeling even if a man possessed he will never show them, but this shameless Xia Ping is different. He is a beast, he transformed his ideas and thoughts to write a novel, even published it online and made countless people read. This behaviour is too dangerous. When did Xia Ping became such a shameless man? If he grows up grows up with such thoughts he will really become a criminal!?

“Did you read the novel that I wrote?”

this made Xia Ping a little upset. He didn’t think that Jiang Yaru will be able to find his work and looking at her reaction it doesn’t seem that she had a causal look but had gone through his work from start to finish.

“Yes, I read it and have gone through it from the start to end.”Jiang Yaru elegant face became flushed with embarrassment. She stared at Xia Ping with her beautiful eyes with a bit of guilt in her. She rejects such type of novels and after reading it her innermost feeling became a little jumbled up. She felt that instead of wasting time reading it, it would be better to watch such type of things. But she really liked the way this novel was written and she was attracted to it. She wanted to stop mid way but wasn’t able to stop reading it and ended up reading till the end.

She really felt that she was seeing life of heroin Bai Rong. Her happiness, anger, sorrow, her struggling heart, her weak heart and her strength everything was present in front of her. Jiang Yaru felt like she saw heroin being played by different men, on different occasions in different ways. It was described in such a detail that it was almost vivid and life like.

“So, how was it?”

Xia Ping became interested, he thought that this novel is more suitable for man to read but many women have also read and the population of women compared to men are more.

“It was the worst, too awful, rotten to the core. This novel describes your innermost feeling and dirty psychology. If you dare to further develop this novel it will become a crime and you will be definitely caught by the police.”

Jiang Yaru said while staring at Xia Ping while her face became increasingly red. In fact she has read the novel whole night whole night which give her dark circles around her eyes. The stimulation of novel was just too much for a chaste girl like her. It was like giving an elementary student who hasn’t even passed his elementary grade a university question paper. The difficulty was too big for her to extract herself from it.

It is very difficult to imagine such a life like novel plot without going through it. This bastard looks like a simple and honest person but is a female picking veteran. At the age of 12 he played with many women, at 15 took a woman to a hotel and at the age of 18 played with countless number of women. Jiang Yaru can’t help but think this way. She looked at Xia Ping with a look of suspicioustion. Even they were childhood friends but she is still unclear about something’s like, his sudden promotion to martial apprentice 4th stage.

“Is it that bad?”

Xia Ping furrowed his brows,” looks like you were really unable to understand it, only men can understand it.”

“Who is unable to understand it?” Hearing this Jiang Yaru immediately became angry,” I know that art originates from life and becomes higher than life….”

Eh, originates from life!?

Jiang Yaru becomes startled. She just thought of a frightening matter. The protagonist of the story is a teacher and their own class teacher Qiu Xue is a great beauty. Although as a woman she isn’t willing but she still acknowledges that teacher Qiu Xiu is really very attractive, with a perfect, sexy and mature figure and her pursuers in school are numerous. Even many school student like her and many more like her outside school and its embarrassing to admit it but as a women she herself likes her.

So Xia Ping liking teacher Qiu Xue is a normal matter. So is this because he liked her too much that it developed to such an abnormal degree and he wanted to vent his feeling for her that’s why he wrote such a novel?!


He unexpectedly harboured such ambition towards his teacher. No wonder in the novels final chapters this attractive teacher marries a student second time. If this news was heard by teacher Qiu Xue that her own student harbours such thoughts towards her, she will probably be driven mad.

She has also seen the views of the novels which has crossed hundred million and this novel became very popular and it can’t be estimated that how many people know about this novel.

“Beast, I never thought that you were this kind of person. I really misread you. If this matter is known by teacher what will happen, could you shoulder such responsibility?” Jiang Yaru said while angrily staring at Xia Ping.

“Responsibility?” Xia Ping lagged; he can’t even thing what Jiang Yaru mean. He just wanted to write a novel to earn money, so where the responsibility did came from? And seeing Jiang Yaru’s angry expression he thought he probably did something wrong and turned into a worthless shit of a man.


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