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God Level Demon – Chapter 135 Bahasa Indonesia

135 – Skywater City Is Shocked!

These scenes were broadcasted live for the viewers in Skywater City to see, even shocking and stunning even the children of great families.

“My god, this lad is crazy. He dares to ask the princess of the Nangong Family to dance for him?!”

“If that demon of lust were the emperor, he would likely ruin a dynasty. He would surely be an incapable ruler making all sorts of mistakes for the sake of beautiful women.

“According to my findings, this guy is a student of 95th High School, his family has been a commoner family for generations, and his father is an urban management officers and his mother operates a street stall.”

“Incredible, this lad is incredible. He’s like a toad fancying a white swan?”

“Alas, thinking with your lower brain is a recipe for trouble. He offended the Nangong Family and ruined his future because of this.”

The viewers either discussed spiritedly or were shocked speechless by what they saw. Xia Ping’s way of doing things is really astonishing. It’s simply unprecedented.

While it was only a shock to ordinary viewer. But to those who pursue Nangong Wu, it was like a thunderbolt striking out of the blue or a knife stabbing into the heart.

“That bastard’s name is Xia Ping? When the competition is over, I’m gonna kill him.”

“That guy without any merit or ability actually asked my goddess to dance for him?!”

“Anyone is justified to punish that wretched Xia Ping who brazenly hit on my goddess. What a shameless thing. I have gathered a hundred or so brothers, all of whom have steeled themselves.”

“Count me in. If I don’t tear the scoundrel to pieces, I won’t be able to calm my anger.”

A crowd of people raised a commotion on the Internet, with some even planning to hire assassins to hack the bastard Xia Ping to death. They won’t stop until they see the bastard’s severed head.

In some forums, there are hundreds of posts expressing the desire to kill Xia Ping, all of whim have thousands of replies and more than 1 million views.

It can’t be helped. Nangong Wu’s popularity on the internet is just too great. She is extremely beautiful, has a first-rate figure, and comes from the distinguished Nangong Family. She is the perfect embodiment of a goddess.

She enjoys great popularity on the Internet. In the past three years, she has been consistently ranked as the most desired marriage partner.

To see such a goddess being profaned by a toad, who could stand such a thing?!


When the sons of some families learned of this, they went crazy. They immediately picked up their communicators and started a raging group chat.

“Damn it. That son of a bitch Xia Ping actually dares to profane my goddess.”

“I previously went to the Nangong Family to propose and was even received as a guest, yet this Xia Ping dares to ask Nangong Wu to dance for him. I’m going to tear this scoundrel into pieces.”

“This is a slap in the face. It’s definitely a slap in the face. So many of us children of wealthy families failed to pick up Nangong Wu, yet a commoner managed to pick her up. I can’t stand it.”

“When this bastard comes out, I’ll ask someone to beat him to within an inch of his life.”

The children of many families commented furiously. They aren’t qualified to possess such a top woman like Nangong Wu, and haven’t even so much as met her. Yet the shameless Xia Ping went so far as to profane her.

Whether it’s for their dignity as children of wealthy families or their honor as men, they can’t accept this.


Skywater City’s administrative center, in a VIP lounge, the group of bigwigs saw this scene, as well.


The bigwigs focused their gazes on a middle-aged men in a white suit, and their eyes shimmered with a queer shade. The middle-aged man in a white suit is Nangong Hai, the patriarch of the Nangong Family.

Nangong Wu is his daughter.

These bigwigs are very reserved people. Even if they want to laugh, they won’t do so at random. But the strange gazes and strange atmosphere explain everything.

Nangong Hai didn’t display his emotions outwardly and didn’t even say a single word. But half of his face darkened. At the same time, he clenched his fists. This shows how angry he must be at the moment.

But even so, he endured it patiently.

In the center of the meeting room, the old man in white didn’t say a word and just watched quietly.


In the villa’s master bedroom, there are no HD cameras. No one can see what’s going on in the bedroom. At this time, only Xia Ping and Nangong Wu are in the room.

“Now it’s just the two of us, so there’s no need to be shy.” Xia Ping stroked his chin and looked at the Nangong Wu in front of him.

She deserves to be called the jewel of Xiulan High School. Her legs, waist, and build are all extraordinary. If she were a model, she would definitely be a first-class model.

Nangong Wu felt uncomfortable, as if the bastard had X-ray vision and could see every inch of her body.

“If you want me to dance for you, we’ll have to see if you have any skill first.” Nangong Wu snorted coldly, erupted with a cold glimmer in her eyes, and sent a palm flying abruptly.

Nangong Family’s unique technique — Fire Cloud Palm!

Immediately after, the temperature of the whole room seemed to rise dramatically, as if the air is burning. Her snow-white palm contains terrible power.

If a boulder is hit by her palm, the boulder will be crushed into pieces.

Although Nangong Wu is a girl, but she is a genius and has been nurtured by her family. She has already reached the pinnacle 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm. In the entire Skywater City, there aren’t many high school students who can compare to her in terms of strength.

Xia Ping, who has his spirit force spread at all times, has been on guard all along. At the moment when Nangong Wu moved, he also moved, unleashed a palm strike, and operated the Beiming Body Protection Art.


The two palms collided at once. However, as if Nangong Wu’s fierce palm strike had sank into a cotton ball, its violent force was completely neutralized. A strong wind rose in the room.

“What?!” Nangong Wu was surprised. Although she didn’t go all out, but she still used 70% of her strength to unleash this strike. Yet the lad surprisingly withstood it that easily.

“Miss Nangong, I see. You don’t want to dance along and thus are inviting me to dance with you?” Xia Ping smiled at Nangong Wu and put his arm around her slender waist.

With one hand holding her hand and the other one on her waist, it’s as if they’re about to dance.

“Go to hell!”

Nangong Wu’s pretty face flushed red, and an queer feeling welled up inside her. This shameless, despicable bastard dared touch her and take advantage liberties with her.

She felt an endless outpour of anger.


She unleashed a palm strike with her left hand! Fire Cloud Palm’s second form — Fire of the Serpent!

As if a venomous snake, her palm is unpredictable and fast and is striking from an extremely tricky angle. Unlike the previously violent palm strike, this palm strike contains a gentle and reserved power.

When hit by this palm strike, even a powerhouse proficient in external martial arts probably won’t be able to withstand it and will suffer serious damage to their internal organs.

She probably guessed that Xia Ping has cultivated a powerful external martial art and thus used this gentle and reserved palm strike that possesses dreadful penetrative ability and destruction power.


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